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Why Is Google Important For Affiliate Marketing To Rank High

I could have asked what google is? But Google has become a considerably large icon in the lives of affiliate marketers. We refer to Google as a person in terms of who vs. what. So instead, I will ask why is google important?

According to Wikipedia: Google is a technology company that operates in internet products and services. Google is a top-ranking search engine. Google is one of the top four technology companies. The other three are Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

For Google Ranking, we will focus on the search engine part of our definition of Google.

Google History

Larry page, sergey brin google is born

Larry Page and Sergey Brin used google as a search project while pursuing their Ph.D. at Stanford University in 1996.

These two young men developed a page rank system known as an algorithm. There was a third person involved, Scott Hassan who wrote most of the code for this algorithm, but he struck out on his own before Google became a company.

Larry and Scott wanted a better way to find relevant information on the internet to present to you. So they developed Google, which has continued to evolve today into the giant it is.

Google founders have had their share of problems and reportedly a few shady deals. But to an Affiliate Marketer, in the business realm, Google is of the utmost importance. We research, read, and write with the Google algorithm in mind.

How Does Google Work?

Google uses googlebots, otherwise known as spiders, to crawl all of the information on the internet. These little spiders use a set of keywords to determine how relevant the information is to the public.

When you search for a topic, Google sends out the Googlebots to crawl billions of pages. Google is determined to give us the best information related to our search.

Did you pick up on the phrase billions of pages produced by you and me on the internet? Which leads us to why Google is important.

Why Is Google Important?

As Affiliate Marketers, we write articles to give information to the public. Each one of us who have websites could write a short sentence or two that states the product we are promoting is right for you to purchase.  

But Google is protecting you as the consumer by requiring us as writers to produce content that is beneficial to you.

Let me expand on this just a bit. You are looking for baseball gloves for your child. You type into the Google search engine “best baseball glove for a 9-year-old.” If Google didn’t care about you, they would show you a ton of baseball gloves and a bunch of sites telling you to buy their glove.

But instead, the Googlebots (little spiders) go out and search for the best information to give you so you can make an informed decision based on your search.  

Affiliate Marketers

Why is Google important has more than one definition for the consumer? Affiliate Marketers are scrambling to get ranked on page one in position one with each article they write.

If an article you write is on page one, Google will show my relevant information to all people searching for the subject I have written. And since Affiliate Marketing is about making money online each time someone looks at my post, I have a higher chance of making money.

Consequently, I want to make Google happy.

How Do You Make Google Happy?

Remember, I mentioned that Google has a list of keywords they use when they crawl all of the billions of articles on the internet? I want to use those keywords in my article to attract those little spiders. I want Google to show my site to everyone who is searching about baseball gloves for a 9-year-olds.

But how do I know what these keywords are?

When you go to Google and type in what you are looking for, like Baseball gloves, Google will make suggestions for you. Any of these suggestions are keywords that Google has in its data banks.

google search suggestions
why is google baseball gloves search

At the bottom of each page that you have searched for baseball gloves on Google, you also get suggestions for related posts. Google has highlighted each keyword in bold.

To make Google happy, you need to find words that Google determines as keywords and place them in the title of your article as well as a few other places in your article. I also use another keyword research tool named Jaaxy.

When Google crawls your article don’t you want them to say, “oh my this article that Jane wrote is just what this person is looking for” and they will show your words to the consumer who searched.

How Can You Keep Your #1 Relationship With Google

After you are ranked #1, you will become excited and addicted to the thrill. How do you keep this up? You continue to write articles with proper keywords in them that Google likes.

You write informational articles that help the consumer solve a problem. Such as the example I used on baseball gloves for kids. Those words answered the problem dad had on finding the right glove for his 9-year-old son.

blue background with you #1 google best friend

The person didn’t just say this glove is right for you. He wrote what the glove did, the benefits, the reasons his son would love this glove, how it would help him improve and how it could increase his chances of expanding on a career in baseball.

Google looked at the article with his little spider Bots and decided the information was relevant to help dad.

Google is essential for you as an Affiliate Marketer. Google is your friend if you follow the rules of the algorithm it has set down for you.

I have tried to explain why Google is important in the best broken down form. But it is still difficult to understand to a person who has never done Affiliate Marketing.

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

16 thoughts on “Why Is Google Important For Affiliate Marketing To Rank High”

  1. The Laura MethodAn In-Depth, Step-By-Step Masterclass
    For Newbies To Set Up A Niche Website

    Learn More about The Laura Method Here!

