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Small Business At Home- Stimulating Ideas

I am a professional blogger in affiliate marketing. I retired from nursing a few months ago but began blogging about four years ago. I searched for years how to make extra money from home. I am going to save you the time and lest some small business at home, you can start today.

I Wanted A Home Business

When my children were young, I wanted to find a business I could do at home. Because of my nursing career, I couldn’t find a way to start a small business at home that I could make the same amount of money or more. That was 30 years ago. I am excited to share with you ways you can earn extra income or full-time income at home.

A lot has changed in 30 years, and the options are far more significant for you to make money with a small business at home. The internet and online marketing have expanded our world. It is easier to set up a shop and research the world from your I phone or computer.

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I know you have the mindset of an entrepreneur or you wouldn’t be looking for articles like this to give you ideas. There are many more ideas that I could list, but I wanted to provide you with ways you can make money that does not require previous skills. It is hard enough to raise children without having to attend classes outside of your home.

Here are a few stimulating ideas for your small business at home.


Selling on eBay can be an easy way to earn some extra cash. You can list up to 50 items free. When the items sell, you are required to pay a fee. I suggest you look at eBay and search for things that are trending now and note the price of each item. Then visit garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, discounted store items, and take a look around your house for things you no longer need or want.

The one big drawback is the inventory you will need to keep on hand to sell. You can do drop shipping which is someone else ships the item you sell. Dropshipping can be tricky because you have no control over when the merchandise ships.

Once you sell items the buyer has the right (if you set it up this way) to return anything, they don’t like so you can’t count your money until the transaction is 100% complete.

I have sold household goods and clothing I no longer want on eBay. It is a simple process, but I have lost money also. I have had some items damaged in shipping and had to return the money but lost the profit. Overall it did go well for me.

Read more on eBay about how to sell with them.


handmade item for sale

Make items to sell on Esty such as; pot holders, doorknobs, jewelry, and many other things. Again, it is wise to search Esty for handmade items to see what is trending and what you may be good at making. If you already have a niche, this may be an excellent way to sell your items.

To sell on Esty, you will need a seller permit which Esty will help with this. The selling fees are 0.20 cents to list an item and a cost of 3.5% of the final sale price once the item sells. The seller pays to ship. For the first 90 days, your funds will be available to you in 5-8 days after the item sells.

I have never sold on Etsy, but I do love to shop the unique handmade items people sell.

Click here to see the policies to sell on Etsy.

Consignment shop

Set up a small business at home consignment shop in your home, which sounds easy enough, but there are some things to consider.

1. You will have people coming in and out of your house.
2. You need to make sure the items you take are trending, or they will not sell.
3. The income can be marginal.
4. People will try to donate their junk to you.
5. Set up a signed contract on pricing and policies to prevent hard feelings.

My mom used to take some of her clothes to a consignment shop. The more expensive items sold well. It is essential to set your standards and only take well-made clothing in good condition.


Starting a home daycare can be quite involved. But if you have little ones and want to stay home with them, it is an excellent way to make money and keep your kiddos out of another daycare.

kids at daycare sitting at table

Technically speaking all homes, daycares need a state license. The requirements vary from state to state. Please search for the laws and regulations of your state. These will help determine if you are eligible for a daycare license.

To give you an idea, I will use the guidelines for my state. As I mentioned, each state might be a bit different. My home state requires you to have a high school diploma or GED. A home daycare has to have 35 sq — ft per child you are watching. You may have up to eight children under the age of 12, which includes your children. But only 5 of the eight may be under the age of 5.

In that space provided for childcare, it is essential to have safe toys and appropriate facilities for children to nap and play.

Opening a daycare requires so much more than what I have mentioned here, but it may be a good fit for you if you love being around children, want to care for your children in your home, and make money with your small business at home.

Pet sitter

You can make around $20 to $40 a day sitting for someone’s pet. The pet can come to your home, which will make it easier to for you to do the things you need around the house.

duke in the snow at home

Find friends and word-of-mouth referrals who need a pet sitter. There is also a pet sitting app named This company does take a percentage, but they screen you and the pet owner. You may feel more secure knowing the rules are upfront and a company is backing you.

If you do pet sitting without using a company, make sure you set up a contract and have the rules written down. A signed agreement will save lots of stress later.

If you have children be sure, the pets are kid-friendly. No one wants to have a child bitten by another person’s pet.

I have used, and the person came to my home to watch our two dogs. They did take good care of our dogs, but I was a bit uneasy because I was not familiar with the people.

I now have a friend watch my one dog, Duke (Trigger went to heaven this past year). He stays at her house, and we pay her. Dog sitting is her way of making extra income to supplement her pension.

