Why And How Are You-Saying Goodbye To Coworkers?

Do you have a new job, leaving to work force, starting a home business or going to retiring? Let’s talk about why and how are you saying goodbye to coworkers. There is an etiquette to the process

Maybe you are not resigning, but you are dreaming about how you can leave your job. I have a way for you to build a business at home. Then one day you will be saying goodbye to coworkers. Since I am going to talk about a new way for you to build a business from home, I also wanted to cover a few tips on how to correctly say goodbye.

Yes, there is a proper way to say bye to the people you have worked with for years. Who would have thought to do a proper goodbye, but I guess you don’t want to burn bridges and you want others to remember you on good terms?

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In this article, I am going to give you ideas on how to tell your coworkers bye. And I will talk to you about a way to leave your job and work from home.

How Can You Leave Your Job?

We covered some possible reasons above, but I would like to focus in on what you can do from home that will allow the option of saying goodbye to coworkers.

Were you ever approached by a ton of people who are selling products for companies in the form of multi-level marketing? They are all over Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and yes even next door. They want you to join them in selling products, and you will both get rich. Maybe you had to unfriend someone on social media because they wouldn’t leave you alone. I think we have all been there.

I would love for you to join me in building your own home business. But I am not going to ask you to approach your family and friends and ask them to buy something. As a matter of fact, you found me. That is the beauty of Affiliate Marketing. You do not have to tell anyone about what you do, although I know you will want to.

There is no pyramid compensation scale. You make your money with your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you have a business with a website, and you promote items that companies have. It is like you are advertising their products and they pay you when someone clicks on the product and makes a purchase.

It’s a pretty cool set up. Because they don’t have to pay for advertising and you don’t have to harass anyone to buy something. You concentrate on your business, and the internet shoppers come to you.

That was a bit about why, I cover this more in a moment.

How To Say Goodbye To Coworkers?

There is a suggested format you can email your coworkers when you leave work. Who would have thought about this one? But, from what I have researched it is a wise idea. You don’t want to be mean to the people you have worked alongside for years. You want to be friends with them and have good memories.

Email Ideas

An email saying goodbye to coworkers’ should mention certain key points. You have already put in your 2 or 4 weeks’ notice and informed your boss why you are leaving. You have told your close friends or the coworkers you care about the most. But you still need to let the remainder of your business coworkers know you are leaving.


  1. Positive subject line: like I will miss you all or an enthusiastic farewell.
  2.  Mention the number of years you have worked there and the positions you have held. After all, some may not know who you are, and this will help to remind them.
  3. Then a bit of a note on why you are leaving. Maybe to pursue a job at home with affiliate marketing. Just saying because this will be your reason for going. But don’t brag, keep it simple. Remember you don’t want to burn bridges.
  4. Then at the bottom after your name you have the opportunity to leave all of the ways anyone can reach you in the future. Phone #, email, social media connections.

Another way of saying goodbye to your coworkers is to use a photo. Email everyone a picture along with a bit of information. You are welcome to use any of the photos I have here. 

What will you do?

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  1. Hi Laura,

    After reading your article I have finally made up my mind to do what I was trying to from a long time. In your article you let me know how those people can plan for a business at home on their own. The part like farewell from the coworkers is not easy but you made you have shown how to do it(just love it). I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate Marketing and you  cleared all of my confusion about that  and that  the best part of your article.

    Take my cordial thanks for sharing this article and inspiring me.

    -Badhan Biswas

    • Badhan, I am so happy you have enjoyed this article. You can make an income from home with Wealthy Affiliate. Saying goodbye to your co-workers is bittersweet but so rewarding. All the best to you on your journey.

  2. This is a great post.  This is an extensive article that has shed more light on the goodies embedded in affiliate marketing business.I cannot but agree with everything you have said here. There is nothing sweeter than working online especially from home. This gives you the room of being your own boss. The benefits can’t be over emphasized because you work at your own pace.I have read many contents about Wealthy Affiliate but your article has revealed more on how best the online platform has been. 

    • I am so happy to help. WA is the best platform there is. The only way to fail is to quit. Soon you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to your co-workers. All the best to you. If you have any further questions please let me know.

  3. Nice article there on how and why you are saying goodbye to coworkers,.I find this article informative and the same time interesting.There are much reasons why people are saying goodbye to coworkers. It maybe because you have found a job that is more profitable, that gives you joy, less stress and above all peace of mind over the one you are doing.There is nothing that feels better in the morning than waking up and telling yourself am my own boss. I would love to choose how I work and where to work and so on. It sounds like I can do this with this wealthy affiliate. I am going to take a closer look at Wealthy. And you say I can look for free?

    • To be your own boss is incredible. To say goodbye to co-workers is bittersweet but fulfilling at the same time. Yes, it is absolutely free to take a look at the platform and set up a website. Please feel free to sign in and I will see you on the inside. I am here to help you along your journey. 

  4. Thank you for this informative and insightful article about why and how are you saying goodbye to coworkers. How to say goodbye is good but you added with reasons why to help me also. It sounds like Wealthy affiliate would be a great reason to say goodbye. Do you think I can make an income that will support me while I stay home? I have tried other things but they didn’t work.

    • I know that if you work at an online business the same way you work at your job you have now it will make a good income for you. Please take a look. As I mentioned it is free to look around. It would be best to upgrade to the premium if your plan is to make your online business your new job. 

  5. Wow, the title of your article got my attention “Why And How Are You-Saying Goodbye To Coworkers?, I  took extra time to read it and understand it better. I have heard about affiliate marketing and I am happy to know there is a huge difference between multi-level-marketing MLM and affiliate marketing. I have looked at so many ways to do affiliate marketing but did not know about Wealthy Affiliate. I think this might be for me. I’ll check it out.

    • Oh yes, there is a big difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. I do hope you take the time to sign in and take a look around. I know you will be pleasantly surprised. And then you can use one of my photos to say goodbye to your co-workers. All the best to you.

  6. Saying good bye to coworkers without burning bridges is very important but I think it is better to understand that not everyone will accept your goodbye. I love the ideas you pitched on how to say good bye to coworkers. I am also glad that you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like this may be a place I am interested in. If it really is the best platform as you say I need to take a look. You say I just sign in?

    • When you do sign into the platform through one of the links in this post you will see how incredible this platform is. And soon you can use one of my pictures or suggestions to say goodbye to coworkers. All the best to you and I am here to help you grow and earn and income.

  7. Hi Laura, sometimes saying goodbye to either our colleagues at work or friends can be quite emotional. Nothing sounds more interesting as working from home. I would love it if I didn’t have to worry about beating traffic or clothes to wear to work. I have heard the term work in your nightwear and it sounds so inviting. I have never thought of email as a good means of saying good bye to colleagues, but reading through your ideas like using positive subject line, it makes perfect sense. The email idea will be great for colleagues that are not on seat while one is leaving. Great piece as always.

    • You can be one of those people who wear their PJ’s to work. Check it out and see for yourself. Then you can use a sample email or a photo to say goodbye to your coworkers. 

  8. If I started with wealthy affiliate and had my own online income I would have a lot of reasons to leave my job. I’m not getting satisfaction from work, and my employers are not appreciative of the work that I do. I am going to have a look at Wealthy Affiliate and then maybe I can start planning my resignation. I would thank everyone I’ve worked with and we would have a small office get together. Really, I can’t wait for that day!

    • I am excited for you. It sounds so wonderful. Get started today, work hard and in a year you will be saying goodbye to your coworkers. 


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