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SmartCrawl SEO Pro Review – Best SEO Plugin On The Market

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge deal. Some of the top SEO plugins such as All In One, Yoast, and now Rank Math do a good job of helping optimize a website. But in my SmartCrawl review, I will tell you about the one that has snuck in around the corner and taken over the show.

Yoast SEO plugin - How to install i...
Yoast SEO plugin - How to install in WordPress

SmartCrawl is smooth and does everything for you. Well, not really it isn’t a done-for-you system, but it spells out all of the optimizations for you. All you have to do is make the changes, and away you go.

How can anything be this easy and clear? I’m here to tell you all about my favorite SEO plugin and why it will soon rank above all the others.

SmartCrawl SEO Pro

Program Name: SmartCrawl SEO Pro

Founder: James Farmer, CEO, and Cofounder of WPMU Dev

Price: $5/month to $15.83/month

Who Is SmartCrawl SEO Pro?

James Farmer is the CEO and Co-founder of WPMU Dev. WPMU Dev was initially developed to host weblogs for students and educators. WPMU Dev still houses these sites but has also evolved into a platform with themes and plugins.

Here is where SmartCrawl Pro comes into the picture as one of the plugins WPMU Dev offers, along with a package of plugins you can use to enhance SmartCrawel Pro.

smartcrawl bat girl

What Is SmartCrawl SEO Pro?

SmartCrawl is everything and all you need to optimize your website. I’ll have to fully answer this question in my review. But in a nutshell, SmartCrawl puts it this way: “SmartCrawl Pro gives you everything you need for fast, powerful WordPress SEO. Start ranking higher with industry-leading features.”

SmartCrawl SEO Pro Review

SmartCrawl has 778,717 downloads and over 95,000 active installs. So, clearly, it is a popular plugin. Let’s dive right into the features and how SmartCrawl Pro can help you optimize and get more traffic.

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SmartCrawl SEO Pro Features


SmartCrawl features in one plugin:

  • SEO Checkups With Reports – Run an audit on your site and generate suggestions for improvement.
  • Titles and Meta Descriptions – Set how your Meta Titles and Descriptions show for search engines with a customization feature.
  • Optimize Socail Media – Use open graph to customize the look of your social media. Connect to socal media and see social shares in your analytics.
  • Auto Site Update – SmartCrawl Pro will automatically update your sitemap and report to Google when you have new cotent on your site.
  • Scans and Reports Of Your Site – Check for sitemap issues and receive reports on how to fix.
  • Support For Schema Markup – Let search engines know what your site means with support for default schema types.
  • Content Analysis – A report on readability and the best optimization of your posts to rank high.
  • Links Automatically – Set your auto linking and SmartCrawl will link the most recent posts for you.
  • 301 Redirects – Redirect any URL on your site to another page or post. No need for a redirect plugin
  • Import/Export – A quick setup to import other SEO settings or export exhisting SEO settings.
  • Moz Integration – Connect Moz to see how your site stands up against the competion.
  • Schema Types Builder – Customize many types of schema markup.

Maybe you are a beginner, and some of these features don’t make much sense to you. For this very reason, SmartCrawl is for you. At the bottom of each post or page, you create SmartCrawl makes it easy to optimize and rank on Google and Bing.

When you scroll to the bottom of your post, you see SmartCrawl in action.

  • You can choose to view all SEO options and change the configuration.
  • Click on the “edit meta tab and put in a title. The area for your title does a character count because Google likes the title to be betwee 50 – 65 characters long.
  • Select your meta description and write an engaging description of the content in your post.
  • At the bottom where you see “broken iphone screen” you can put in your keywords in this slot and SmartCrawl goes to work analyzing your post or page to make it easy for you to adjust your writing so Google and Bing will rank you.

Below is a screenshot of how SmartCrawl works inside your post or page to help you set your SEO. When you put your keywords into the “broken iPhone” slot SmartCrawl analyzes 14 areas and makes recommendations. When you satisfy all 14 areas, your post is ready for Google and Bing to rank.

seo smartcrawl adjustments area

SmartCrawl SEO Pro Add Ons

WPMU Dev offers other plugins that work well to enhance SmartCrawl SEO Pro.

