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STACKED Review – Are We Stacking Bacon or Being Taken?

STACKED is a brand new profit-siphoning technology from Glynn Kosky yielding big money to affiliates in a single click. Let’s do a STACKED review to see if these statements are factual.

Glynn informs us that we need no experience, tech skills, and even a five-year-old can do this to receive deposits.

Glynn confidently asserts these money-making facts directly resulting from a remarkable 2.3 trillion-dollar loophole that is an open portal to unlimited traffic.

Will your days now be spent stacking bacon, or will you get taken? Let’s take a closer look at STACKED and find out.

  1. Who is Glynn Kosky?
  2. What is STACKED?
  3. STACKED Review
  4. Is STACKED A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding STACKED
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: STACKED

Founder: Glynn Kosky

Price: $19

Who Is Glynn Kosky?

Glynn Kosky is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and super affiliate with over 40 #1 launches on Warrior Plus, ClickBank & JV Zoo.

Glynn jumped fully into the world of digital marketing in 2013. He is ranked as one of the most successful affiliate marketing professionals and delivers public speeches on the subject worldwide.

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According to the website, STACKED is an all-in-one software, system, and FREE viral traffic method. The automated traffic and commission app creates self-updated viral news sites aggregating other websites’ trending news.

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STACKED is software that populates your website with news articles from the most prominent business names, such as the BBC, CNN, and Fox News.

But now that you have traffic, how will it create stacks of cash? Simple. The site will be embedded with affiliate links (or any link of your choosing) created by Glynn Kosky and his team of marketing gurus.

Sounds complicated, right? According to Glynn, it’s so easy that an 80-year-old or even a preschooler can do it. By that logic, I suspect that means you could do it.

STACKED requires no paid ads, content creation, email list, outsources to pay, manual traffic generation, or tech skills. STACKED can be ready to go in 60 seconds.

Here are a few other facts Glynn and company provide:

  • Works with PC, Laptop, Pad or even mobile phone
  • It can be used to bank multiple passive income streams
  • Great for beginners due to it being almost 100% DFY (done for you)
  • Stacked works by “legally siphoning” traffic
  • The entire STACKED automation system is activated from ONE link
  • Average commission per sale from $197-$247

That’s the sizzle. But what about the steak? I’m concerned it could be more flank steak than filet mignon due to troublesome points. I will share those with you soon! Let’s quickly look at the one-time offers, which are said to enhance the base product.


Initial Program: $19

OTO 1: Unlimited– $97 – This provides unlimited use of the software, meaning forever.

OTO 2: Done for You – $67 – This eliminates any amount of actual work. In other words, you buy in, they do the work, and you collect the commissions.

OTO 3: Unlimited Traffic – $97 – This allows users to maintain traffic flows around the clock on multiple streams.

OTO 4: Automation– $67 – As the name implies, it’s automated, so even button clicking is almost to zero.

OTO 5: ATM – $67 – This converts it to an “automated teller machine,” which basically says it can produce several hundred dollars or more on command.

OTO 6: License Rights – $197 – Enables use for any market for any product at any time with the security of knowing it’s been through the FTC, which insulated you from liabilities if any occur.

A total of $611.


  • So simple a preschooler can do it
  • Glenn Kosky has FORTY #1 launches
  • One-Click software starts the Money-Train rolling down the tracks.
  • Average payout from $197-$22O
  • Zero monthly fees. Pay once and use forever.
  • 6 month money-back-guarantee


  • Too simple (one click?)
  • The testimonial photos seem to be purchased from a graphics company, thereby making it hard to trust if any are accurate
  • Sensationalized claims like “so easy an 80-year-old could do it or even a preschooler
  • One bullet point states that STACKED will give you stress-free sleep, bills all paid and money in the bank – sounds like a false statement to me!
  • DFY (done for you systems) make me nervous


No, STACKED is not a scam, but it does make dubious claims. Anytime something seems too good to be true, typically it is.

It’s hard to imagine you put in $19, and the Armored Truck is just going to backup daily to your account with one click. Why doesn’t he make thousands of clicks and have billions of dollars if that’s the case?

Maybe he is just a giving kind of guy, that Glynn!

It’s almost impossible to believe that you can receive thousands a day with zero tech skills in your arsenal.

Glynn has launched 40+ #1 launches, and that’s impressive. If he was ripping everyone off, who would keep buying from him? And making him #1?

That’s a cornucopia of buyers! And Glynn has put himself out with more ways to contact him than any other launch leader I’ve seen. Instagram, Facebook, Website, Phone Numbers, etc., and commits to helping you if results aren’t happening.

So, my final thoughts are, STACKED has a lot of success behind it, but I’m not sure it will net a pack of C-notes daily. Perhaps it will, but I believe that would, in fact, require real effort on your part.

Creating multiple passive income streams with one click isn’t a reality I’ve witnessed. But it’s possible, with effort and a good website, but do you own the website, or will Glynn own it?

I know he says you can use it forever, but the “forever” of this type of software is a max of 2-5 years. The internet and all its rules and regulations evolve too quickly for this to be your 401k.

My Recommendations For STACKED

If you have a twenty spot you can risk, it might be worth a shot. Glynn can’t be all wrong with as many successes as he has demonstrated.

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But one question I have is: when you pay your $19 do you get the entire program, or will you have to upgrade to be successful. The upgrades do get quite costly at a total of $611.

But go into it:
A) not expecting to get rich quick or soon and
B) that it will likely involve work. Many hours of work. That’s ok as long as you have the right expectations going in.

With this said, I really can’t endorse Glynn’s product unless I know what the initial program offers and if I can make the stated income with just $19.

Also, Glynn says he has a ton of successful launches but which ones worked for the people who purchased them? Without doing a month-long search, I don’t have an answer to this concern.

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