You Can’t Do That-Is Everyone Telling You This?

“You can’t do that” is a song written by John Lennon and released by the Beatles on the album “A Hard Days Night” in 1964.

The song is about a girl talking to another boy, and her guy tells her if you keep talking to him I’m gonna let you down and leave you flat.

That is not really what I want to talk about here today. I want to speak to you about what people tell you when you venture out into something new. Family members and loved ones often tell you, “you can’t do that.” Usually, you get very little support to take a step outside the box.

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Why do the ones you care so much about try to keep you from making your mark in life? I have some ideas for you and some ways to help you cope with the lack of support.

  • To protect you.

The people in your life who love you don’t want to see you hurt. They believe if they tell you that “you can’t do that,” they are saving you from disappointment.

But why do they think you will be disappointed? If you are venturing out into something new like an online work from home business, you have the spirit of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs know the world holds new and exciting ways to make money. You are one of these people.

Chances are you had taken the plunge before and failed because this is what entrepreneurs do. If you don’t, then how will you know when your real dream is in front of you? But those around you see how let down you were when you tried so hard and didn’t succeed.

In your eyes, they are not supporting you, but in their eyes, they are protecting you.

From Full Time ER Nurse to Earning A Passive Income Online.

  •  Jealousy

Or maybe they are jealous because you have always been a go-getter and deep down they know you will be successful while they sit on the couch.

There are people all over the world who don’t want to put in time and effort and they don’t want you to do it either. They feel guilty for their lack of motivation if you succeed.

  • Negative people

There are also people in this world who always offer opposition. If you say yes, they say no. They are disagreeable with everyone. And no matter what you do, it will not change who they are.

negetive smiley

How Can You Keep Going?

Their lack of support breeds doubts in you. You start wondering if they are right and would it just be easier to give up.

If you ignore what they say it won’t affect you anymore. But ignoring someone will not stop the thoughts it has produced in your mind.

Day in and day out you can see the naysayers looking down on you telling you that it is all a waste of time. It takes so much energy for you to keep going with your loved ones saying, “you can’t do that” You start to believe what everyone is telling you.

I Understand!

I understand how you feel and what you are going through. I have signed up for MLM companies and had my money taken by con artists.

The first time I signed up for an MLM to sell jewelry. I love necklaces so I knew I could sell this stuff. That didn’t work out so well. I am not a salesperson. Never have been a salesperson, and I never will be. I am an introvert. Why I ever thought I could do this was beyond me.

My husband was all for it. My family wanted to look at all of it. I had never approached them to buy anything before, so they were excited too. I had parties where no one came. I purchased a huge inventory of jewelry.

I sold very little, never signed anyone up under me and gave all of my inventory away after a few months.

Then my son approached me with another MLM offer. Well if my son could do it, then I knew could do it. My husband wasn’t so happy the second time. Again that endeavor didn’t work out well either.

Then I developed a website and began to write. Every Tom, Zed, and Harry in the world wanted to help me get noticed on Google. I paid the money, and they did nothing. 

Doubt was heavy within me after all of this. I gave up. I didn’t quit, but I had nothing left in me to try and reach the world.

How I Overcame?

I am a poet and an inspirational personal growth writer. I was down and out and couldn’t even inspire myself until one day I ran across a gold mine.

The gold mine I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate. It is legit, energizing, and exciting. Out of millions of members and 300,000 who are active, I am ranking 64 in the company. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

I did not reach this rank because of what I did but because of the unparalleled support of the entire community. 

photo of me and my rank at WA

I felt good about Wealthy Affiliate. My excitement ran deep. But everyone around me didn’t share in my enthusiasm. I had spent and lost too much money in the past. I had harassed all of my friends and family to buy and join the MLM companies so they didn’t support me either.

But I knew this company was legit because I have inside of me the same thing you have inside of you. A drive and a passion for succeeding. So we both keep moving forward after a brief setback. When I ran across a review about Wealthy Affiliate, and it said I could look at the platform free, I knew it was a perfect match for this entrepreneur.

Once again, in spite of the negative naysayers, I plunged in. I have never looked back.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

First of all, I want to say it is a safe place. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most trusted website building platforms in the world for 15 years now. WA is a platform where you learn Affiliate Marketing which is the best and most lucrative business online.

Let me tell you a bit about why Wealthy Affiliate is safe. I think we have established that you and I have been in the same situations. We are hearing from all sides, “you can’t do that.” And we have had some bad experiences.

I was very skeptical when I found WA because of my past. When it said, I didn’t have to put in a credit card I took a chance and stepped inside. They told me I could just look around and begin the first 10 lessons and create a website free.

I didn’t really believe what they said, but I took a deep breath and stepped inside. It was true! No credit card, no risk, and no obligation. I started the lessons right away without any money upfront.

What I found was a breath of fresh air. The training was like no other. Step-by-step instructions are written and on video taught by Kyle one of the co-founders.

A community of like-minded people who are willing to help all the time 24/7/365. The community is the most supportive team of experienced affiliate marketers that exist.

