Affiliate Marketing-The Number One How To-Secret

Affiliate marketing is a sophisticated online job. So I bet you are wondering how is it possible to have the number one how to secret regarding Affiliate Marketing. 

There are many steps to a successful online Affiliate marketing business but only one secret that incorporates the whole picture.

The number one how to secret of affiliate marketing is; are you ready? Drum roll; 

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online.

To begin and to run an Affiliate Marketing business, there are several things you will need in conjunction with mindset. I will list each one and incorporate why the number one how to secret is the leader of the pack.

Yes, mindset. Mindset is a fixed state of mind. How you think, act, react, and play everything out in your mind can determine the future of your whole internet business. It is imperative to keep a positive entrepreneur mindset at all times. 

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most respected website building platforms in the world. Today, while I speak of the number one how to secret of affiliate marketing my reference point, will be Wealthy Affiliate. 


You will need some tools to create your affiliate marketing business.

  1. Website-This tool is the easiest of them all. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a website in less than 3 minutes. You will have over 3000 themes to choose from to build a beautiful profit ready site
  2. Content-A webpage needs to have content. These are in the form of blog posts to inform your readers of your niche and what products you have for them. 
  3. Keyword research-you will need a way to find keywords that Google will like and place your content at the top of page one on its search engine. When you are at the top when people search for what you have, they will find you first.
  4. SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a process of setting up your website and posts for the best visibility when someone searches for what you have to offer

As you can see, this can be a daunting process if you don’t have the right platform with the right tools. It will take the secret mindset to dive into this process, knowing you will come out ahead. 

If you go into this endeavor believing you will fail you will. But if you set your mind to learn all you can you will succeed. 

cartoon characters with tools


 With the proper tools that you need to start your business, you now require a knowledge base to put them into action. I found this knowledge in training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

I stepped inside the platform FREE and began setting up my business. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that I wanted to do affiliate marketing full time from home.  

I had a website that I set up by watching a youtube video, but that is as far as I could go. I wrote poems and blog posts (not good content), but I didn’t know anything about SEO, keyword research, or what it meant to write proper content. 

I had a mindset to succeed, and I didn’t care how long it took to get there. 

If I had given up before I found Wealthy Affiliate and assumed a defeated mindset, I would have never realized that the number one how to secret of Affiliate Marketing is the proper mindset. 

I would have continued to use companies who took my money, and I would have eventually given up. But I didn’t give up. Even when the learning curve was tremendous, I still kept a positive, go-getter mindset.  

I am an entrepreneur, which means I think outside the box and seek out information to create my business.


The support you receive will play a significant role in how your mind perceives your business. I am not saying it is the responsibility of another person to keep your mindset positive, but I am saying it is easier to focus on your business when you have live support. 

At Wealthy Affiliate the support you get is 24/7/365 in the form of live chat, questions asked of a community of experienced affiliate marketers and the support of your mentor and coach. 

I was a member of one site where you had to submit a ticket and wait 24 hours to receive an answer.

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Support leads us back to mindset. If you are looking for the answer to a question, but you don’t get the one you wanted, how will you react? 

A mindset of a business owner realizes that constructive criticism is an avenue to learning. A healthy support system can guide you in the right direction if your mind allows it, and you are open to thinking outside the box. 


Any business you start requires focus. You have to set your goals and follow them regardless of what distractions may come your way. 

There are things in my business that I enjoy more than others. I find it easy to let my mind wander when I am trying to complete a task that is less enjoyable to me. 

hand with focus on it

What would happen if I let this occur? I would have half of a website that would not be beneficial to me or anyone else. 

If every time I set down to write a post I decided to go for a walk or do the dishes or watch TV, I would never have one post on my site. I would never reach those who want and need what I have to offer. 

When I start my day and week and month, I set goals, write them down, and check them off as I complete them. I keep my mind focused on what is at hand, and I don’t allow distractions to deter me. 

Strong focus is the action of an entrepreneur mindset with a desire to grow, learn, and succeed. If you want to be successful, you will set your mind to focus regardless of what else you can find to do.


The definition of perseverance is; continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. WOW, this is powerful. 

Perseverance is a mindset of its own. The definition states that it is a continued effort despite all things.  You keep going even when the road ahead is foggy, and you can’t see which direction you are going. 

When you persevere the fog will clear, and you will see a clear direction. But if you did not set your mind to think positive and outside the box as an entrepreneur would you may have sat down and waited for the fog to clear and it could have been too late to move forward. 


Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone. The faint of heart will want to see results right away. The impatient person will quit right before the breakthrough. 

Patience is to work diligently, push on, grow, learn, and set your mind to see the destination ahead. 

If you let your emotions control your mind, you will fail. The only way to fail at Wealthy Affiliate is to quit. 

You have to set your mind to keep going no matter what others say,  or what a lousy day may have in store for you. Your mind is the number one secret to achieving success in affiliate marketing. 

You have to think like an entrepreneur, which is one who organized, manages, and assumes the risks of a business. 

dove in blue shy

With all that I have learned about becoming an entrepreneur and affiliate marketing over the past few years I have set up a series of emails to help you also learn affiliate marketing. 

Click on the eBook, take a look at it and you will get my training each week along with the ability to email me with questions. It’s a great way to get information for a better understanding of affiliate marketing. 

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing-The Number One How To-Secret”

  1. Hi Laura,
    I think you have it right, Mindset is key to success. And with all the tools you use, I don’t think anyone could not be inspired. You are very gracious to help coach others on their journey, and give them the help they need. Others would try to sell everyone a product and claim they need it to become successful. After reading this post, I have no doubt you are achieving your own success through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Thank you for sharing your number one secret! And reminding everyone to keep going no matter what!

    • Chas, I am so happy you agree with me that mindset is the key to success. I am happy I have inspired many. I can’t thank you enough for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate you.

  2. This is a great how to, I like how you have kept it clean an honest. Not like many other blogs out there that claim how to do affiliate marking is easy as copy and paste. bla bla.

    Wealthy Affiliate has been providing excellent training since 2005 which counts for a lot. 

    All the best Rob

    • Thank you, Rob, Affiliate marketing is not hard work but it is work just like any other job. It does take time, focus and perseverance to create an authority site. 

      Wealthy Affiliate does teach everything one needs to know and has incredible support. 

  3. Thank you for sharing the secret of affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, it is really important for me. I should have a proper mindset to become an online entrepreneur and also relevant knowledge. I  became a premium member in wealthy affiliate last month so I am still learning. Thanks for sharing your thought. This article is really helpful for me. 

    • You are welcome. If you started one month ago then you have not had time to grasp the proper mindset. It will come and when it does you will break through and soar. It all takes time and yes learning. 


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The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...