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Jaaxy Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool For Beginners

Keyword research is to affiliate marketing like flowers are to weddings, to put it differently, you just can’t have a wedding without at least one flower. In addition, you can’t write an article without at least one good keyword, which leads us to our big question, is Jaaxy the best for beginners? With this in mind, let’s find out in our Jaaxy review and answer the big question.

I mean, why take all that time to write 1000 words or more, research it and format it if no one will see it. Consequently, if you don’t have a good keyword or a string of keywords that is exactly what will happen.

So today let’s see if Jaaxy is a good keyword research tool for you as a new marketer or as a matter of fact, an experienced marketer also.

We will review:

  1. Jaaxy Review – Who Developed Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?
  2. In Our Jaaxy Review Let’s Learn What A Keyword Research Tool Is?
  3. Jaaxy Review – Who Is It For?
  4. Best Way To Use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  5. Jaaxy Review – Features
  6. How To Use Jaaxy
  7. Pros
  8. Cons
  9. Jaaxy Review Pricing
  10. My Recommendations For Jaaxy

Jaaxy Review – Who Developed Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?

Jaaxy was designed by affiliate marketers (Kyle and Carson) for use by affiliate marketers (you and I). Kyle and Carson are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, a web hosting platform which trains people like you and me on how to do affiliate marketing.

They actually developed Jaaxy right out of high school before they began Wealthy Affiliate, about 16 years ago. Not to mention, they upgrade and add improvements on a regular basis.

In Our Jaaxy Review Let’s Learn What A Keyword Research Tool Is?

What is Jaaxy? To understand Jaaxy, we first need to understand SEO or search engine optimization, which is a way to have organic traffic. In other words, free visitors that come to your website.

Jaaxy, a keyword research tool, will help you outrank your competition, with the intention of finding keywords that have low competition.

You are always competing with other websites to be the first on the first page of any search engine, with this in mind, a good tool to help you find those low competition keywords is a must.

For this reason, Jaaxy is one of those tools that can help make or break you if you use it right.

The Laura Method

Jaaxy Review – Who Is It For?

Jaaxy may be for you if you are an affiliate marketer, make YouTub videos, or have an online eCommerce store? Accordingly, do you want to make money online with a website business? With this in mind, Jaxxy is for so many different people who run their own online business.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are looking for free traffic, visitors or consumers, then Jaaxy is for you. Are you striving to get your information on the first page at the top of any search engine like Google, then Jaaxy is for you.

I can sit down to write an article and start with a catchy title, and you know what? In the long run, if that title does not have keywords that compete for first ranking, absolutely no one will see my article.

Google searches 3.5 billion articles per day, which is an astounding number.

Think about it a minute, when you write a new article, you are competing against 3.5 billion posts, which makes you but a speck in the ocean unless you use keywords that grab Google’s attention.

With that said, let me do a bit of teaching on Jaaxy so you can understand the process better.

Best Way To Use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The best way to use Jaaxy is to find a niche, set up a website, and start thinking about articles that promote what you sell.

Then go to a keyword research tool and begin finding keywords; at the same time, research for a list of keywords and save them for later.

With this in mind, research is a big part of writing an article. In other words, it is like an outline or a goal planner. Plan for 50 to 100 posts when you research with Jaaxy.

So how do you research on Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Review – Features

  1. Keyword Search – Find ranking long-tail keywords
  2. Alphabet soup – A list of suggestions from a-z with different variations to search
  3. Keyword saved list – store keywords for later use or use as a comparison for other keywords you find .
  4. History of searches – you can go back to the past and research any previous finding.
  5. Affiliate Program Finder – find affiliates who have the products you sell
  6. Brainstorm – just as it says, it brainstorms ideas for you to write about with low competition
  7. Site Rank – Tracks down your posts to tell you where you are ranking among your competition
  8. Affiliate Program – Become a Jaaxy affiliate partner and earn a commission
  9. Jaaxy help – videos and free downloads to assist you in niche finding and bonus keywords

How To Use These Features

fireshot of Jaaxy keyword search

I will use this photo as an example to help show you what you can do with this powerful jaaxy keyword tool.

In the photo above, let’s look at the keyword search tool of Jaaxy. To begin with, I used the red arrow to point to the long tail keyword “what are the best compression stockings.”

Each phrase you see, such as “jobst compression stockings,” is a different variation of the original search words you put into the “find keywords” area.

Explanation Of What You See

Next, follow along with the photo above which I have numbered in correlation with the numbers here.

  1. Avg – This is how many times a month people search for that particular keyword chain
  2. Traffic – If you are ranked on the first page, this is how many people the search engines will bring to your website
  3. QSR – Quoted Search Results is the number of other sites ranked in google for this exact phrase.
  4. KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator-Green is amazing, yellow is so, so, and red is a no, no.
  5. SEO – a score from 1-100 based on the traffic and competition. The closer the number is to 100, the better chance you will rank on this keyword.
  6. Domain – lets you know what domain is available for that ranking keyword or words
  7. Brainstorm – when you click this one, it gives you a list of keywords to help jog your brain to a deeper level of search.

As shown above, when you search for a string of words (long-tail keywords), Jaaxy will give you suggestions and rank them for you.

How To Choose The Right Keyword Chains

Given these points, you now have a better picture of what Jaaxy does, but how do you choose from all of the keywords you get?

I will use the same keyword that I did as an example above. As you become a seasoned blogger and learn Jaaxy better, you can expand these instructions, in addition, it is good to follow this rule of thumb.


