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Virolink Review – This Software Is a Scam-Read All About It

Virolink is a new program released on June 10th, 2021, By Branson Tay. Branson says he can “viral blast” any link to get you free traffic in 27 seconds. Today we will do an in-depth Virolink review to see exactly what this program is.

We will also explore how Virolink operates and what they can offer you. Not to mention are the statements they make true?

Will Virolink benefit you, and did Branson Tay develop a program to generate the traffic you need?

Let’s take a closer look at Virolink. We will cover:

  1. Who is Branson Tay
  2. What is Virolink
  3. VirolinkReview
  4. Upsells
  5. Red flags and concerns
  6. PROS
  7. CONS
  8. Is Virolink A Scam?
  9. My recommendations regarding Virolink
  10. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: Virolink

Founder: Branson Tay

Price:  $17

Who Is Branson Tay?

Branson Tay is an affiliate marketer on YouTube and a so-called guru. He promotes different affiliate programs on YouTube and publishes a short video daily on how you can make $600 a day to $720 in 5 minutes.

bransen tay

Branson Tay does not have a good reputation. He promotes any program that will make him money, whether it makes you money or not. I found many, many articles and videos calling Branson Tay a scammer.

Branson has released a few programs like Skipperz and Morph but usually promotes other people’s programs. Many people like Branson on the internet are only out for the money and don’t care if what they promote is a scam.

The Laura Method

You see, when Branson promotes a product, and you pay for it, he makes a commission even if the program doesn’t work for you.

What Is Virolink?

Branson calls it the “world’s first viral traffic solution.” All I could really find on the sales page is that you put your link into the dashboard of Virolink, and your link is sent out to “4 Billions” of people. With this information or lack of it is time to dive deeper and review the entire Virolink software.


Virolink Review

Right at the beginning, I was very concerned about the Virolink program. There are Red Flags to look for in a newly launched program, and this one reeks of high flying Red Flags.

3 Easy Steps To Get Free Traffic

  1. Purchase the product-
  2. Enter a link- Any link you choose that you want the traffic to go (This takes 27 seconds or less …)
  3. Then just wait for the program to do its job and get you free buyer traffic-(Watch Sales Pouring In On Autopilot…)

The sales page doesn’t really say much more about the program. It does, however, talk about Branson’s sad life before he developed this program and how you can live an easy life by doing nothing.

The sales page goes on and on about what you won’t need and has numerous pictures of income people have made but no income statements to back up the claims.

Branson does say over and over that it is a one-time fee. BUT WAIT!!! Now we will talk about all of the upsells.

OTO Upsells

There is not much information on what each upgrade offers, so I will make an educated, experienced conclusion to help you understand each one better.

$17 Frontend Virolink- Basic program to put in links

OTO #1-$47 Virolink Unlimited– A promise of 100Xs the profit as the frontend Virolink

OTO #2-$197 Virolink Done-For-You– Virolink does all of the work for you.

OTO #3-$97 ViroLink – Monetization– Make profit from the traffic you get and sell high ticket programs for a $1000 a day payday

OTO #4- $147 ViroLink – Limitless Traffic– use their secret to make $400,000 in 4 months

You get a free step-by-step guide with videos.

Red Flags-Big Concerns

Before I even go into the Pros and Cons, I will list the Red Flags or big concerns about this program.

  • The program launched 5 hours ago, and there are already complaints about how the links do not work.
  • Repeatedly the sales page states, “A one-time fee of $17,” yet there are numerous upgrades that are not mentioned on the sales page.
  • Every scam seems to have a sob story, and this one is no different. Oh, Poor Branson, and what a hard life he has had “until he tried Virolinks.”
  • Promise to make high dollar income in a matter of minutes
  • 2 of the photos of the testimonials appear on Stock photos. Which means they are paid, actors.
  • High-pressure sales like, “this offer will expire in 20 minutes.”
  • Photos of income statements with no proof to back them up.
  • No experience is needed, but you will have to have a link to put in the dashboard. How can someone without experience have a full website?
  • You pay for upgrades that the sales page says are included in the basic $17 package.
  • Branson is inconsistent in what is free, what is in the basic package, and what is part of an upgrade.
  • Very little information on how the program works
  • The promise of $400,000 in 4 months
  • Play on your emotions that elude that you can sit on the beach while you make money.

WOW! It feels like there are more Red Flags here than there are people in New York City. Yes, that is an exaggeration but just look at all of these concerns.


  • I can’t tell you that I found any Pros in this program.


  • Branson is not honest with you
  • He is out to gain money at your expense
  • Branson makes his living promoting several scams, so it is no wonder he has now made one of his own.

Is Virolink A Scam?

Yes, Virolink is a scam. A scam is a fraudulent practice and claiming accomplishments that a person does not have. Fraud is also a deceptive act. It looks like Virolink falls into this category. Virolink does not work according to the “School Of Nomads” Video on YouTube, where he tests the product right there on his video.

Virolink review pin

My Recommendations Regarding Virolink?

I Recommend you stay away from Virolink. Free traffic is a no, no according to the Google algorithm. There is no way a program can send you targeted specific traffic in the “4 Billions,” and all of them will want to make a purchase from your link.

No one can make a living and live an easy lifestyle by sitting on the beach. All things in life require work. Even Branson had to work to make this program to scam you.

I have been harsh on Branson’s software because I am tired of people creating scams to take your hard-earned money. It is wrong and gives me the creeps.

Please note that this review is my opinion. But I have reviewed many programs like this one, and they all have the same Red Flags. I am an experienced affiliate marketer and have worked on the internet for a few years and learned from the best.

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