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What Is Bulletproof Profits About-Is It A Scam Or Not

What is bulletproof profits about? Is it a scam or not? This company claims you can make as much as $45,000 in 19 days and 1 million dollars in 6 months and it is accomplished in 15 minutes a day. Who do you know that has ever made that kind of money without doing any work or very little work?

These statements didn’t sit well with me. So, I dug deeper to determine if Bulletproof profits is a scam or not. The more videos I watched and the more I heard, the more my stomach turned over.

In this post, I want to clear up a few things about Bulletproof profits. And help you see this company for what they are. I will be covering

  1. What I found in the videos

  2. What this company has to offer

  3. My recommendations along with the red flags

  4. An alternative method to help with your financial concerns

Bulletproof Profits

Program name: Bulletproof profits

Founder: Justin Tyler

Price: $9

Recommended: NO and not only NO but ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

What Bulletproof Profits Is About And What Justin Says In The Videos

Bulletproofs Profits by Justin Tyler is a new offer on Clickbank. It is a system that declares you can make exorbitant amounts of money as soon as you start.

He states this business is an online goldmine. And the person watching the video is lucky to have the opportunity to view this video.

In the video, Justin makes claims of making an income of $2140 day for 15 minutes of work each day and $18,000 a day for 15 min of work a day. Also $45,000 in 20 days of work. These are just a few of the high-income profits revealed to the audience during the video.

But he does state that he doesn’t want to give an unrealistic view of the income you will earn. RIGHT!!! But he already has given us many silly quotes of salaries people have made. Do you know anyone who has made these types of incomes without doing any work or very little?

I think Justin has a low opinion of his elders. Here is what he said, “this system is so easy even a 65-year-old lady can make money” and “even an 87-year-old grandma can make money.” He also eludes many times that even an unintelligent person can make money.

I tend to find all of these statements offensive. I am 62 years old, but the difference between Justin and I are I make an honest living on the internet with affiliate marketing and sells through Amazon. I wonder how much money Justin makes?

I paid the $9 to see what Justin has to offer and to check the complete package out for you. How strange, in the first video Alex, Justin’s friend was the one who introduced him to Bulletproof profits, and in the second video, Justin introduced Alex to the system.

Here Comes The Upsells!

So here it comes. The upsells! Now you get to buy Bulletproof Turbo that is designed to make you money without doing any work. This upsell does all of the work for you.

Turbo upsell will only cost you the super low price of $197. WOW, that is a far cry more than the $9 that I just paid.

So pretty much what Justin is telling you is that what he originally sold you is not good enough and you will need to pay more money.

But again, he never tells you what you are buying or what the system will do except make you money without any work.

Now you get to make 1 million dollars in just 6 months.              

So I said NO to upgrade for $197. I then received an offer for the turbo at a $50 discount at $127. So I said NO to this.

I know $197 minus $50 is $147 but this is what they said, and this is the offer banner. Stange!

Next, I was given an offer to Bulletproof Profit Payday. But now Justin says if I purchase Bulletproof Profit Payday you will make money all the time even while you sleep. You don’t have to do anything.

So I said NO to the Bulletproof Payday and received a new offer the same product for $95.

This system will end up costing you $251 to $351 for what? I still don’t know what I would have purchased. Only that it has something to do with Amazon and a loophole Justin has discovered.

How Does Bulletproof Profits Really Work

list of lessons

Once I paid my $9, I accessed the instructions on how to make money in 60 seconds.

How ironic that it would say I can make money in 60 seconds when my instructions were 2 courses with a total of 17 videos and online modules for me to go through. All of these courses will take more than 60 seconds.

Boy, was I shocked when I saw the videos. Basically, Justin is teaching you how to have an online store on Amazon and how to set it up. Who wants to sell on Amazon and who can make thousands of dollars a day working 15 minutes a day? And what are you going to sell?

With no answers to all of theses questions, I was quite lost.

What is Bulletproof Profits About- A Scam Or Not?

So, in light of this information, Yes Bulletproof Profits is a SCAM.

Thumbs Down

There are numerous red flags. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Justin’s Bulletproof profits system.

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: this video has limited access and will be gone tomorrow (NOT true I checked)
  2. A play on your emotion: He talks about a high-income lifestyle, how you can only show love for your family if you have money, how your loved ones may die from cancer if you don’t have money,
    An example used in the first video; Justin states his boss fired him, and when he called his wife, she told him she has stage 3 lung cancer. Justin then said to his wife “Dear I will definitely work hard and make money to save you.” His friend Alex said “Justin I am so sorry, it must be hard, I can’t save Rachael, but I can show you how to make money” and then goes on to say he made $45,000 in 19 days. Justin later stated that because of all the money he is now making Rachael is alive today.
  3. Everything he says is “RIGHT NOW!” You have to act now, or the offer will disappear
  4. There is Very little information about how you will make this much money
  5. Numerous claims to earn a high dollar income 
  6. After the $9 purchase, there are upgrades that cost wayyy too much.
  7. The instructions after the $9 purchase do not match the profit income or the 15 minutes a day work schedule.
  8.  Claims to get rich quick with little to no work required. Do you really think this is possible?
  9. A statement the product is worth $1997, but you can purchase it for $9. Who offers that kind of a discount? NO ONE!!!