  • Smush – Compress and optimize images and keep the quality. You can bulk smush all images. (included in the WPMU DEV Membership)
  • Forminator – Build forms with this plugin, cotact forms, polls and quizes. Great ability to customize each form. (included in the SEO Marketing Pack and the WPMU DEV Membership)
  • Hummingbird – Hummingbird performs a site scan and find any files that are slowing it down. It gives recommendations to fix the files and increase site speed. (included in the WPMU DEV Membership)
  • Hustle – You can build call to action forms, slide-ins and pop-ups to grow your email list with the use of widgts and shortcodes. (included in the SEO Marketing Pack and the WPMU DEV Membership)
  • Defender – With just a few easy settings Defender takes care of the security on your site. (included in the WPMU DEV Membership)
  • Beehive Pro – Easily connect Google Analytics to your site and monitor your stats from your site. (included in the SEO Marketing Pack and the WPMU DEV Membership )
  • Branda Pro – The ultimate tool for banding. White label your site without coding. (included in the SEO Marketing Pack and the WPMU DEV Membership)

SmartCrawl SEO Pro Ratings And Reviews

As we mentioned above, WPMU dev is the company that offers the SmartCrawl plugin. These are ratings for WPMU dev.

  • Overall: 4.875
  • Support: 5/5
  • Easey to use: 4.5/5
  • Dependability: 5/5
  • Overall value: 5/5

Here is a testimonial quote from a WPMU dev user. Happy customers are the best, and a dedicated support team will make all the difference.

“Slimply the best!”

WPMU DEV is simply the best service I have found online for a long time. Their support guys are always at hand with epert advice which saves me so much time. I love their plugins but 3ould have signed up for the support alone!

WPMU dev user – full review


  • 7-day free trial
  • Option for one click setup
  • Easily import and export SEO settings
  • Easy set up for Moz SEO integration
  • 14 content analysis SEO checker points
  • Set up to help you get credit for social shares
  • Ability to set follow/no-follow, index/no-index with each entry, social engagement, tags, categories and taxonomies
  • Separately set title and meta for each pagec tags, categories and posts
  • Ability to detect sitemap issues with fixable solutions
  • Will auto submit sitemap to Google when updated
  • SmartCrawl will automatically link your posts
  • You will have 301 redirect included and will not require a redirect plugin
  • SmartCrawl, once set up does most of the work for you. All you need to do is correct the information based on the recommendations.
  • WPMU Dev offers a complete package to optimize your site
  • Integrates beautifully with GeneratePress theme and GenerateBlocks


  • You are required to pay yearly
  • With ythe 7-day trial you do not get access to the add ons
  • SmartCrawl has not adjusted the meta description to match Google’s 160 characters
  • Does not play well with Divi theme but WPMU Dev are diligently working on this issue

SmartCrawl SEO Pro Pricing

SmartCrawl Pro Only

Billed at $60/year

SmartCrawl Pro

White Label Plugins/10 site plans only

Support/Ticket Support
SmartCrawl Pro

Marketing SEO Pack

Billed at $90/year

SmartCrawl Pro

Forminator Pro

Hustle Pro

Beehive Pro

Branda Pro

White Label Plugins/10 site plans only

Support/Ticket Support for SEO & Marketing Pack

WPMU DEV Membership

Billed at $190/year

SmartCrawl Pro

Forminator Pro

Hustle Pro

Beehive Pro

Branda Pro

White Label Plugins/10 site plans only

Support/24/7 Live Chat Support for Anything WordPress

SmartCrawl SEO Pro Review pin

My Recommendations Regarding SmartCrawl SEO Pro

I love SmartCrawl for all of my SEO needs. I highly recommend it to anyone who is managing a website and driving free traffic to their site.

SmartCrawl is easy to navigate, has impressive tutorials and incredible support if you get stuck.

Concluding this review, I strongly recommend the “Marketing SEO Pack if you are running one site, but if you are a Web designer creating multiple sites for others, the WPMU DEV Membership is a must.

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