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How you design your website is personal. As a Free member you have a choice of 12 themes and as a premium member you may choose from 3000 themes. All of these themes are “mobile” ready with a design to match your niche website.

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Most domain registrars charge for what Wealthy Affiliate offers to it’s premium members free.

Wealthy Affiliate has a SiteSpeed fearture to increase the speed of your website. A fast website is a happy customer. 

A three-point protection layer is added to your website with the SiteProtection feature available to Premium members.

SiteHealth will help you track improvements with great efficiency. Also available to premium members.

We have a “comment exchange” platform to help you increase engagement. Available within Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

Receive feedback from within the community on the SiteFeedback platform. Feedback will allow you to efficiently improve your site design & conversions. Available with premium membership.

As a premium member would you like to become an expert in WordPress? WA offers hours of video training and 100’s of training modules for you to access and learn.

Google loves to rank a website with SSL.Here at Wealthy Affiliate SSL is included in the premium membership. Other places this service will typically cost you $50 per year, per domain.