  2. Google is and becomes one of the most important things in any affiliate or internet marketers world, and for good reason. Google can either make or break you. 

    Being the biggest search engine out there marketers are working overtime to impress this search engine. 

    There is nothing quite like the satisfaction gained from reaching the top of page one on Google. You say Wealthy Affiliate teaches one just how to do this?  I thought nobody knew all of Googles secrets. 

    • You are right that no one knows all of Google’s secrets. They do keep a lot under lock and key. But they do share enough for an affiliate marketer to follow some guidelines and Wealthy Affiliate teaches these guidelines. 

      Wealthy Affiliate must know a lot more than I do because when I put into practice what they teach I rank #1 on page one of Google. It is an incredible feeling. 

      You can step inside and take the first 10 lessons and see exactly what I am boasting about here. It is an incredible platform. Here is the link to get started if you are interested.

  3. Thanks for explaining in detail the importance of Google. Your explanation goes beyond my usual thinking of how google works and how they rank sites. Google does play such an essential role for affiliate marketers as you have pointed out. But they also have so much control that is scary. Thanks for sharing. 

    • I am so happy I can help to clear up the role Google plays for affiliate marketers. Yes, they do have a lot of control. Most of us affiliate marketers don’t mind that because when we follow their guidelines, we are ranked very well by Google. 

  4. What a clear and easy to understand introduction to Google, its services, and why it is so essential for people starting in affiliate marketing. Your list of reasons is very easy to follow and make it clear exactly how to go about implementing keyword optimization strategies on a website. Your post is a useful page I will return that I have bookmarked.

  5. Yes, Google is significant in affiliate marketing. You have done a complete breakdown of that by starting with what wealthy affiliate is and how it is related to affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer can also advertise their website, products, or  services on Google. Google can help marketers who own a website get traffic to that website and thereby get customers. It’s a perfect one to learn about how Google works with those slider things you mentioned. Thanks for the lesson learned here. Thanks.

  6. As an affiliate marketer,  getting ranked on Google is of high importance to me. I have found that top ranking is the best way to get organic traffic and increase conversions.

    You have presented some exciting information in this article. All affiliate marketers want to make google “happy” because we do know that when Google is “happy,” we are happy.

    As you have stated, proper SEO essential to a passive income. Thanks for this

    • Shelly, as an affiliate marketer yourself it sounds like you know the importance of ranking and proper training. Thank you for stopping by. 

  7. Oh, this is an excellent post I must say, and I am glad that you can share with us here the history of the platform. The ones who created the mighty Google are so young. I must say that no one in who uses the internet can say that they haven’t made use of Google once or twice before.

    I love the way you have made it clear that for affiliate marketers, Google is crucial. I didn’t know people can use Google to find keywords. Keywords are the backbone to affiliate marketing and ranking. I have learned a lot from your post here. Thanks for sharing.

    • It sounds like you have some knowledge in affiliate marketing and the use of Google. Are you familiar with Wealthy Affiliate? On the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will learn so much about Google and how to rank on the first page with keywords. You can check it out through this link if you like.

  8. Hi Laura. Thank you for your fascinating article on Google, Google certainly is an exciting place. It’s a bit like the encyclopedias that we used to have as kids, but a whole lot more informative. I hadn’t tried searching for keywords on it before, but now that you have shown me how to do it I’ll give it a try.

    It can be difficult sometimes to differentiate Google from a human being; it does seem so human at times.

    I think it is great that Google checks out the quality of the information in each article. Otherwise, we would have a huge problem trying to find trusted information. 

    I feel like Google has our backs as internet surfers. Thanks, Jim

    • Hi Jim, it is like the encyclopedias we had but so much faster with so much information. It is mind-blowing. 

      Yes, I agree with you that Google has the backs of the consumer. Google makes it a safe place to explore and learn what to purchase online. 

  9. Hello there, thanks for sharing such educational post here. So many people don’t know why Google is vital to an affiliate marketer and wouldn’t give much regard to it. Google is the very best means to get traffic for a website which is a something everyone affiliate marketer wants. The more traffic, the more conversions from potential customers.

    Best regards.

    • Dane, you sound like you may be an affiliate marketer. You seem to understand the importance of Google and how it is our best friend. More traffic is what we are all hoping to achieve. 


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