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Work From Home Business – Motivational Tips For Success

Home businesses are all the buzz today in our ever-expanding world of the internet. And with the recent pandemic so many more know what it involves to work from home. There are different types of home businesses, such as a work from home business where we work for someone else or work for yourself.

Social media is riddled with home businesses to draw everyone into a more comfortable type of job. Multi-level marketing companies talk about businesses to make money. Not to mention, working from home is the craze of moms who want to stay home with their kiddos.

What is the best way to succeed at a home business? I have five motivational tips to increase success in a home-based business. I incorporate these steps into my daily life now, but it did take me a few months to figure out the process. With this in mind, I want to make the home business world a bit easier for you.

Training And Support With a Work From Home Business

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Success requires powerful training and support because without this, you are like a fish flopping around in shallow water with nowhere to go.

Training is the act of learning a skill from a teacher or mentor. A work from home business, no matter what it is, will sit alone in an empty room and never see the light of day without the proper training.

Let’s say you set up a website at home to peruse affiliate marketing. You find a host, download a template, and almost magically, you have a website.

But what good is this website if one doesn’t know what to do with it? Many choose to write a post and research what to do, but for some it is foreign with a feeling if frustration because no one can find your site, including Google. If you have the step-by-step training, you would have a direction, and just like the fish, you can flow with the stream.

Training and support go hand in hand because neither one functions without the other. Support means you will have someone there to help bear the weight and encourage you, to answer questions and help you grow.

Your family doesn’t always understand what you are doing on the computer or social media, promoting your business so, to expect them to answer questions on a subject they know nothing about is unrealistic. A person inside your business who understands how you feel and helps you find direction is of the utmost importance.


Work From Home Business self-discipline

Self-discipline is the ability to keep pushing forward, even when tempted to stop. It is essential to control our feelings and overcome weaknesses. For this reason we need to build staying power to keep focused, and it will pay off in the days to come.

The Laura Method

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I want to get up and do something different, like play with my dog or go outside to work with my flowers. But when I sit down to do my online home business, it is imperative to control these urges and work. When a task is completed your task and worked the satisfaction rolls in.


Work From Home Business focus

Make a business the center of your attention. When the kids are running around wanting attention or a friend calls and wants to go out maintaining focus will help. In a like manner, losing focus will cause procrastination and decrease productivity.

Treat your work from home business like you would a 9-5 job. Begin your work for the day by making a list of the tasks for that day. Only allow a designated amount of time for social media, emails, and yes, your family and friends. Your home business is flexible and will allow more time with the family if you focus and plan.

However, you choose to set your focus time, remember that this is a job and a business that requires planning to achieve flexibility.


Work From Home Business pink rose bud desire and passion

Desire is a passion or wanting something so fabulous that you make it happen. We all have days of doubt and become self-absorbed whether it is a home business or 9-5 job . When these days arrive, find that strong desire, dream or passion. All three of these, hopes, dreams, and passions come from the heart. Your heart will keep you going when your mind feels defeated.

In our world today, we want things now. A dream begins with enthusiasm, and a strong desire but can quickly fade. To hang onto these emotions, write them down and put them where you can see them everyday. Keep the list close to you so you can read it and rekindle your desire whenever you have doubts.

Driving Force

Work From Home Business orange flower driving force

A driving force is a motion to propel you forward. It is a strong motivation that will carry you through the days that feel long. What is your driving force? Why did you begin a business you can manage from home? A driving force may be to stay at home or to be your own boss or make an extra income. Is your driving force to build a legacy and provide for your family?

Whatever your driving force is, please write it down and hang onto it. You will need this list to take you back to what motivates you to move forward and look at your reasons why you started a home business.

Recap On Tips With a Work From Home Business

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A business of any kind has its ups and downs. These are motivational tips to push anyone forward.

Training and support, Self-discipline, Focus, Desire, and a Driving force are five tips to follow for success. All five of these are necessary to achieve a goal and accomplish a desired lifestyle.

Make a list with three things on it

1. Emotions evoked by your desire or passion when you started your business.

2. The motivation that drives you to continue when you have tough days.

3. Goals for each day.

You can make this list weekly or at the beginning of each day but stick to it for the best results.

I am here to answer questions and help in any way I can. I do love comments and questions regarding this subject.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

9 thoughts on “Work From Home Business – Motivational Tips For Success”

  1. These are all fantastic tips Laura and thanks for sharing. Focus is the one that I tend to find the hardest, especially when working from home. I am also a part-time caregiver for my wife and do find that I don’t get as much done from home. I have found that writing lists or daily goals help greatly and even if I only get a few things done on the list I try not to get too stressed about it. Loving the little quotes too. Great post!

    • Hi Martin, Yes focus is a difficult one for me also. It is so easy to find a million other things to do instead of work. But I follow all of these tips every day and I find that together they help me stay on track. It is hard to care of a spouse at home. I commend you for giving that your all.

  2. These are excellent tips if one wants to succeed online. A good training platform is an absolute must. Having step-by-step tutorials with in-depth videos provides a blueprint that can be followed to the letter. There is no second guessing involved. This saves a TON of time and frustration. Self-discipline is another huge factor. When the going gets tough, it is easy to give up and slack off. A relentless focus and task driven mindset will push you through those hohum days!
    Thanks for an excellent article

    • Hi Mike, Thank you for your comment. I do love to hear from my readers. Yes, training and a blueprint are so important. I found this incredible support through Wealthy Affiliate. We need a guide to help our focus. And thank you for your positive affirmation of the tips listed. I apply these 5 tips to my online business every day and I find they keep me moving forward.


  3. Hey Laura! I just your article and it gave me a desire on why I started doing online business. Before, I wanted to make money, but I didn’t have a drive to do it. I was empty. But now after reading your post, it gave me more of an understanding of my purpose to keep doing an online business. My emotions were conflicting, but now it feels like laser focus.

    Thanks for this Laura.

    • Thank you for stopping by. When we lose focus it is easy to forget our “why”. I am so happy you found value in this article and it can direct you back to the real reason you started. Keep that focus and keep pushing on.

  4. I totally agree with you on the above mentioned tips to making a successful work from home business. These tips are applicable to every other area of business which is what i love about the article. If you are not focused, or self disciplined, in any endeavor you find yourself, your rate of success will be limited. Same goes for drive, training and desire. These qualities are key to any successful business. Thanks for sharing such amazing words 

    • Thank you so much. It is easy to get lost in everyday life and lose track of our goal. I apply these tips daily in my work from home business. I have found them to be quite helpful. 

  5. Discipline is probably the most important aspect for me. I also think that if you dont like what you are doing, then you wont keep the motivation up to try and succeed. 

    With me, I know exactly how I want my business to turn out and I look forward to that, it also helps that I am in a niche that I know and love and participate in everyday. From that point this process only gets easier if you just keep up with it.

    • You are so right about discipline. It is very important to reach a set goal. I am so happy you love with you do. Anyone who does not love their niche will have a very hard time following any of these 5 tips. Thanks for stopping by my site. 


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