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Wrap Your Car Money Scam Exposed-Don’t Fall For This Hoax

I bet everyone has been taken by a scam at least once. Not to mention, millions of people surf the internet every day to find ways to make easy money, and what they usually find is a scam. One scam that makes a big comeback is the wrap your car money scam.

It is an old scam that has been revived by a scum bag waiting to pounce on innocent people who need money. Please allow me to review this scam so everyone can be aware and stay clear.

Eddy The Douche Bag

A friend of mine recently made the mistake of giving money the wrap your care money scam. However, how did she know that people like Eddy Fergus were running a scam? With this in mind, I will give you ways to spot these douchebags and save yourself the same heartache my friend feels

This guy used the name of Eddy Fergus, but I am sure he has changed his name by now or uses many aliases. So, to look for his name will not help you spot a wrap your car money scam.

This particular car wrap scam is a way for the scammers to launder money, and use their victims as the tool or mule to do the dirty deed.

How Does A Wrap Your Car Money Scam Find You?

It’s not always how they will find you because sometimes we find them in a search for easy, quick money. Be that as it may, sometimes it is unexpecting, and the scammers are so convincing.

To begin with, you will receive a text message or a flyer in the mail telling you that you can make money advertising with shrink-wrap on your car. All you have to do is drive around as usual and use your vehicle for advertising. In addition, you may see an ad on social media or a job posting board.

The scammer uses the logo of a well-known company to convince you of legitimacy , like energy drinks, Pepsi products, or Nike. This type of advertising intrigues people who then want to check it out, of course, they go to the internet and look for the logo and the company. The company looks legit, so they proceed forward. After all, people believe a well-known company like these wouldn’t try to scam anyone because it would harm their reputation.

The real story here is: the scammer is infringing upon the rights of other companies logos. In other words, they steel the logo to convince people they are legit.

And why wouldn’t people fall for it? They were responsible and checked the company out on the internet to make sure it is a legit company, consequently, they proceed forward.

The Laura Method

The company provides a number with the offer so people call or you email the company. You receive an offer for $200-$500 a week to drive around town in a shrink-wrapped car. Furthermore, it is good money, and everyone knows we all need extra cash today.

How Does Wrap Your Car Money Scam Work?

After you accept the offer, the company sends you a check. The instructions state that when your check arrives, you take out your pay and wire the remainder back to the company. When it arrives, you are to take it to the bank, take out your fee, and wire the remainder to the shrink wrap company. The shrink wrap company will then send someone to your home to wrap your car.

When the check comes, you go directly to the bank, thinking the bank won’t let you deposit it if it is a fake check. When they accept the deposit, you are relieved because all is going well so far. With this in mind, you take out your part and wire the remainder to the company as instructed.

In 3-4 days, you receive a call from the bank telling you the check was fraudulent and you will need to pay back the money. WOW!!! Now you are in debt, have no extra cash, and are worried that you may be in trouble. not to mention, the guy who scammed you is long gone, and you have a problem.

How To Detect A Wrap Your Car Money Scam

Here are a few things to watch for when confronted with a wrap your car money scam.

  • If you don’t know them, do not make a wire transfer. No one can stop a wire transfer once initiated
  • Don’t trust the transaction because it has a policy and a signed document by someone high up in the company. The signature can be a fake name.
  • Don’t trust the transaction because it is a familiar logo.
  • If the person does not know your address or personal information, don’t trust them. If they got your name to send an advertisement or text, they should know it.
  • They should have sent the money directly to the wrap company. Don’t be a middleman for anyone ever.
  • Remember, these people are con artists and will have an answer for every question you ask
  • Trust your gut instinct. It is a scam if you feel slightly uncomfortable.
  • If they contact you repeatedly to make sure you have deposited the check and wired the money, it is a scam
  • The bottom line is; if it feels like, smells like, and looks like a scam, then it is a scam
  • If you fall for this dirty scheme, don’t beat yourself up because millions of dollars are lost every year to scams. Just pass the word and let others know about it.
Wrap Your Car Money Scam pin

Please make yourself aware of the signs of a wrap your car money scam, share it with friends and family. If you don’t know them, they probably don’t know you, which may be a scam. Money laundering is a federal offense, so please don’t get caught up in this trap.

No Shame!!!

My friend did lose $1700 to this wrap your car money scam, but she did not get cited for a federal laundering offense. She did what I have suggested and has informed the world of her mistake. I am writing this for her.

Was she embarrassed to be taken by Eddy? Yes, she was, but she knew her story would help you recognize this type of scam. So you see intelligent and courageous people fall for these scams. Please don’t be embarrassed to share with us. Your bravery, just like my friends, will stop these douchebags.

