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The Great Heist – A Global Financial Crisis Or Scam?

What is The Great Heist? I received an email in my spam folder with an offer to join The Great Heist. I did watch the video, and I joined this click bank offer for $9. 

Right off the bat, I was skeptical because the video was 3 minutes of telling me what a lousy state the world is in and how everyone is losing their jobs and families. 

It stated in several words that The Great Heist is the solution to all of my money problems. It was a different approach. Most scams approach from the I can solve your problem side, but The great Heist came in on the side of fear. They produce fear in their audience to get you to join The Great Heist. 

Let’s take a closer look at what this company has to offer. We will talk about:

  1. What does The Great Heist say?
  2. What can The Great Heist offer you?
  3. My recommendations for The Great Heist
  4. Red Flags
  5. My #1 recommendation

The Great Heist

Program name: The Great Heist

Founder: unknown (it never mentions who the owner is)

Price: $9 for a limited time + $37 a month + $197 one time fee + another $97 one time fee

Recommended: NO!!! The Great Heist is without a doubt a SCAM

What does The Great Heist say?

The Great Heist is a new offer on click bank and appropriately named in my opinion. It is The Great Heist to take your money. 

We do not ever find out who owns this business, which is odd. Not knowing sends warning signals up my spine. If they can’t tell us the name of a person, then it doesn’t sound honest to me. 

The Laura Method

It begins with a 3-minute video that set fear in the viewer. A voice talks as if the world will end today if you do not join this company. He states

  • A global financial crisis is on the verge of rearing its ugly head in 2019
  • Have you ever seen an X on a treasure map
  • If you play your cards right in just 3 minutes and 28 seconds, you can claim your rightful share of what history will look back on as……The Great Heist
  • This is the closest thing to “PRINTING MONEY” we may see for the next decade.
  • Jobs are being slashed left, right, and center.
  • Families are being torn apart.

There are many more statements like these, but this was enough for me to see the intention of the video. The speaker intends to frighten you into joining The Great Heist. 

He goes onto say The Great Heist is a messenger based marketing rapid profits company. What this means I do not know yet. But it sounds like a big company. RIGHT?

What Can The Great Heist Offer You?

Right out of the shoot The Great Heist can offer you an upgrade for $197 one time fee. With this upgrade, you will receive the Culb Heist Priority Lounge. With promises to make up to  $5,628.32 – in a SINGLE AFTERNOON.

In the video, before I paid my $9, I was promised two free months to the Club Heist, but there was no mention of Club Heist Priority Lounge.

If you choose to upgrade which is only offered this one time and will not be available if you don’t take it now you will receive;

  • Profit-producing materials before anyone else 
  • Wealth generation strategies
  • Club Heist software automation suite

It never once tells us what these three offers are. The words sound good, but what comes with the words? We don’t know. 

So, I turned down the offer and went onto the next step. Which is another offer to upgrade? But we find out a bit more. It talks about cryptocurrency. The person is going to give me $30,000 in cryptocurrency to use on a calendar basis to earn money.

But it’s not free at all because it will cost you another $147 to receive the millionaire cryptocurrency coins calendar. 

Cryptocurrency News

Just a few days ago it was announced that Mark Zuckerberg is setting into motion to make all transactions on Facebook cryptocurrency by the year 2020. I can’t help but think that The Great Heist is playing off of the fear about cryptocurrency to make big bucks for himself with this scam. 

Here is a quote about cryptocurrency;

“Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.” – Thomas Carper, US-Senator

Back To The Great Heist Offer

Once again as I continued my review, I said no to the cryptocurrency millionaire calendar upgrade which took me to next upgrade for $97 a one time fee for the  Heist eCommerce Profiteers Society.

The eCommerce Profiteers Society will teach me how to sell products on Amazon. I can go straight to Amazon to learn this. I don’t need to pay this person $97 to learn it. 

So again I said no to the upgrade. And finally, I am taken to what I purchased for $9. 

What I find is a download to information from the China Secret by Rob Walter. The china secret is a scam exposed at the end of 2018. It appears that whoever is running The Great Heist is taking a spin-off of the scam The China Secret. 

No way do I want to or do I recommend you to fall for this scam again. 

The next step is the cryptocurrency coins. I received a document explaining what an airdrop cryptocurrency is, along with instructions on how to set this all up to airdrop the $30,000 in cryptocurrency into my account for me to draw out. 

