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How To Convert Elementor To WordPress Page Editor Blocks

Once upon a time, I was a big fan of Elementor; therefore, I built all my websites with Elementor. As a result, I began to have issues with site speed and had to find a solution. But how can one stop using Elementor without making significant changes to every piece of content on their website? Then along came WordPress page editor blocks which were my saving grace.

I realized that I could easily convert all of my Elementor content, over 150 pages and posts of content on just one site, to WordPress page editor blocks. For this reason, I will give step-by-step instructions on how to convert all content.

I found that when I created a post or page with Elementor Pro and then decided not to pay for the membership, my site had some broken pages. It was very inconsistent across my three websites. But even one broken page can affect the whole site.

So I went to work finding a way to convert Elementor to another page builder. Amid my search, I realized WordPress had created WordPress Page Editor Blocks. The solution was so easy and right at my fingertips. So without delay, let’s get rolling on this tutorial.

Convert Elementor To WordPress Page Editor Blocks

Here are five easy steps to convert from Elementor to WordPress Page Editor Blocks. We will talk a bit more at the end.

Step #1

Navigate to the post or page that you want to convert. When building a page in Elementor, it is natural to click on the “Edit with Elementor” tab. But this time I don’t want you to do that. Only click on the “Edit Button” next to the quick edit button, taking you to step #2.

step #1 redone 1

Step #2

You will see a “Back to WordPress Editor” tab when you reach the edit area. Please click on this one and not on the Edit with Elementor. Step #2 is complete and will take you to step #3.

step #2 2

Step #3

In step #3, click on the “Continue” tab. I looked at the message here many times before I was brave enough to click it. It is OK to go ahead and click continue. It will change the layout of your post just a bit, but it is not anything that you cannot quickly fix with a few clicks.

step #3 3 WordPress Page Editor

Step #4

Next, click on “Classic,” which will take you to the WordPress page editor blocks and to step #5.

step #4 4 WordPress Page Editor

Step #5

And the final step is to click on “Convert to blocks.”

The Laura Method

step #5 5

The whole process is straightforward. And to think, I waited months before I was brave enough to click on the continue tab in step #3.

How To Convert Elementor To WordPress Page Editor Blocks pin

Now that you have converted to WordPress Editor Blocks, we need to do a couple of minor things. My images were off-center. Click on the image to change the position. Try it to see if it is best left, right, or center. The minor details that I had to adjust were well worth the site speed I gained with the conversion.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a page builder, GenerateBlocks Pro works seamlessly with WordPress block editor. In this article, I talk about Elementor and GenerateBlocks to better understand the benefits of GenerateBlocks. Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro – Which One Is Better.

To better understand how to use WordPress Block Editor, you can take a look here. And To better understand GenerateBlocks Pro, I wrote this article. GenerateBlocks Pro Review – Can You Build a Great Website?

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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