I do believe this product is a scam. It offers high income, a way to make it and never delivers on the statements. You will lose money if you sign up for Bulletproof profits.

The choice is ultimately yours, but all of the red flags are present.

My #1 Recommendation

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If you have questions or thoughts on what is BulletProof Profits about and is it a scam or not please take some time to leave a comment below in the comments section. I would love to hear from you and provide the answers to your questions.

The Laura Method

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18 thoughts on “What Is Bulletproof Profits About-Is It A Scam Or Not”

  1. Never heard about Bulletproof Profits, you have a great thought and great description about it, I kind of understand what is Bulletproof Profits, I like a very honest article, really enjoy! Thank you for this article makes me realize new and very helpful knowledge! This kind of article can really help people! Will share this to all of my friends!

  2. Hi! Thank you for reviewing Bulletproof Profits. I’m alarmed at seeing all these red flags. I honestly don’t like all that pressure: “Take action now because tomorrow will be too late”. And that’s actually not true!

    And not explaining clearly how Bulletproof Profits will earn us all this money is a common practice for scams. They take advantage of customers emotions.

    And the statement that’s really insane “This product regularly costs $1997, but you can take it now for $9.

    Well, that will not be me. Thank you!

    • Oh, I know what you are saying. Some will not know the red flags. Please share with anyone who may fall victim. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this article on bulletproof profits. Like seriously it is funny to read that all reps can make as I as 45000 dollars in 19 day and 1milion in 6 months. Hmmmm…there are just too many red flags in in bulletproof profits, another is 351 dollars price for a program that have no evidence of people being paid. I don’t have to waste my time on such a program. It is a pure scam. Thanks for sharing this article. Good job. 

  4. It sure seems the people producing these types of courses think they are selling these programs to those that don’t have common sense. Seriously if they say the program is worth so much then how can they give access into the program for just $9. That is ridiculous. The red flags are obvious and only those that are greedy and looking for quick money would fall for this.

    • Yes, the greedy may fall for this, but the desperate people who need money will also find it appealing. So I wanted to let those people know not to fall prey to scam programs. 

  5. We really do only those of you who put your time and money into researching these programs and sounding the alarm to the rest of us at the top of your voice so that more people do not fall for some the cheap or sophisticated scams.

    Its really bad of they are confused about who introduced who, to the Bulletproof profits. The red flags just seem too visible to ignore. I hope people read your review and avoid falling for this scam.

  6. Hello Laura, that was quite an interesting review. As I was reading through the write-up, I knew immediately that Bulletproof is a pure scam once I saw their claim of making $45000 in 19 days. The most annoying thing is the upsells, these guys are greedy and are always after the newbies to scam them of their money.

    I have often advised newbies in internet marketing that it is very important to always research on any product before purchasing. The red flags you listed are very well accurate. As I was reading your article, especially where they were offering discount offers, that is a perfect example of pressure sales.

    Thanks for aptly putting this review down, it will save some folks from being scammed.

    • Thank you so much. Those who research a company before they buy will be saved the headache of losing their money. I encourage everyone to research any and all companies before they put their hard earned money on the table. 

  7. How absolutely ridiculous that they literally tell you that you can make that much money so quickly.  It shouldn’t even be legal for them to lie like that and it just makes me so mad because there are a lot of people who will fall for their ridiculous upsells and sink way more than $9 into their nonsense.  You are right about the age thing, we’re too smart to fall for his lies which is why he has to insult us lol.  Great review – so happy you called out their lies.

    • Babsie, Yes it is ridiculous but these types of scams are so convincing. If someone was desperate and needed money quick they may fall for this type of scam. I guess it is OK for this guy to insult the few to gain the masses. 

  8. It really makes me sick how many low life scum scams are out there. The only ones making money off of that is themselves. It truly is sickening. It is a good a thing people like you are willing to spend your own money to check these places out and help people not be scammed. In addition, to showing them the most legit and affordable way to make an income.. Thank you for being there for humanity.

    • Thank you, Sara. I did feel that $9 I paid may save others from spending so much more. I just want to reach as many people as possible, and I want them to see the inner scam, so they do not fall victim. And yes Wealthy Affiliate is undoubtedly a legit company. But I also encourage everyone to research WA also. Always check a company out before giving money. 

  9. I always say this to anyone and I will continue to say it. Before you join and online platform or get any software or product online, make sure you read a review about someone that has used it and writes from experience. I don’t think bulletproof profits works for me as I don’t see them fulfilling what they promise


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