RULE: Above 100 and under 100. What I mean by this is when you search keywords find ones with the avg above 100 and the QSR below 100, with this in mind, the lower the QSR is, the greater chance of indexing on page one of search engines.

jaaxy keyword research trraining

The keywords with the oblong circles have the best Avg and QSR, in other words, the Avg is over 100, and the QSR is under 100, which makes these he best ranking words.

Equally important, the chains of words have to make sense and relate to what you are writing, which means, you can’t use a phrase like “Contraindications compression stockings” because it does not make sense; then again, don’t add words between the words like of or for.

As an example, a good choice to use is “Jobst Medical Compression Stockings.” With this in mind, you can add words before and after the phrase if you need to.

Secondly, the keywords marked in the red rectangle are considered second best.

The first circle in red is the Avg and the second circle in red is the QSR, that is to say, Avg is how many times the word has been searched for, and the QSR is how much competition the word has.

Take a moment to look at the Avg and QSR that I have marked, in this case, these are the best keywords to choose.

We just went over a quick look at Jaaxy, in the hope that, you have a better idea of why this tool is so important for business.


  • Training, training, training – videos along with written instructions and the little question marks beside each heading is a quick way to refresh your memory on what the score means
  • Help find the most up-to-moment keywords to rank you on the first page of search engines
  • Easy to use interface
  • Helps track down the perfect niche for your business
  • Post ranking to let you know where your post is ranking on Google Bing and Yahoo (one of my favorite features)
  • Helps me come up with new ideas for posts
  • When I run across an excellent keyword, I can save it to a list for later
  • If I get stuck on subjects to write, I can brainstorm ideas


  • The free plan with Jaaxy is very limited with only 30 searches
  • The Jaaxy lite plan requires manually updating each keyword suggestion to see the stats next to it

Jaaxy Review Pricing

Everyone has a different budget. If you are a beginner, by all means, start with the smaller package, so your monthly membership will be more affordable.

But if you are bringing in $10,000 a month as an experienced marketer, correspondingly, you may benefit from the Enterprise package.

Jaaxy offers different levels of use depending on how advanced your website and your income are.

Monthly Plans


Best to try Jaaxy service

Free Starter



30 Keyword Searches

Website Analyzer

 Affiliate Program Finder

Keyword List Manager

 Brainstorm Idea Feed

 Keyword Competition Data

 1x Speed

Affiliate Program

30 SiteRank Analysis Scans


Most popular for New websites
$49 / mo

Everything From STARTER


 Sortable Search Results

Unlimited Search History

 Search Analysis

Manual QSR Search

 Manual Domain Search

Alphabet Soup (15/letter)

 2x Multi-Threaded Search

 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans


for Power users
$99 / mo

Everything From PRO


35 Search Results

 5x Speed

Automated QSR

Automated Domain Search

 Alphabet Soup (50/letter)

5x Multi-Threaded Search

Unlimited Keyword Lists

10K SiteRank Analysis Scans

jaaxy review pin

My Recommendation For Jaxxy

Jaaxy Keyword research tool is absolutely one of the best for beginners, in addition, the information you receive from your keyword searches, can get the rankings you need.

The PROS actively outweigh the CONS, as a result, Jaaxy can ease your burden and move you toward success.

I believe Jaaxy is the tool that will help you the most in your endeavors, not to mention, it is one tool all beginners need. Be that as it may, one can find the proper keyword or chain of keywords that will rank right up there with the big boys.

With this in mind, Jaaxy is also an excellent tool for the experienced marketer. Check it out with the starter version and move up from there. You can’t go wrong with the Jaaxy keyword research tool.


The Laura Method

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6 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool For Beginners”

  1. Jaaxy is a definite win. I find every report and function of good use even if some take longer to load than others. I love the fact that it doesn’t have 50 features I will never use at a cost over $97 a month like Moz or aHrefs which makes it really friendly for people starting out. I have used the Ultimate Edition and find Pro to be sufficient for my blogs at this time but love the deeper ranking analysis from Pro. Jaxy has me on page 1 of Google for several of my search terms and I have over a dozen others trending upwards. Best wishes on your Jaaxy success.

    • Hi Andy, Thank you for stopping by. I have never used Moz but it does sound expensive. I do use pro on Jaaxy and I love it. It does take time to search the right keyword but when you find it “BINGO” you have it. I am ranking at least 25% of my posts #1 on google page 1. It is from using Jaaxy to research good low hanging keywords.
      It is so exciting to see my rankings.


  2. Hi Laura,

    I like your review on Jaxxy it is not only relatable but it is well researched as well. I saw your pros and cons and I will have to agree with you about it being expensive for starters. I am a new jaxxy user and I have the starter membership and I find it too expensive to upgrade to anything higher because I can not afford it. I want to add that I learned more things about jaxxy from your post that I did not know before so Thank you for your post!



    • Hi Pam, I am so happy I can give you a better understanding of Jaaxy. It is an incredible tool for google ranking. As you progress with your online business I hope you can upgrade to the pro. It has so much more to offer. 

  3. Jaaxy seems to be a really good tool for affiliate marketers. I love the way you explain a keyword chain and how to search for potential keywords. Affiliate marketing is full of competition but as I see there are still a lot of uncovered words. Glad to find out this review, will definitely try this tool out. Thank you for such a great review. 

    • Yes there is a lot of competition out there in the affiliate marketing world. But Jaaxy will help you compete with the best. I know you will love this tool. I am excited you are going to check it out. It is an amazing tool. 


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