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Younique MLM Review – My Honest Non-Presenter Opinion

Younique or unique? Younique says their makeup will “uplift, empower, and validate women.” WOW, that is a bold statement! I love the word empower, especially when it comes to women. Let’s do a Younique MLM review to see just how true this statement is.

Oh, and by the way, I am not a Younique MLM Presenter. And I don’t use Younique makeup, so I won’t know any more than you until the end of my review.

Younique also uses the validation statement within the MLM part of their program for personal and financial growth. I wonder if this MLM company is different from many others I have reviewed.

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We all want to look good and feel good in our makeup. Can Younique make me feel better? Well, maybe, but can I make money as a Younique Presenter and look beautiful simultaneously? We shall see.

Who Is Younique

Younique is an MLM company that produces beauty aids such as an array of makeup and skincare products.

Younique was founded in 2012 by Derek Maxfield, who is now the CEO, and his sister Melanie Huscroft who is now the Chief Visionary Officer. The main office is in Lehi, Utah.

Younique had a class-action lawsuit against them in 2017. They said the Moodstruck 3D Fiber lashes were all “natural” and contained “100% Natural Green Tea Fibers.” The lashes had no green tea but did have unnatural ingredients.

younique poducts

What Products Does Younique Offer?

Younique offers cosmetic products for the eyes, lips, and face, as well as skincare products and signature fragrances.

Consumer Affairs has 38 reviews from customers on the Younique products with a 5 out of 5-star rating. Those are some pretty good ratings. I’m impressed.

Some product reviews on Sitejabber are well-rated, but reviews for the Younique MLM portion have meager ratings like a 1 or 2 in many cases.

Some comments state that Younique claimed to help sexually abused victims but barely gave any money to the cause. Another statement says the only good product is skincare, and all of the products are overpriced.

But remember, we are not reviewing the product. We are reviewing the Younique MLM company.

How Can You Become A Younique Presenter

Anyone can join Younique by simply going online to their website. Or, of course, as with any MLM program, you can join under another Presenter like friends and family who may have told you about the fantastic opportunity. Or not so fantastic!

Price To Join

Here is where it begins to look a bit sketchy. To join it will cost a one-time fee of $99. My understanding is with the $99 kit; you get 17 items. You can purchase an extra kit with more products and promotional materials for an additional $35 or upgrade to a $64 kit.

I could probably go on all day with all of the things you will need to purchase to run your own business with Younique MLM but let’s move on to the compensation plan that may give a more precise understanding.

Younique MLM Review Compensation Plan

It appears simple and to the point, but can you make money? You make money from others, your recruit, and the products they sell.

comp plan

Video Of The Compensation Plan

Younique does have a more simple compensation plan than I have seen with other MM companies. But at the same time, the average income of a Younique Presenter is also the lowest I have seen at $9 -$14 a month before expenses.

This video breaks down the Younique Compensation Plan for you.

How Can This Plan Work?

The Younique compensation plan sounds easy enough, especially the instant payments. But there are a few drawbacks. A Presenter has to buy or sell $125 in products every three months, or Younique will take away their privileges. One is the website with their e-commerce platform for sales.

No wonder a Younique presenter only makes an average of $9-$14 per month. If they can’t get to their website, then how are they supposed to sell products?


  • Younique says they support to a foundation to help sexually abused
  • I love their mission statement
    (Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.)
  • They sell completely through social media (protection against COVID)
  • The makeup reviews are pretty good
  • They have a 3 hour payment turn around


  • The products are greaty over priced
  • The average monthly income for a Younique presenter is $9-$14 before expenses
  • I you don’t sell $125 in products every 3 months you loose access to all of your business platforms
  • A presenter has to purchase products to stay in business even if they can’t resell the products
  • You will spend most of your day planning social media posts to promote your business
  • To make money you have to recruit new Presenters by harassing friends and family (a difficult task in any MLM)
  • More than one review states the world cause to help sexually abused victims is “a scam” and only in place to look good
  • Can not find a 2020 income disclosure

Younique MLM Income Disclosure

I searched high and low for a 2020 income disclosure statement. I didn’t find one. I did find something for 2019, but it was not clear. I also found a drop in revenue from 2017 to 2018 of 7.3%.

With these measly findings, I wonder if Younique is in a bit of trouble financially. I can’t say that for sure without the 2020 income disclosure, but it does make me wonder.

Compared to their competitors like Avon and MaryKay, their payout scale for the Presenters is much lower by 20%.

According to a report by Fundera, “Only 25% of MLM participants turn a profit.

Please note that this says “turn a profit.” It does not say that 25% make money. After you take out expenses, very few make money. Only 0.05% made the big bucks that all MLM companies try to make us think everyone earns.

Is Younique MLM A Scam?

No, Younique MLM is not a scam. They do have products that consumers purchase that take them out of the scam category. But can you make money? Probably but more than likely, you will not even break because of the volume you have to purchase to keep your business website open.

The Problem With MLM Companies In General

According to an FTC Government file, an MLM operation does not have a clearly defined definition. It calls MLM’s a” product-based pyramid scheme and compares it to an illegal chain letter. You know the letters you receive in the mail, it says to put a dollar in an envelope with a copy of the letter and send one to 10 people. Then if you do this, you will make a ridiculous amount of money.

The FTC Government document also states that MLM “is inherently flawed, unfair, and deceptive.”

My Recommendations Regarding Younique MLM Based On My Review

Younique MLM Review pin

I DO NOT recommend anyone join Younique MLM company. I believe most do not recoup the money they put into it. I also think you will go into the whole trying to make a buck.

Younique appears to be having some problems. I am not sure how financially stable the company is.

We caught them in the act of openly lying on two occasions. The first lye was with the eyelash lawsuit, and the other was the claim help sexually abused victims. It makes me wonder how many times Younique has lied and no one caught them.

Their compensation plan payout percentage is below competitive rates.

Overall the makeup and skincare may be good products, but if you join Younique, it will be to make extra money or have your own business. No matter how good the products are, making money with an MLM-based company is a loss for 98% or higher of the people who join.

In the end, you may be able to feel better wearing the makeup, but I don’t think you will feel validated and empowered when you put out hard-earned money and can’t recoup the cost.

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