I get so excited talking about this that I can go on forever. But I want to help you figure out how to overcome the doubters in your life.

success people

Again How Can You Overcome?

  • Show everyone they are wrong which I believe is the one and only way to deal with this problem

You are who you are. The entrepreneur who goes after what they want. Make it happen. You can make it happen because you have discovered a platform where you can succeed.

All of your past experiences are gone, and you have a new chance. Your loved ones and family will still say “you can’t do that,” but this time you will show them that you can. You can never please the ones who are jealous and negative, so just let go of them.

Now I need to tell you that this is not a get rich quick method. It takes time and effort. But you are used to working for what you want. Wealthy Affiliate allows you the opportunity to work hard and become successful.

Please take a moment to check out this platform. Like I mentioned, it is free to take a look and set up your first website on the only free Siterubix website building domain in the world. After you take a look and learn to navigate the platform and training, I know you will want to become a premium member.


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I have a discount for you when you become a premium member within the first 7 days. I will give you a 59% discount on your first month. Each month it is $49, but in your first month with the discount, you only pay $19.

Important information

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM company. You set up a business that belongs to you.
  2. You don’t have inventory. No need to purchase products that lay around your home.
  3. You don’t have to go out and find people. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to set up your site, so people come to you.
important info

From Full Time ER Nurse to Earning A Passive Income Online.

Have you had experience with people telling you that  you can’t do it? If so we would love you you to share your experience with us. Please leave comments and questions in the comment section below. 

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10 thoughts on “You Can’t Do That-Is Everyone Telling You This?”

  1. Hello Laura. I have experienced what you said about my closed ones saying “I can’t do that”. Where I live making money online is considered a fantasy or a dream.

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad encounters with scams. Well I wasted my money on useless things too (mostly buying premium game accounts and accessories – wasted about 1000$). If I’d known about how to make money online, I would have gone a different route and now i would have been very much ahead.

    I have been in Wealthy Affiliate for about 3 months now and still haven’t made any sale but that I knew already because I was informed that it might take up to a year to see results.

    But on this journey to making money online, what you need more is people that chose the same route, so that they can help you or if they are beginners like you, you can share your experiences without feeling isolated or inferior.

    I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. Have a nice day.

    • George, I think all of us have lost money on the internet at one time or another. As for Wealthy Affiliate, keep pushing on because the only failure is to quit. All the best to you. 

  2. This is a great post,  It’s like you were talking directly to me.  I joined in late march after being laid up for 3 mos with ankle surgery. I was looking for something to help change my life and just fell upon WA. 

    When you say to people that you are going to start a website, people kind of look at you and honestly nobody actually believes that you can do it.  I am not listening to anyone, just like you and I am working to prove to myself I can do it. Everyone else, I guess well, I don’t care. HAHA.
    Thank you. Great job.

    • Coralie, I have seen you around on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You are a go-getter. Just keep going and going until you meet success. You are right not to listen to the naysayers. 

  3. Laura,

    I totally understand. I’ve tried so many programs that promised results but found no luck. What’s great about WA is that is seems to hold it’s members accountable for their own success. You get what you put into it. I find that incredibly motivating! So happy to hear you’ve found success within the platform!

    • Erik, I know I love that I am in control of my success and destiny except for God of course. Thanks for stopping by. 

  4. First, let me say thank you for bringing out positivity despite of things that didn’t go well for you. But let me tell you that once I was the person telling, ” You can’t do this” and that was to my sister. She was told me shewas planning to invest some money for a gambling lending company. Clearly, it was dangerous but she thought of the big return of investment through high monthly interest they can accumulate. She thought she made the right decision because for 4 months, she was getting the 20% interest of her capital. Then all of a sudden, the person who was handling their money dissapeared along with their investment.

    I, myself is a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. What I learned from all the inspirational videos and tutorials is that you have to work hard to earn. Do not believe in easy money because most often, it’s a scam. It’s different from WA, where you will be taught of things on how to make your writing creativity profitable for you.

    People should look for something that is sustainable but free from scams, something that brings out hard work and dedication

    • When I wrote this post, I didn’t think about saying this to someone who is losing their money on the internet. Now that is an appropriate time to say that. But when someone is working with a legitimate company like Wealthy Affiliate and their loved ones say it to them, it is not the best time to say this. 

      I am so happy you found WA. It really is the best platform in the world. All the best to you. 

  5. Thank you for this post. It was fun to read, and I loved the images you used.  

    How true, that when you start something new, there are always naysayers.  It is much easier to find people who don’t believe you can succeed than to find ones who believe you can.  I think you have hit upon the main reasons for this. If the negativity comes from someone in your household, it is very difficult to ignore.  I like what you said about the community in Wealthy Affiliate, because that seems to me to be an extremely helpful feature.  At least you know you aren’t alone, but that there is someone there who can answer your questions. You can go to them when the family becomes too negative.

    • Hi Fran, Yes the support within the WA platform can help one overcome the negative sayings of loved ones. Then when you are successful you can say,” I’m here and you are not.”


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