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Xena Review – A New App Siphons Traffic For You To Make $214 A Day

What a wonderful promise Xena makes to us. Extra cash to the tune of $214 a day. Any money made today is amazing, especially when it all happens with a click and 30 minutes of your time. Times are hard, and the pandemic has kept many out of work. Sounds pretty good, right? We will do an Xena review to find out what this program is.

We will explore each element of what Xena has to offer to determine if what they say is true.

Will Xena benefit you, and have the Digital Dames developed an app that will make you money?

Let’s take a closer look at Xena. We will cover:

  1. Who are the Digital Dames?
  2. What is Xena?
  3. Xena Review
  4. Is Xena A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding Xena
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: Xena

Founder: Digital Dames

Price:  $17 with upgrades to total $459

Who Are The Digital Dames

The “Digital Dames” are 3 women named Nanda, Kafayat, and Paula-Maree. They live in Durham, London, and New Zealand.

Nanda Brougham- Nanda has a Facebook page with 2 photos on it and no information on the about page. She also has a YouTube channel that has no information on the about section. Her YouTube Channel Art does say she is “Navigating through the online marketing world.” The sales page states that Nanda worked 12 hour days and weekends and stated she often came home crying in frustration before their new launches.

Kafayat Obanigba- Kafayat also has a Facebook page. Her about page states, “Online Marketer at Internet Marketer From London” She has a lot of information on their last launch, “Cleopatra.” The sales page states that Kafayat worked internationally to make a living before their new launches.

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Paula-Maree Roberts- Paula-Maree also has a Facebook page and a YouTube Channel. She is the most transparent of the three Digital Dames. She has had her YouTube Channel since 2014. The sales page states that Paura-Maree worked 70 hours a week and was never home with her family before their new launches.

All three women appear to have worked at digital marketing and affiliate marketing for a few years. With the information, I see they probably are knowledgeable in their field. They have had 2 previous launches on JVZoo, Cleopatra and Zenobia.

Xena Review product image

What Is Xena?

The Xena sales page states that it “Is A Revolutionary New System That “Pulls” Traffic From One Of The World’s Busiest Websites.” I did a lot of research to find out what the Busiest Website is. The sales page never does say where the traffic is coming from. Apparently, it siphons the traffic from Facebook.

It states the traffic is niche specific and is hot and ready to buy what you are selling.

descripton from sales page

Xena Review

The Xena sales page is good. Whoever wrote the copy did an excellent job. But it states the same thing over and over and never says where the traffic is coming from.

When you are looking at a sales page, most of it says what you want to hear. They frequently leave out the details and if you will need to pay extra money for some of the services included in the copy. For this very reason, I will go into detail in my Xena review.

This image sets up concerns for me right out of the gate. It talks of free traffic, autopilot, using other websites for traffic, newbie-friendly, and only takes 5 minutes to set up, and it eludes that you will make money today.

They also state it is so easy a 5 year old can do it. Now 5 year old’s are smart today but how many are running their own business?

Free traffic? You are paying for the program, so how is it free?

Anything that makes money on auto-pilot and you don’t have to work is a concern.

Facebook is stringent, yet they are getting free traffic from it?

Newbie friendly means anyone without experience can do this. A 5-minute setup is no big deal, but what will you need to do after that.

xena review promises

There is a lot of hype on the sales page about how frustrated you must be and how the Digital Dames know how you feel. They may know how you feel, but this is a sales pitch to gain your trust. They say that you have lost time and money and have purchased “shiny objects” before. A shiny object is usually a scam that promises the world but delivers nothing.

Then they move on to how you can work from your dream place anywhere in the world. They build an image of an easy life.

Ok, so enough of this, let’s move onto what Xena offers and the upgrades necessary to get all of the things Xena promises.

Basic Xena app is $17– You will receive a “business in a box” with everything you need to jumpstart a new business. The only thing I see is free traffic on auto-pilot. I am not sure what else you get with the basic program. Remember, when you look at the sales page, it talks of many different things you can do with this app, but you will need to purchase the upgrades to get the full benefits of the Xena app. Here is a rundown of the upgrades.


Upgrade #1- $37 – Gabrielle – Traffic PRO Unlimited/Unleashed. With Gabrielle, you get the same offers as with the basic app, but it says the app is 10X faster. Not 10X the profit but faster.

  • Autopilot unlimited traffic “The Beast Mode.”
  • 2 more done for you campaigns with reviews you can use
  • Bonuses in the form of videos
  • List of extra MMO places to get traffic

Upgrade #2 $47 – Chakram – Done For You Profit On Tap. With Chakram, you get “profit on tap” with prewritten emails to sell products of their choice with 100X the results.

  • It’s like having your own ATM machine.
  • Build a list with a highly converting lead magnet
  • 14-day email sequence done for you
  • More lead generation DFY content written for you

Upgrade #3 $97 – Amphipolis – VIP Treatment by The Digital Dames- You get a call from, I believe, one of the Digital Dames to talk about the app and how to make it work.

  • A VIP strategy call from the Digital Dames
  • Digital Dames VIP hacks

Upgrade #4 $197 – Crusader – Access DFY High Ticket Commissions. It looks like you will get more done for you campaigns and the promised training that was supposed to be in the basic package.

  • Video training step-by-step
  • Copy and paste campaigns used by Digital Dames to make over $1,100 a day
  • Done for you funnels
  • Done for you webinars 
  • Done for you follow up email series

Upgrade #5 $67 – Profitlust – Reseller Rights. You get 3 of Digital Dame’s top-selling funnel products with 100% commission. In other words, you will have the opportunity to promote Digital Dames for a fee.

  • Get paid up to $462 for each referral
  • No Extra Work
  • Many different ways to profit 100%
  • Use Digital Dames proven resources and funnels


  • Digital Dames have been in marketing for a few years
  • The copy of their sales page is excellent.
  • The basic price is only $17, and you can get a $3 discount.


  • Xena is referred to as your own ATM machine-meaning you can draw money from it anytime you like
  • The sales page eludes that you will get all the upgrade features included in the basic price.
  • The DFY emails are for the products they choose, not for a niche you have chosen.
  • Xena says the app is a “business in a box.” This means it is already set up for you
  • DFY programs are not a fit-all situation. You have to brand yourself with your niche.
  • Digital Dames use their female side to gain your trust-This is a business model, but it loses my trust.
  • You have to upgrade to get the training videos.
  • There are many Red Flag words on the sales page, such as: exploit loopholes, siphon, own ATM machine, Business in a box, and the price increases every hour if you wait to sign up.
  • There are pictures of incomes earned but no statement of finance: no names or people who earned this money.

Is Xena A Scam?

I am going to have to say No, this is not a scam. But it does border the likes of a scam. I believe I am kind by not calling it a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and Xena does offer information and an app, but I am not sure how much the app can do for you.

xena review pin

My Recommendations Regarding Xena

I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone purchase Xena. While the app may have some benefits, I do not believe it can siphon traffic from Facebook for you to make money every day.

I can not say for sure what this app will do for you. You get free traffic but for what? Is it traffic you can apply to your website, or is it traffic that you can only use to promote the high ticket products they suggest?

The sales page talks a lot about what you don’t need and very little about what Xena can do for you. This is a huge Red Flag for me.

They state that affiliate marketing is hard. It is a job just like any job you go to every day. It is a business just like any business you own. You can not start anything on autopilot. You have to build it and contribute to your business, and then you can put it on autopilot.

You will not have all of the features for Xena unless you pay for the upgrades. There are 5 upgrades, and the total for all is $459. You also have to upgrade to get personal help from Digital Dames.

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