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VidCommissions-Can You Make $1000 a day Or Is This Another Scam?

Today we will look at VidCommissions $1000 a day claim. This offer is chock full of Red Flags. I will say upfront that this offer is not genuine, and I do consider it a scam.

I didn’t want you to take a look at the beginning and think I endorse Vidcommissions. Actually, the further into the sales page I got, the more upset I became. Glynn is playing on you to make money for himself.

Let’s move forward here so I can show you what I am talking about and you can see it for yourself.

Today I will cover:

  1. What I found on the sales page
  2. What Vid Commissions has to offer you
  3. My recommendations
  4. Red flags


Program name: VidCommissions

Founder: Glynn Kosky

Price: as high as $630

Recommended: NO and not only NO but ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Who Is Glynn Kosky

Vid Commissions is a product of Glynn Kosky. Glen has produced other products such as CB Profit Sites, Affiliates Pro, and Traffic Multiplier. If you search each one of these for reviews, you will find that Glynn has a habit of producing products that are money-making for him but do not beneficial the person who gives their hard-earned money to join.

Glynn is promoting a product he created for you to use videos made by others on a sales page to earn money.

The Laura Method

There are creative commons videos that are free to use. Glynn has tapped into these videos for you to put on a website you set up within his platform.

He is also offering email traffic for you to send out information to the people on the list.

What I Found On The Sales Page

screen shot of vid commissions sales page top

Right off the bat, he starts with the offer of a completely DFY (Done For You) promise stating everything is on autopilot, and it is a secret plan to get you traffic. But not only that, you have only a limited time frame to purchase before the price goes up.

Pressure sales are an old tactic to get you to pay money, thinking you are getting a great deal. Some wouldn’t even read further for fear the price will go up.

He goes on to say it is ridiculously easy. You just buy Vidcommissions, login, and make money. Now, don’t you think that if it were that easy, no one would be working and everyone would be wealthy? Anything that “easy” is not real.

He directs the product toward newbies. Those who do not know or understand affiliate marketing and have been looking to start an online business. The person just like you who needs money fast to pay the bills and think that Glynn can help them.

It is a “beginner-friendly & EFFECTIVE” income-generating platform. I was a beginner a couple of years ago, and I had no idea how to set up a website so how can vidcommissions be for beginners.

So when I looked at what you the beginner has to do to create a site on his platform, I was appalled. First, you have to have an understanding of the terminology. Then you have to understand blocks, and where to put them into a page you create. Do you know what I am saying here? His site is not a beginner-friendly setup. But he wants to target the newbie who doesn’t understand internet marketing.

easy for a newbie

Glynn shows you a rolling view of the income others are making using Vidcommissons Incomes that no one can verify. We can’t even prove these are not prefabricated incomes. There is no proof.

Then he shows you two people on the beach having a great time while their site makes money. They don’t have to do a thing except spend the money. The only thing that allows that is to win the lottery.

From there, the pressure sales increase, and he continues to play on your emotions. He wants you to believe that you can make money, and he wants you to think that working for an income is the devil.

He goes on to list the drawbacks of work and setting up a website to make a lucrative passive income, such as; it is tedious work, complicated, and way too expensive. These are all false statements.

I am an affiliate marketer, and yes, it does take some effort, but it is your website to keep forever. Someone else does not own and control your site. Your site makes money for you, not for someone else.

By now, I am sure you see where I am going with this review. But let’s go further to get a better grip on the situation.

What Does VidCommissions Have To Offer You?

I checked out vidcommissions before the launch. You can offer all of these upsells if You promote Glynn’s product. When you pay your money and go inside the platform, you will get the opportunity to pay anywhere from $362 to $592 so that you can get all of what Glynn has promised, and then he says you will make easy money.

Throughout the video and sales page promoting vidcommissions, Glynn or whoever is promoting this product at the time tells you:

  1. The whole Vidcommissions system is a “done for you” system only if you upgrade of $97-$67.
  2. You will get unlimited traffic only if you upgrade of $97-$67.
  3. You will make 30K per month only if you upgrade of $67-$47.
  4. You can become a super affiliate and earn more money only if you upgrade of $67-$37.
  5. And you can sell your website anytime you like (making it look like you own your site) only if you upgrade to $197-$97.

They promised all of this to you, so why do you have to keep paying more money to make easy money? All of this money goes into Glynn’s pocket and the ones who are helping to promote VidCommissions for him. You will pay him all of your money and get nothing in return.

How can I say you will get nothing in return? Because your website is supposed to make you money when you send out spam emails begging or manipulating others to buy your stuff or posting on social media.

You would have to have 5000 followers or more to reach even a few when you promote on social media.

So enough of this, I think you understand by now why VidCommissions is a scam. The world is full of different types of scams. VidCommissions is just one of the many out there today.

There are many red flags to look out for.

4 red flags

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: Act fast, or the price will increase every hour.
  2. A play on your emotion: Talk of life on the beach and living the laptop lifestyle.
  3. Everything is a “done for you” offer with Vidcommissions. Which indicates you don’t have to do anything. But on the inside, you have to set everything up before you can begin.
  4. It is easy money. 3 simple steps, buy it, log in, and start making money.
  5. The promise of 180 days guarantees money back. I am sure there is a catch to this; like most scams, no one calls you back once you pay your money.
  6. It is for the stone-cold newbie without any online experience. Does someone without any online experience know what an Optimized landing page is or how to monetize your website, scale your website, or customize a website?
  7. Nowhere does it say the price until you click on the” buy it now” call to action tab

Can you see all the red flags now that I have pointed them out? Can we really make easy money?  I am always here to assist you with your questions. Please leave the questions and comments in the comments section below. I will be back with you ASAP.

My Recommendation Regarding Vidcommissions

In light of my review I cannot recommend Vidcommissions for anyone. Please be safe and steer clear of this program.

The Laura Method

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