If you are affected by this scam or receive a message or flyer, please notify the Better Business Burea or the Federal Trade Commission.

The Laura Method

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12 thoughts on “Wrap Your Car Money Scam Exposed-Don’t Fall For This Hoax”

  1. Excellent information Laura, it is good to find bloggers like you who strive to help people be alert.
    I heard of this scam years ago, but I never thought it would come back… That said you did your best by informing as many people as possible, it is now our duty to spread the word.
    Thanks again for such an informative article, I bookmarked your website and I will keep coming for more.

    • Thank You Andrew. It is an old scam that is coming back strong. Please feel free to share to help more people be aware. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate you.

  2. Hello Laura:), I found your article quite informative and helped realize that I have been propositioned in facebook by several work-from-home scams where they too asked for my bank info and even login info. Thought your article was perfect timing as its Christmas with many people needing extra cash to spend and the steps you clearly laid out was most informative and the images you used were attractive as well. A good and highly informative​ article.

    Do you know more scams out there?

    Thank you, ric

    • Ric, Yes Facebook, and social media platforms are rampant with scams. I get offers for scams all the time. It is good you are aware of them so you don’t fall for any of them but so many are not aware. There are online dating scams, personal loan scams, car repair, and car sales scams just to name a very small few. It is the old saying, If it seems to good to be true then it is.

  3. Hello and thank you for this informative article Laura. I read it all in one go. Never heard about scams like these before, but I am definitely going to take more care. The worst part is that you could actually get arrested as a fellow con artist, which makes this scam even worse.

    It is really incredible how deep this scams can go. No one could thought that they could forge and send you “verified certification” without any consequences before people get caught into their web. 

    I feel sorry for your friend. 1700 bucks is a lot of money. I appreciate you for sharing this. It will definitely prevent others from making the same mistake.


    • You are so welcome. When I heard about the money my friend lost I wanted to let the world know about this type of scam. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share so others will know abut this car wrap scam.

  4. Never trust a check like that. Here’s what I don’t understand? IF this was a legitimate company that was actually going to pay you, why would they sent a larger check than they are actually paying you? Why would you take out your money from the check and then wire them money back? It’s a totally silly concept. I hope people are not really falling for it but I guess they are.

    That’s why it is great that you are exposing this strategy so that people quit getting caught in this trap. If anyone offers to send you a check and it’s too easy, that is a huge red flag that it’s a scam. I have run into people trying to scam me over and over as I’ve been trying to sell my car online. They always offer to buy it and send a check without even asking about the car or coming to see it. They say they will arrange for the pick up of the car. All this for my broken down car that doesn’t even run. That’s how I know it is ridiculous. All the scammers have the same red flags. 

    • I think people fall for this scam because they need money real bad and because the scammer uses a well known logo. It can be very deceiving. With the holidays and our economy it makes it easier to fall for something like this. Feel free to share to inform more people. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow! The things people do to make money. Thanks for bringing this scam to late, I’ve known personally couple of people who falling for scams like this. It’s too bad money or lack of makes people do crazy things. This type of thing freaks me out for the future of my children who I’m hoping will be more aware than this last generation was. Not only do people send this type of gimmick by mail but they also try it by phone as well is email. Great exposure you’ve done here, hopefully this will save someone money. This is a great article and I will be sharing it on my social media sites.

    • Jagi, Thank you and thank you for sharing. We need to reach so many more with this type of scam and hopefully they will take a closer look at all quick easy money deals. Our children are so further along than we were. I just hope the bad guys don’t come up with more devious scams. 

  6. Wow, this sounds exactly like the buy a used car for an unbelievable price scam as well.  It’s the same exact thing, they buy your car on craigslist for an unbelievably low price (I’ve seen it with rentals too).  Then they tell you they have to pay for this that and the other, so they will send you more than you’re asking and you need to take your off-the-charts money from the check once you deposit it and then wire the rest to the company that is going to come and pick up your clunker to deliver to them.  Sounds too good to be true, and it IS!!!  A friend of mine lost a boatload in that transaction.  There was another friend who wanted to rent an apartment, and the people said they would send her the first, last and security plus a holding fee of like $500 if she would accept payment and forward the rest to their “moving company.”  She didn’t fall for it because she talked to me about it and I told her nobody does that!  They don’t even know her, why would they trust her and why would they just not pay the darned moving company themselves.  Another scam!

    • It is always a scam when they want to send more than your agreed to. Thank you for telling us about this scam. This will also help to bring awareness to our readers. I am happy your friend talked to you before she did this. You saved her a lot of heartache and money. 


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