NO WAY!!! That is all I have to say on this one. NO WAY!!!

Next is the eCommerce section, which states that E-Commerce is everything from Shopify, to selling on Amazon or eBay, to dropshipping and so much more. 

In this section, I can again learn how to sell on Amazon, with the same instructions as above. 

I receive information on drop shipping and where I can apply my new knowledge to earn money. I have had enough of this scam. 

I can research any of the above information and learn it directly from a retailer. 

Basically, The Great Heist is not offering me anything of value that I can not obtain elsewhere for free. 

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: Everything will disappear soon, and if you don’t take the offer NOW it will not be available later. 
  2. A play on your emotion: The video strikes fear into the viewer. It sounds like the world is going to end tomorrow if you do not act NOW.
  3. You receive very little to no information on how you will earn money.
  4. Claim that if you upgrade you can earn up to  $5,628.32 – in a SINGLE AFTERNOON
  5. After the $9 purchase, the upgrades keep coming.
  6. There are duplicated copies of the same information from a previous scam, and most of it is obtainable for free on the internet.
  7. The person wants to give you cryptocurrency to invest according to a calendar he has set up.
  8. The red flags are just like all of the other scams on the market today
  9. We never do find out who is behind The Great Heist. Too many secrets for me.

In my opinion, The Great Heist is a scam. It is a duplicate and repeat of a scam exposed in late 2018. 

My Recommendations For The Great Heist

100% thumbs down and yes The Great Heist is a SCAM!

Thumbs Down

There are way too many red flags. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from The Great Heist because the only thing they are going to heist is your hard earned money.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “The Great Heist – A Global Financial Crisis Or Scam?”

  1. Hi Laura, thank you for exposing the scam behind the Great Heist. 
    As you mention, there are so many red flags.  For me, personally, I hate it when I am bombarded with up-sells, they are so incredibly annoying.  Cryptocurrency in itself is not a scam, however, like everything else internet based, you have to know how to market it and find a following to buy your cryptocurrency from you. Do you have any cryptocurrency experience? 

    You mention Wealthy Affiliate and that you are prepared give personal coaching, now that is priceless. Most people, myself included, are clueless when they start looking at online opportunities, so to have opportunities investigated for us and so well researched is a great service.  I recommend that people always check for reviews on any online opportunity. 

    Thank you, Denise.

    • Denise, I do not have experience with cryptocurrency. The part of the quote by Thomas Carper that I identify with is “struck fear among others.” My fear is biblically related from the book Revelations. I am not looking forward to the changes Facebook will be making. 

      I am always happy to review scams. I hate to see people lose their hard earned money trying to make a living. 

      Yes, I do give personal coaching to all on Wealthy Affiliate. That is what we all do in this incredible community. 

  2. very helpful website! Before I became a premier member with Wealthy Affiliate, I came across many scams. I had the same issue searching online for a good website to start my online business. until I finally found the wealthy Affiliate platform, It is the best platform to learn how to build a website from scratch. They offer the best support system to help their members with everything they need. 

    • Sam, I am so happy you are here at Wealthy Affiliate. You are right! Wealthy Affiliate is the very best platform across the globe. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment. 

  3. Hi, Laura, This sounds like a Scam alright. They are everywhere online and thank you for sharing this with me and all your visitors.

    Using fear to get someone to join something is hideous and I can’t wait to read that this fool has been shut down.

    Your recommendation is something that is worthy of everyone’s attention and I so glad you mention it in here Laura, so people get something positive to join from this review.

    The Great Heist- That says scam right from the get-go – you are great at delivering the facts- Awesome

    • Vicki, It is my pleasure to share. I know what you mean about the name. Why would someone name a reputable business something like this? But this one is not reputable! 

      Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is reputable and honest. You might like to check it out. Just step inside and sign up FREE. 

      See you inside. 


  4. Thank you very much for reviewing the great heist. My mom got a similar email and she almost signed up because of the fear induced from that fraud video. I told her to hold up and fortunately, I found your review here. I agree that this program is very mysterious because they don’t really tell anything about how we make money, and their background is also a big mystery. I will check your recommendation instead. Thanks

    • Oh My Goodness, I am so glad you found my review. She would have lost her money for sure. Fear and manipulation are strong motivators. 

      Please do take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. You mom would enjoy the platform, extra income and the friends she will make. 


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