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What Is Empowering-How To Empower Your life And Work

You hear all the time to empower your life, but what is empowering? When I learned what it is to have an empowering life and workplace, I felt liberated. I will share with you today how to accomplish this in your life and your workplace.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Empower is: to give yourself power or give it to someone else. Now you don’t want to give your power away but instead hang onto it and learn how empowering yourself will move you forward.

How can empowering our lives make a difference, and why would we want to do this?

Empowering means giving yourself permission to be great and do incredible things in life. You have the power to do anything you wish.

I have many wishes in life, but the one desire that will give me what I need to have control of my life is freedom. With freedom, I can make decisions that will change my destiny

Does This Mean Someone Gives You Power?

Are you waiting for someone to give you power as the definition states? Or do you have the mindset of an entrepreneur?

Others will not give you the power, and you can not take their power. Instead, you have to have the initiative to build on yourself, thereby empowering your life.

Waiting for someone to take care of you and build you up is not empowering your life. It takes strength and a willingness to lead.

EMPOWER entrepreneur


I worked as a nurse for 40 years. I had many different bosses in my career. Each one led their staff differently. Some would take control and micromanage. Some would be aloof and not know what was happening. And then there is the one who gives her staff the autonomy to empower themselves and get the work done.

My last position was as a contract nurse in an ER. I had a boss who gave us autonomy. We had rules to follow in the form of policies and procedures, but we were allowed to run that ER when we were on shift.

The Laura Method

As a collective group, we all worked together to form a bond with one thing in mind. That one thing was the patient and the safety of all who were involved.

Now imagine if I had a boss who micromanaged. That boss would not allow us to think for ourselves, and we would be fearful of every decision we made. Our thoughts would not be on the safety of all involved but rather on making decisions others would want us to make.

With this scenario, it is easier to see what is empowering. It is self-confidence, self-worth, and self-actualization. To reach our full potential, we have to believe in ourselves and have the power to do what we know is right.

How Can You Empower Your Life?

It all starts with you. You realize what you are capable of accomplishing. We all start at the bottom. Well, not all; there are a few geniuses out there that start in the middle. But I am an ordinary person who starts at the beginning.

We have to increase our self-esteem and self-confidence as we go. You ask, how can you do this if everyone else knows so much more than I?

It’s straightforward. You learn and apply what you learn. The more you study and search for knowledge, the more self-actualization you will attain.

Empower With Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, And Self-Actualization.

Empowering my life meant I had to choose to learn something new. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and begin a new life when I retired seven months ago.

I started at the bottom of the affiliate marketing food chain. I learned step-by-step how to create an online business. I searched and researched the answers to find more knowledge.

With each new morsel, I attained I applied it and watched my self-confidence grow. In my own life, I was writing a definition of what is empowering. I had the power to control my destiny.

What if I decide I wanted an online affiliate marketing business, but I wanted someone else to do it for me. I had everything right in front of me to learn it, but I didn’t want to. Then I would be giving my power to someone else, and that person would have the opportunity of empowering their lives.

Freedom Is My Why

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We are back to the one thing I wish for and can give me all I want in life. It is Freedom. Freedom is my why! Independence will allow me to learn, grow, change, and make decisions that can change my destiny.

Why is empowering your life important? What is the one thing that you feel will give you the power to change your destiny? It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your profession is. What matters is your WHY!

Please take a minute to think through this. There are many things in life you want, but what is the one thing empowering you to change all of the other wishes you have?

How I Empowered My Life.

I knew nursing inside and out. Forty years is a tremendous amount of time to stay in one profession. I was empowering my life with the knowledge I had of the medical profession. What would I do when I retired?

What Is Empowering?

So what is empowering? It’s not just someone giving you power. It is you using what is in front of you to learn and grow. It is you building on a new tomorrow and feeling accomplished.

