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Elementor Review – Best Drag And Drop Website Page Builder

A couple of years ago, I learned how to set up a website and run an online business. Then I ran across Elementor Page Builder, and fell in love with designing, creating pages, and building cool-looking posts for my blog. So in this article, I will talk about Elementor and what you can do with this page builder.

I am going to review my all-time favorite page builder. But this review will not come from internet knowledge but rather from my heart because a plugin that works this smoothly is not about education but an emotional feeling. Elementor is a beautiful page builder that I have grown to cherish.

When I began creating my website, I wanted to create things that flowed and looked inviting. To say the least, it wasn’t easy because I could not get pictures into my posts the way I wanted. The words did not align easily, and the headings were sub-optimal. 

Elementor Review – Original Review Written November 2018 – See Update

Update-May 10, 2021-Please Read

I wrote this review over 2 years ago, and will leave the review exactly as written back in 2018, but I will put the updates here in this update box.

When I began using Elementor, I was so excited, as you can see from the review written back then. That has changed over time. I still love the look of any page I make, but there are some issues that Elementor has not kept up with. Please allow me to list them in bullet form.

  • Block and Template Library are limited
  • Support always says everything is an issue with the my theme
  • Poor schema markup
  • It does not work well with some plugins
  • Heavy and slows the speed of the site
  • Has glitches and freezes and cannot save work
  • Not always mobile responsive

So with this said, I am switching at least 100 posts on this site to Block Editor, which is a fairly easy process. I can do almost everything with block editor as I did with Elementor, which is included in my WordPress website.

But I could not continue to support Elementor with all of the issues I have had in the past 6 months to a year, especially when Block Editor works so much better with GeneratePress and operates lightweight and smooth.

Review Continued

I was perplexed, and was frustrated! In addition, I was in search of the perfect way to accomplish my desires and dreams for my website.

A couple of years ago, I spent three days setting up a front page on my website. Yes, it really did take three days of my precious time because my current page builder was difficult for me to understand. Because of the frustration I was ready to quit, but that is not who I am. So, a short break and two weeks later Elementor came along.

Have you ever run into a situation that stopped you in your tracks, as a result, you procrastinated and accomplished nothing? Well, this was one of those moments for me. 

The Laura Method

So, I did what I do best and searched online for the best page builder reviews. I found Elementor, and have been with them for the past 2 years. With Elementor I created countless landing pages and funnels, along with over 100 posts. 

You have the option of numerous page builders, so before you decide, let’s take a look at Elementor. 

Elementor Page Builder

NAME- Elementor

PRICE- free with the option to upgrade for more features               

OWNER- co-founders  designer (Yoni), developer (Ariel)

Overview Of The Elementor Review

Elementor is a FREE page builder plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor and allows you to create incredible websites, pages and posts. The page builder is quick and easy with a live frontend editor. It lets you visually design and create layouts from a template or a blank page.

Designer Yoni and developer Ariel invented Elementor and first released June 1, 2016. In this short time, it is active on over 1 million websites and reaches 180 countries.

You may have worked with site origin builder or beaver builder to build pages and posts. Elementor is along the same lines as each one of these but far more comfortable to use.

What Is So Unique About Elementor? 

You can build limitless designs with the widgets provided in the FREE version. Elementor operates on the front end of your site and has a surprisingly large template library. You can design your page from scratch or use a template to drag and drop your design. Either way, it is a very responsive platform that will allow you to see your work as you go.


  • FREE, with 28 widgets included
  • Strong, responsive support
  • Autosaves drafts
  • I love the navigator to move columns
  • Create a full-width page with a canvas
  • You can see your design immediately with the frontend setup.
  • Unbelievably easy for a beginner to use
  • It offers a feeling of accomplishment
  • Looks professional


  • Requires upgrade to get 32 more widgets
  • I had to adjust some settings to get the colors and fonts to show properly
  • It is not compatible with all themes.

Who Can Use Elementor?

The co-founders designed Elementor with you and me, the beginner entrepreneurs and marketers in mind, and yes, for designers and developers.

What About Training?

Elimenator offers an expansive library of videos to walk you through every step of operating the process to build a website and design a page or post. In addition, it offers 28 widgets in the basic free version and an additional 21 widgets in the pro version.

Support, Did You See The Video above?

Elementor has a comprehensive document section known as docs and also has an enormously helpful FAQ section.  While I was researching Elementor, I came across numerous videos on setting up and usage on YouTube and videos offered by the company to assist in practically anything you require.

