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SynapseIndia-Stuff You Should Know

What is SynapseIndia and what do they offer. After looking at the program I think there are things you should know about this company. Let’s look to see what it all is and if this company is legit or is it a scam?

Stuff You should know

Formed in 2001

Founder: Shamit Khemka

Company E-mail: [email protected]

Company Address: F 18 Sector 11, Noida 201301, India

CEO: Shamit Khemka

SynapseIndia-Software Outsourcing Company

What is a software outsourcing company? “A software outsourcing company who designs websites, organizes and develops businesses, maintains software and testing.” This description is a condensed version of what an I.T. outsourcing company does but is not all-inclusive of the services of SynapseIndia.

SynapseIndia offers Website Development, Microsoft Programming, Business Analytics, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Web Design & Markup, eCommerce Solutions.

Shamit Khemka, the CEO of SynapseIndia, does believe his company is better than any of the other 200 website developer outsourcing companies in India.

I did find 500 outsourcing companies in India. India has a vast global infrastructure and state of the art telecom facilities which meet global standards. A very low-cost overhead has allowed companies in India to expand quickly on a worldwide level.

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What Clientele Does SynapseIndia Target?

As I mentioned above India has over 500 outsourcing companies. Synapseindia offers an array of services that we will talk about here.

Services Offered

synapseindia services
  1. Website Development, design, and markup-If you need a useable website set up synpenseIndia can do this. If you would like that website to be functional, a developer can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other programming to design it.
  2.  Microsoft Programming-If you need your site programmed in a Microsoft language such as Java
  3.  Mobile App Development-If you want to have a mobile app designed for your business. Like: Amazon or social media apps or interactive apps
  4.  Software Development-If you need applications for your computer so people can perform specific tasks.
  5. eCommerce Solutions-If you want a storefront on your website so people can purchase your products online.
  6. Business Analytics and Cloud Computing- You may need a collection of analytics(statistics) to make a better decision for your business. Or you need your computer storage system set up without the need for a server.

To sum this up; if you have a large company that needs these services, then SynapseIndia may be the company you are looking for.


  • Strong availability and responsiveness
  • Fast email response
  • A team of technicians will work on one project to complete it in a timely fashion
  • Lower operating expenses-1 USD is equal to 69.02 Rupee. WOW!!! The cost is remarkably lower.
  •  Numerous resources-Indian companies use a team to complete a project which produces the completing in a quicker manner
  •  The most up-to-date telecom facilities- India has vast global infrastructure and state of the art telecom facilities
  •  High population-with ¼ of the population under 35 are in computer programming


Writing the cons for this company is where it gets tricky because this is stuff you should know. During my extensive research, I found some very mixed reviews. I searched other Indian web development companies and did not see the extreme opposition on the reviews.

The reviews have drastically declined in satisfaction in the past 2 years.

  • May 8, 2018-STAY AWAY-took over a year to complete the project
  • April 18,2018-STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, really bad service
  • Dec 23, 2017-The worst company ever!
  • April 17, 2017-Ripoff, massive delays, buggy sites, a language barrier

Anonymous employee complaints-Indian consumer complaints from employees.

  • Owner Shamit Khemka has the police in his pocket and verbally abuses employees and threatens to involve the police.
  • The company creates illegal porn sites
  • This is a company run by crooks
  • Design capabilities are slim
  • Time difference and a language barrier do present some issues.

SynapseIndia Price

Without signing up for SynapseIndia, I could not see the pricing. It is not available unless you desire to set up a specific task.

I did find a price for this type of services for a fully functional website is $500-$5000. These charges are the going rates for most outsourcing companies in India. The pricing for services offered in India is more affordable than other countries like the US and Canada.

My Final Opinion Of SynapseIndia

From the outside, the website is professional and well done. The reviews from a few years ago appear to be much better than they are today. But there are things you should know.  It also appears that they may be riding on reviews and a reputation that was formed prior to 2 years ago.

This company was established 19 years ago but began with the bad reviews within the last 2 years.

My opinion and recommendation are to stay away from this company. There are 500 outsourcing companies in India, and 200 of those 500 are web development companies.

I would not choose a company with any type of shady reviews or comments when I can pick a company with an excellent reputation. In my extensive research, I did run across a few companies that have much better reputations, but I have not done a review on any of these so I can not recommend one.

My #1 Recommendation

Although my #1 recommendation is not an outsourcing company you may find you don’t need one is you learn to set up and design your own website business.

At the top of this article, you see a box with an eBook. Suppose you want to learn more about setting up an honest business online; just put in your email address and download my book. I talk all about affiliate marketing. Once you finish that, I will break it all down for you and send you weekly emails with information on how to get started. You can earn a passive income online from home.

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Have you had any experience with Indian outsourcing companies? I would love to hear your experience, and if there is a company you recommend, please let us all know.

Please leave comments and questions in the comment section below.

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

6 thoughts on “SynapseIndia-Stuff You Should Know”

  1. Very powerful post, I really like it and it’s the first time that I hear of this. We have to be very careful now and days. I read some of your information on Wealthy Affiliate and it sounds like you really are blessed. It says Wealthy Affiliate is free. Is this true I mean really true? thank you for letting me know about this company. I was checking out some other things online and ran into this.

    • Claudia, Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is Free. You can sign up free and take the first 10 lessons free. But if you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer and setting up your own business it would be good for you to upgrade to the premium. The choice is yours. But yes you can stay free as long as you like. Take care and if you have any further questions please let me know.

  2. This is the first time that I have heard of this program, but from what you have said I would stay clear also. We have to be so careful especially when it comes to the online world. I found your post most helpful to keep me from falling victim to this type of program. I will share this with all who may benefit. Thank you.

    • Hi Norman, I am happy I could give you a heads up on SynapseIndia. Yes please share this because there are so many who do not know about this company and outsourcing. This is definitely stuff you should know about and others also.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Unfortunately it remains a fact that most of the time you get what you pay for.

    While outsourcing development of a website, or any software development, to a foreign country may seem like a cost-effective (cheap) way of getting the development done, it frequently brings a different set of problems that will cause you serious stress.

    Of course, not all outsourced service providers are unreliable, but I personally will only work with people or companies that I know personally, where I can walk in and resolve problems face-to-face.



    • So so true, I couldn’t agree with you more Martin. Thank you for this valuable comment to add to my already growing concerns about outsourcing to a foreign country.


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