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The Power Lead System – Turnkey or MLM-Is It A Scam?

The Powe Lead System is a turnkey system and has chosen to promote its product with the MLM pyramid system. I have done a lot of research on this system. Why? I spent at least an hour trying to find the real name.  I’ll give you all of the names later. I think the person who sent me the email is not quite sure what this system is. 

We will talk more about my concerns about The Power Lead System a bit later. Right now I will give you a run down of:

  1.  What did the videos tell me
  2. What can The Power Lead System offer you
  3. What are my recommendations and are there any red flags
  4. My #1 Recommendation

The Power Lead System

Program Name: The Power Lead System

Founder: Michael Price and Neil Guess

Price: $30 a month and $23.95 to be an affiliate. But wait till you see the upsells.

Recommended: I don’t recommend this company but not because it is a scam but instead because of the way they choose to promote their product. 

What Did The Videos Tell Me?

The power lead system started as an enigma to me. When I closed the video and clicked on the link again, I did find the real name. Here is a list of the names in the first video. 

  • Turnkey
  • Business Badass Blueprint
  • The Secret Blueprint
  • 24/7 viral cash machine
  • 24/7 viral cash system
  • Get Paid With Us

I looked up every one of these titles, and they dated back to 2015. Naturally, I began to wonder if this was a scam. 

Later I realized the person sending me the email wanted me to sign up under him. 

A guy named Chris

Here is a photo of the guy promoting The Power Lead System. I am not sure his name is Chris, but that is what I will call him because that is what the email URL said. “Get Paid Like Chris” So for today, this guy is Chris.

The Laura Method

The videos begin with Chris, who is a person promoting The Power Lead System. Then Chris turns the platform over to videos developed by The Power Lead System.

I began the videos very confused because of the numerous possible names for this company. It wasn’t until I went back to the original email and clicked on the link again that I found a different video telling me the real name. 

Every time I thought I found a name I would google it and see a review on a different scam. 

I don’t know if the company set it up this way or if Chris did. Regardless of who did I feel it was poor advertising for a company that may not be a scam. 

The videos spend more time explaining the MLM pay system than they do telling us about the product they are offering. 

The Power Lead System product image

What Is An MLM System?

A condensed version is, you buy into a company and convince others to also buy into the same company. You earn an income off of what your down-line people sell. 

The Power Lead System has chosen to promote its product with the MLM system. I am not a lover of this system. You will have to harass your friends and families as well a send out spam emails to everyone you know and don’t know. To me, this is not a good business practice. 

What Can The Power Lead System Offer You?

The Power Lead System offers a program for you to promote to;

a list of what power lead system offers
  • Network Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Top-Tier Marketers
  • Internet Entrepreneurs

The system is like a funnel program. You receive templates and training showing you how to promote your affiliate links and earn traffic for your business to your website.

In other words, it is a do it yourself training course to help you grow an email list of potential consumers for your niche.

There are many programs of this type on the market today and I have reviewed so many. 

The central part of this program is the MLM tier system. You can become an affiliate of this company and sell their product, but you have to pay $23.95 to affiliate and make a commission. A real affiliation does not cost the promoter a thing. 



The upsells are horrendous. You do get a free 7-day trial, but at the end of this trial, your credit card will have charges of $1328.00

I mean, please, give me a break! This is ridiculous! But I do have to say it was not clear if you pay this money or if this is the program you are selling. Either way, this is a lot of money.

There are some red flags in the promotional area. I will list these for you. 

Red Flags

  1. The cost to be an affiliate – A good affiliate program does not require you to pay to become affiliated with them.
  2. The choice of promotion – I do not like the MLM system. You have to harass your friends and family to buy into the system to make money. And you make most of your money off of your downline. 
  3. The horrendous amount of money the system charges. 
  4. They repeatedly claim that you can make tons of money. But they also have a statement that says “they do not say you will earn any money.” Contradictory.
  5. I found six different names for one company before I found the correct name.

I do not believe this product is a scam. It is a turnkey system which means it is a ready to use funnel system for your customers. It may be a good product because the founders are reputable. But it is an MLM selling system. 

You are welcome to try if you believe in MLM companies. But remember you should not have to pay to be an affiliate partner.

My Recommendations

Thumbs Down

I do not believe The Power Lead System is a scam. But I would not recommend it because of the high price and the way they have chosen to promote their product.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “The Power Lead System – Turnkey or MLM-Is It A Scam?”

  1. Hello Laura, Thank you for a refreshing new article about an old product that has been around for
    a while! You are correct about it being offered in 2016 as “24/7 Viral
    Cash Machine”! I can’t find a receipt, but I am certain that I purchased
    this! One of the many things I wasted money on with no understanding of needed
    traffic! After studying at Wealthy Affiliate I know the low promise of this
    product, but I didn’t know in 2016! Neil Guess and Michael Price created it in
    2015, and are still profiting on it now in 2019! Janice 2019 😊🌷

    • Janice thank you for your confirmation of the history on this product. I am so sorry you lost money on this. I can tell you that I have lost my fair share of money on scams also until I found Wealthy Affiliate. My loss is one of the reasons I want to inform others. Your input here has been very valuable. 

  2. Awesome post. I heard about the Power Lead System but had absolutely no idea about their services. After reading your article I came to know it’s nitty gritty and I’m glad that I never became interested in trying it.

    Your analysis is well detailed and comprehensive. A newbie needs to know just this much information before the purchase decision. Their upsells seems terrible!! Thanks for suggesting your number 1 recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate is the most trustworthy platform recommended by top well known online marketers.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. I truly appreciate your efforts for your readers.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. The power lead system has a good idea but a bad way to deliver the idea. Please feel free to share if you know someone that may benefit from this information. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start and grow an affiliate marketing business. Especially for newbies. 

  3. Awesome post cautioning the world about the program called The Power Lead System. Boy oh boy, what sort of horrendous upsell. I don’t know if I have ever heard of a credit card charge that vast immediately after finishing the free trial. That is simply ridiculous!

    Surely sounds like something to keep far away form. My shiny object sydrome did not feel tempted after reading your well-crafted article. Awesome post!

    • Ben, our shiny object syndrome does get in the way sometimes. I am happy to defer it this time with this information. 

  4. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your article. Products such as this one really do have a kind of fishy feeling and are always good to trust your guts about these kinds of things. The upsells are definitely too much as I’m sure that you can get all the info that is in the power lead system at a much less costly price. Thanks for this enlightening review.

    • Alex, You are welcome. I am happy to help. Wealthy Affiliate is a  better way and definitely more trustworthy than this system. Thanks for your input. 


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