For me it was learning a new profession when I retired. It was growing in knowledge, self-confidence and self-esteem. It was creating a new empowering life for myself.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

12 thoughts on “What Is Empowering-How To Empower Your life And Work”

  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas. There are many things I agree with you, I’m 60 and fully can understand your point of veiw. Freedom is also of key importance to me. I also believe that we are responsible for our life, and we can change the direction of it, starting any time. Starting a quite new way of living – like online money-making – can be open to anybody. The base is really our mindset, with the correct mindset we can be successful so our age doesn’t matter. Wealthy Affiliate is a very good possibility for everybody to learn online business. WA is thebest place to learn the real secrets of making money successfully.

    • Agnes, It is important to continue to learn. Learning keeps us young. But to empower oneself comes at all ages. We have to see ourselves as capable and grow in our knowledge. Becoming a part of Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to empower my life. I wish you all the best Agnes. 

  2. Hi Laura,

    Great article! 

    Empowerment is all about having confidence and assuredness, whether in regards to life in general or business.

    As regards to empowered life,  you have the resources, skills, powers, and authority to take action from learning and growing. Primarily, an empowered life cultivates and harnesses all the power within you and around you to make yourself and the world a better place.

    Thus, when empowered, you feel equipped within yourself, and with your business environment, you permit yourself to produce your best efforts. When you’re at your best, the business wins, and theoretically you win.

    So, empower yourself today for tomorrow success! Start now to create your destiny by building your own business, and l won’t hesitate to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you, any day!

  3. I worked in customer service for 25 years. I missed most of my kids’ childhood and then some.
    With my 5th child now only 4 years old, I have decided I will no longer do this. I have continually searched for an alternative to traditional 9-5, and when I found it, I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am only 2 months in, but I am feeling more settled, much happier and more motivated every day. I love to write, and here I can write with purpose. I enjoy learning and I learn something new every day. I love helping others and WA teaches us how to do just that.

    The community is the secret sauce, however. There’s nothing like it anywhere. Not only do I have my real-life family, I now have my WAFam.

    Wealthy Affiliate gives us the ability to empower ourselves through knowledge and action, as well as open the door for others to do the same.

    Thank you for this post. Take care, and see you at WA.
    Gwendolyn J

    • Yes anything that we can use to improve our lives and ourselves will empower us. It sounds like you have found your place. I too love WA and I love the way I can grow. You will do well at Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone can when they apply themselves.

  4. Laura, thanks for your very positive post. Wow 40 years as a nurse is a long time. My mum was a nurse so I know it is not an easy profession. So my hat  off to you. And you are not resting in retirement either! So my other hat off to you for starting your new venture and maintaining your positivity. I too desire financial freedom but how do you persevere even when you are not seeing the results you expect?

    • James, You question “how do you persevere even when you are not seeing the results you expect?”

      To preserve in difficult times empowers us even more. I would have to say the secret to perseverance is a positive attitude. We are all bound to have doubt at different times in our lives but remember all things that are good require work, growth, and patience. Just keep keeping on and you will come to the end of the rainbow.

  5. Well said. What I read was we have the power of choice. You ask the question ‘why’ You are right about stepping out of our comfort zone to gain our power. I found the article empowering just reading it. I too was reading a review and ran across WA. I hope to read more articles from your writings

    • Yes, Connie, absolutely we have the power to make choices. These choices, if made to improve our lives, can empower us. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and I will send you my new content each week. Thank you. 

  6. I like your explanation of empowerment. It gave me a different way of looking at it. It isn’t something that’s just happens. With the right tools you can develop it (at least that’s what I got from the reading). Wealthy Affiliate is a great set of tools for helping you get there. I’ve been with it for just over a year and my confidence and feelings of empowerment have gotten way better. I know now that with work I CAN do this…definitely worth checking out for anyone still sitting on the fence.

    • Tricia, You took away what I was attempting to convey. When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate no one has to sit on the fence because it is Free to take a look around and set up a website. So no need to wait. Take a test drive inside Wealthy Affiliate. I know they will love it. 


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