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Snappy Review – Make You $321 A Day Or Is It A Scam?

How many “shiny object” programs have you bought as an affiliate marketer? Maybe you did it to promote the program, or perhaps you purchased it to make money fast. Be that as it may, we will look at this program in our Snappy Review.

Snappy is a new software produced by Venkata Ramana and launched on WarriorPlus. Matt states that Snappy can make you $10 over and over, surprisingly, for only 30 seconds of work.

Can you make $10 for every photo you colorize? And at the same time, is this for real, and furthermore, does this app work?

Or is Snappy a scam, and as a result, you will lose your money and, therefore, become a member of another dust-gathering product?

Let’s take a closer look at Snappy. We will cover:

  1. Who is Venkata Ramana?
  2. What is Snappy?
  3. Snappy Review
  4. Upsells
  5. Is Snappy A Scam?
  6. My recommendations regarding Snappy
  7. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: Snappy

Founder: Venkata Ramana

Price:  $17

Who Is Venkata Ramana?

Venkata Ramana has launched numerous programs on WarriorPlus even; in light of this, the only real thing I could find out about him was this statement on the internet, written by himself:

“Venkata is obsessed with providing high-quality technical services at the best possible price for Internet-based businesses.”

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I find it somewhat concerning that he states he releases only high-quality services, so; in view of this statement, let’s finish this review so that you can understand my concern.

mockup of program

What Is Snappy?

Snappy is an app that allows you to colorize black and white photos; in addition, you can turn faces on a photo into cartoon characters. Furthermore, this app has a component to edit videos and get free traffic if you upgrade.

Snappy wants you to sell your colorized photos on Fiverr and says you can make $10 from each photo you colorize for your clients. Although this may be true, I am not sure I trust it.

Snappy Review

The snappy sales page is a bit sketchy on what you need to do to make money; for one thing, from what I can gather, they want you to sell colorized photos on Fiverr.

You can take a black and white photo as long as you have one. In other words, with the Snappy app, you have to have a photo to download because you can’t use a link. With this in mind, if you have a photo, you can sell this service on Fiverr to make $10 per gig. But, even so, is it necessary to purchase the upgrades to make money?

For the purpose of, our review I will list the upgrades you can purchase to get more features with the app. But first, here is a list of the features you can expect:

  • Icon generator
  • Photo to cartoon
  • Background removal
  • Image editor
  • Screen recording
  • Video
  • Page builder
  • Support
  • Tutorials

The sales page doesn’t really tell us much; however, it does go over and over about easy money and what you don’t need as well as how it won’t cost you a thing. But, for the most part, it goes over very little about what you will need to do to make money. On the other hand, it does say it will only take you 30 seconds.

Here are a few Red Flags; but equally as important, these Red Flags jump out as a big concern.


  • Promise to make money with only 30 seconds of work
  • Do not offer a clear picture of what Free Traffic means
  • Offer of a completely DFY system but the upgrade is expensive
  • See results with no investment yet the price is as high as $844
  • Others are making as much as $10K a month
  • Statement that you only have to work 30 seconds is misleading
  • Get paid $100 for 5 min of work
  • Pictures of income without proof
  • 3 simple steps, first, copy, second, paste, third, make money
  • Snappy is a hidden income hack
  • Misleading statement that the owners of Snappy make $10K and, surprisingly you only work 10 minutes
  • Although this may be true, the creator of Snappy gives us a sob story, he was broke, fired from his job and this app made him all the money he needed. All in the hope that he can identify with you.
  • As can be seen, in the sales page there is an inconsistancy with the income statements, $321/day or $1000 day or $10K for 10 min of work

OTO Upsells

Here is a rundown of what each upsell will offer you.

$17 Basic Program- In my assessment, it appears you get the basic plan to colorize photos with a limit unless you upgrade.

#1 OTO-Snappy Unlimited $39- Unlock all the features within the app dashboard, such as video editing, changing photos to cartoon

#2 OTO-Done For You $197- A completely DFY system. They will set your Snappy account up, so you get all free traffic.

#3 OTO-1K Paydays $197- a monetization upgrade. You can turn your free traffic into money.

#4 OTO- Snappy Automation $39– Automate Snappy, so you make money while you sleep.

#5 OTO- Snappy Limitless Traffic $197– Completely Done For You Traffic

#6 OTO- Snappy Reseller $197– The rights to sell Snappy as your own.

Your total cost for the complete program is $844.


  • Introductory price is only $17 with the promotion
  • Snappy is a great idea but there are free programs to do the same
  • It does offer support and tutorials but do you have to upgrade to access these?


  • The colorizor does not work all the time
  • You can not upload a photo with a link
  • It never says where the free traffic is coming from
  • The upgrades become very pricy
  • Inconsistant money claims
  • See the list of RED FLAGS above

Is Snappy A Scam?

No, I do not believe Snappy is a scam because a scam is a fraudulent offer. It appears that you will get a program that works some of the time, and in this case, you can colorize photos, and the cartoon face seems to work.

My Recommendations Regarding Snappy?

I DO NOT recommend Snappy to anyone; for one thing, there are free apps and programs to do what Snappy does. To join Fiverr to sell your gig will take time to brand yourself and get clients, and with that in mind, here is a list of the free apps and programs I am aware of that can take the place of Snappy with the upgrades.

These are just a handful of free programs to do what Snappy will charge you tons of money to complete.

Paid programs that will also do the job with more options and high ratings are:

snappy review pin

As for free traffic, it is important to realize that free traffic is never a good thing; not to mention, how is it free when you end up paying $844 to upgrade?

If you want to start a business on Fiverr, it is free, and I want to point out that you can use free apps until you make a profit to purchase different ones.

Be safe from all scams and shiny object programs; in fact, stay informed with other reviews of programs I do not recommend.

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There are over 75 other reviews on programs I do not recommend, scams, and many that I recommend.

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