When I needed to adjust some settings, I did contact support. A kind and helpful person checked the issue and instructed me on exactly what I needed to do. And low and behold, it worked perfectly after that.

I mentioned that the plugin does not work well with all themes, but Elementor support is ready and willing to correct the issues.

My Opinion

I believe that Elementor is by far the best page builder on the market. It is only a year and a half old but has made a significant impact on the world of website design. People like you and I have been waiting for an easy and efficient way to build a seamlessly perfect design.

Elementor Review pin

Like I stated before, I am a retired nurse, and have never taken a computer programing class. Beginners can easily use this plugin, and feel accomplished with the results they create. It does make me feel like a pro.

I did upgrade to the pro version, but it is not necessary, but I like having the extra options for widgets. The additional widgets are very useful in building a post or page.  You can build a page or website efficiently with the free version and the 28 widgets included. Please check out the pro version as it is also a significant part of Elementor and very affordable. 

Final Thoughts

The co-founders have done an incredible job of developing Elementor for the beginner like myself. Elementor is a free page builder with a pro version option that is not required to build a beautiful site, but it will enhance your design. Support and training are provided and easy to use. The PROS strongly outweigh the CONS. I don’t know why anyone would use any other page builder when Elementor is so easy for beginners like myself to design a beautiful responsive site.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

12 thoughts on “Elementor Review – Best Drag And Drop Website Page Builder”

  1. Hi Laura. I have heard about Elementor before now but never really knew it had so much widget for free and extra 32 widget for the pro version. I love when my web pages look stunning and attractive. I usually spend so much time trying to figure out ways to make my pages look Amazing. Thanks for sharing your Elementor review. Will definitely give it a try.

    • I am like you and spend wayyy to much time trying to make my posts look good. Once you get use to Elementor I think you will love it. 


  2. I understand your point about how non-techy reviews of techy products tend to be about how using the product makes you feel, Laura.  As a technologically challenged sort, long lists of features and all the other wonderments that could be mine just makes me dizzy.  

    Your post’s emphasis on your user-experience and the enhancement of your ability to do more and better pages is way more intriguing to me.


    • Netta, I do have high respect for the “techy” people but as you say I don’t always understand what they are saying. But I am getting better. I am so happy you can understand what I posted. I do love Elementor. 


  3. Hi Laura, Thank you for this interesting review on the Drag and Drop Website Page Builder- Elementor  I found this really piqued my curiosity and have bookmarked it so that I can go through it at my own slow pace,. Am always interested to find anything that I can learn about to make things clearer to me.

    This looks like a great thing to have if you are battling to understand how to get a post done, as you say, why waste time.

    I find as one ages, it takes longer to really get to grips with new innovations.

    • Jill, I too am aging and believe me if I can use Elementor I know you can. It really is easy to navigate. I actually have fun setting up a post now and have set up 2 front pages to alternate. they look nice and clean. 

      Good luck to you. If I can be of any assistance to you please let me know .


  4. Dear Laura,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review on Elementor Plugin.

    One of my mentor recommended this plugin I installed it few days before but I was not using it. Your review made me to take Elementor series. Thanks for the detailed review and you are saving people time and effort on finding or trying on new page builder.

    The video you embeded was very helpful. I am going to try and use Elementor for sure.

    Wishing you great success!


  5. You mentioned, Laura, you asked for help from the help support and they responded immediately. This is one of the best features of any platform.  You are assured that whatever you do using their product there is a person to assist you.  This is where success comes for both the user and the owner of the program or platform.

    I would try Elementor in the coming days. I hope I can easily follow and use it productively.

    • Yes the support guy was prompt, helpful and kind. I think you will find Elementor very easy to navigate. I am no novice and I do enjoy using it. And it is free. 


  6. I felt relieved reading your article.  I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with trying to figure out how to lay out my front page!

    I ended up choosing a very simple design because my non-techy and non-designer brain just struggles with understanding how to lay out what I thought was a simple design.

    Does Elementor allow me to determine which widgets show on which page?  My current template shows all my widgets in all the pages and posts and it’s woefully inappropriate sometimes.

    • Elementor allows you to set up a page or post with widgets. It does have a nice sidebar widget. To set up a different sidebar for each page you may need to tweek your theme just a bit by removing the side bar from that particular page. Elementor plugin has so much teaching I am sure you could search the training for a way to do this. 



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