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Udemy Review 2019

Udemy targets professional adults and students. In this Udemy review 2019 I will take a look at who will benefit form the courses. 

Udemy has more than 50,000 instructors who offer courses over 60 languages and over 30 million students.

Udemy is not only for the individual learner but of the Fortune 100 companies 80% use Udemy for employee upskilling 

Udemy is not accreditated. The courses you take can not go toward college credits. 

But courses about your work may look good on a resume. Udemy courses can point to self-improvement and continued education.

In this review of Udemy, I will review the consumer side and not the instructor’s side to determine if Udemy is for beginners in business.

Udemy Review 2019

Can you learn what you need to know to operate a business? Preferably an online business.

I will be covering;

  1. What Is Udemy?
  2. About The courses
  3. How Does Udemy Benefit You?
  4. How To Determine A Good Course
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. My recommendations


Program name: Udemy

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA CEO: Gregg Coccari (Feb 5, 2019–) Founded: 2009 Founders: Gagan Biyani, Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar Price: individual courses for $10 and up. Recommended: Yes, absolutely!
Unlock opportunity. Do anything with the right skills. Courses as low as $11.99.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy was founded in 2009 by Gagan Biyani, Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, in Silicon Valley.

Their mission states they want to help people improve their lives with learning.

They offer a wide variety of courses. The top categories according to Udemy are;

screenshot of Udemy
  • Development
  • Business
  • IT and Software
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Photography
  • Music

I prefer to group all headings  into two categories. 

  1. Life Skills
  2. Business
diagram of icons under each Udemy coarse

About The courses

Each instructor creates and owns their course and submits it to Udemy for you to choose.

From my research, I understand there are guidelines for each instructor to follow, so the courses all follow the same format. They can choose what they upload in the form of videos, slides, text, and other resources.

 Each instructor is evaluated by those who take their course.

And each course has icons associated with it to help you better know what is in that particular course.

How Does Udemy Benefit You?

I completed extensive research with an open mind on what Udemy can offer you. I have watched other reviews and seen many that are a lot like others. 

words my honest review on blue and white background

Mine will be a bit different than those who have come before me. I love to learn, and I love diversity. 

Udemy offers both of these benefits. And just like any program, you will find the good and the bad. I will give you my opinion of each in the pros and cons below. 

Udemy offers courses for you to take at your leisure, at your will, and when you choose all online. 

Let’s talk about Life Skills courses. I was quite impressed. There is an extensive line of personal growth and personal development. 

I looked at some of the courses and was very pleased with the way they are set up. 

I want to move on and talk about business courses. Some are exceptional, and some are great for fill-ins, meaning to supplement the knowledge you already have. 

Udemy offers 3,500+ courses for business building. Like any other wise company, they bring new content that meets the needs of the consumer. 

brain on black background

I have experience in affiliate marketing, and I have found some courses at Udemy that I believe enhanced and supplement my continued education. 

I like the individual training on powerpoint, and I want to learn how to flip domains. But the complete courses on Affiliate Marketing and how to be a successful entrepreneur. I don’t believe it will be the proper training for a beginner. 

As a beginner, I needed extensive step-by-step training on how to do it well and become successful. 

But please do not get me wrong. I do like Udemy for so many of their courses. I love to learn, and not one platform can have everything one needs to continue to grow. 

But in the beginning, as a new business, it is so easy to quit and walk away if you don’t have complete training and excellent support. 

Udemy offers incredible continuing education courses for businesses to further their employees’ education. The cost is a fraction of what a company would have to pay a full-time employee to develop this type of training. 

How To Determine A Good Course

I do a lot of reviews, and I read a lot of reviews. I check a review for everything I purchase from Amazon to $1000 courses. 

If three or more reviews say, don’t do it, and I can’t find that many to dispute it, then I do not purchase it. 

I also set my standards high and only purchase items with a 4.5 out of 5.o customer rating. Customers are your most honest way to find the truth. 

I want to give you some pointers on how you can make sure a course on Udemy is a good one and worth your time and money. 

  1. Look for a 4.5-star rating and stick to only those. The consumer writes reviews on each course. When you find a 4.5 or 5.0-star rating, read the reviews to make sure they are of value and useful. 
  2. Look at the bio of each instructor. You can see this by clicking on the instructor’s photo or profile. See what credentials and experience they have. 
  3. With Udemy, you are allowed to take a sample course before you pay for it. Always check it out before you spend your hard-earned money. 
  4. And If you do pay for a course that was not a good one, Udemy has a money-back policy. Check it out here. 


  1. A 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. You can preview any course they offer before you purchase.
  3. The consumer rates the instructor for you to view.
  4. You can take as long as you like to complete a course after you purchase it. 
  5. Udemy is the largest online learning platform with a vast library of training to choose informative courses. 
  6. The courses are an excellent way to enhance your knowledge base. 
  7. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses to offer continuing education to their employees.


  1.  Udemy offers some university-type education but is not accredited.
  2. The courses list for $100 to $195.00 and up, but Udemy says they are giving you a considerable discount. So if the course you want to take is more than $12 to $20, give it a day or so, and when you return, it will have a discounted price. 
  3. Some courses say they are complete courses to learn affiliate marketing, but not all are appropriate for a beginner. 

My Recommendations For Udemy

Thumbs Up

Udemy is not a scam, and I do endorse it with a thumbs up. Everything in life has its good and bad points. You can see that the pros outweigh the cons. I love to learn, and I will be using some of the supplemental courses to continue my education.

My #1 Recommendation

At the top of this article, you see a box with an eBook. Suppose you want to learn more about setting up a business online and use Udemy to supplement your education; just put in your email address and download my book. I talk all about affiliate marketing. Once you finish that, I will break it all down for you and send you weekly emails with information on how to get started. You can earn a passive income online from home.

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  1. The Laura MethodAn In-Depth, Step-By-Step Masterclass
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  2. Hi,

    Udemy sounds awesome! I have been thinking about joining Udemy as there is so much I want to learn but don’t have any courses or evening classes near me. I really want to learn a different language, in particular, Spanish, and I have used Duolingo, which is fairly good, but I am more of a watch and listen, learner, rather than read.

    There are so many courses on Udemy that you can literally learn anything. Thanks for putting this review out there, I’m definitely going to sign up now!


    • Hi Tony, Yes, you can just sign into Udemy and search for almost anything. The courses are presented in a different format. You can find one that has a video to match your learning needs. 

  3. Hello Laura,

    Some time ago I bought several courses on Udemy. Some courses are high-level training.

    You can also contact the teacher. I have never requested the money back because I understand that the prices have been very low for me.

     As you say, there is also the possibility of creating courses for them having to meet specific requirements. 

    Udemy was never a scam. 

    Thank you!

    • No Udemy is not a scam. You do have to check out the courses to make sure they are of high quality. You can find almost anything you need. 

  4. Excellent article, thank you.  I wouldn’t have thought Udemy would be great for beginners, so I have to agree with you there.  But for someone to supplement their knowledge and skills, or learn something new related to their business or skillset, it is an absolutely amazing resource.  I love the idea of Udemy and plan to use it eventually, but have no plans to do so at this time.  But it’s great. Thanks again!

  5. One of the best things about the internet is that you can learn anything under the sun for free or at a low cost. Udemy and the other MOOC providers are a considerable part of that. Even though they’re not accredited, the knowledge is certainly worth having, and they do sometimes provide a certificate that shows that you took the course.

    • Yes, we can gain incredible knowledge if we look for it. Udemy has excellent prices on so many things to increase our learning ability. 


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