Professional Blogger-The Most Impressive Stimulating Ideas

Expert bloggers are entrepreneurs at their best who have full control over every aspect of their business — no need for a license or room for daycare or traveling to find things to sell. Everything you do is from the comforts of your home.

The important thing about a professional blogger is the potential income exceeds any of the other suggestions I have mentioned here. A blogger can make anywhere from $3.50 per day to $10,000 per month and more. The amount of money you make will be dependent on how well your blog does in rankings and how dedicated you are.

You can set up a blog with any platform and begin writing. But your success relies on how much you know about SEO, keywords, and content. Anyone can write an article with the right research, but not everyone can get ranked on google at the top of page one.

It takes training to accomplish a full-time income from blogging. Once you have the proper training only you can stop yourself. And you need to do this training from home in your time.

A professional blogger can stay home, control their destiny, and make an excellent income. But a word of wisdom, the world looks at blogging as a part-time fun game. I am here to say that blogging is a full-time job that generates a full-time income when you have the proper training.

So, you ask how do I get this training and what will it cost me. Well, it is free to begin, and you have an option to become premium if you choose. But you can stay with the free program as long as you like.

I am introducing you to a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. It is Free to look around and learn how to blog and set up a website. This platform has training on setting up a website, content writing, keyword research for Google ranking, and how to make money on your blog site. These words may sound foreign to you, but the training is extensive and guides you through each step.

Great for beginners

It is perfect for the beginning blogger or someone like myself who blogged for four years but didn’t know how to make money with my website. I have placed a few buttons that will take you to a couple of different posts to learn about my story and what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

I love blogging with Wealthy Affiliate. The training is extensive, the platform is world-class and time-tested throughout the years, and the support is sensational.

To become a blogger with your own at-home business and to find out more information just click on the green tab at the top or bottom to get started.

The Laura MethodAn In-Depth, Step-By-Step Masterclass
For Newbies To Set Up A Niche Website

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “Small Business At Home- Stimulating Ideas”

  1. Laura what a beautiful blog. I can really tell that you put your heart and your soul into your writing. You gave so many great opportunities for people to make money at home. The internet needs more blogs like this. All the information on this blog is completely true and researched. As for me on my road so wealthy affiliate I went through many scams and fault sites promising money. I am here to tell all of you reading this that there is no quick get-rich thing on the internet you are going to have to work like Laura has said and her blog. Doing blogging or affiliate marketing is hard work you have to put your sweat and blood and hard work and time into this job. Because this is exactly what it is a job. And I just want to thank you for all the great examples that you’ve given me because I’m just getting into blogging I’m actually terrified of writing and blogging. But wealthy affiliate it’s teaching me to stretch my skills and to apply myself more than I ever have in my life. I wish I could have taught myself to study this hard in high school. I have a quick question for you have you enjoyed writing your whole life? Or is this just something that you’ve got into since you started your online business? I only ask this question because it seems like you really put your heart into your writing and it really sucks the reader in it’s such a great quality to have. Once again thank you for writing this it was a tremendous help to me. Yours truly, Mike Trueblood

    • Mike, I am actually a poet. So writing blogs to help the people make extra money is new to me. so if I can do this I know you can. The more you write the better it gets. I wanted to write a book once so I looked up how to do this. The best advice I got out of all the reads on the internet was “if you want to write then write and write and write” It is true. You get better every time you write.

      The incredible thing about an online business is the training I get from Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned everything I need to know to do well. But you are right, it is work because it is a business. I love that I get to do it from home and set my own hours. 

      Thank you so much for you compliment. Putting my heart into everything is what life is about. 

  2. Hi Laura, This is great article about small business at home for everyone. I really like your idea about blogging and affiliate marketing and I have already joined in wealthy affiliate as a premium member and also purchased a domain with hosting. I am still learning and I hope I can established my site soon. Do you have any suggestion how can I do it in more professional way and implement multiple source of income? It will be also helpful if you give me an idea about article posting per day and estimated earning after a certain period. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • These are some really good questions. Since you are a member of the best website platform in the world I suggest you stick with the teaching. Kyle the co-owner of WA does an incredible job of leading you through each step. If you stick with the plan and lessons you will have your site up and running quickly. 

      Once again with the multiple sources of income, Kyle also teaches this but the training in the community of WA is extensive. Go to your training site and search any subject you like. You will find numerous teaching just on this subject alone. 

      As for the money. this is a business and with hard work and effort you will see the fruits of your labor. As for how long? I received my first income after 2 1/2 months but it usually takes 3 or 6 or 12 months. Just remember establish your business from your heart and the money will follow. 

  3. For those of us who are full time stay at home parents this comes as very good news. These are some great ideas  for that extra coin which is very much needed. We need a bit of spice in our lives. a Little bit more and I think extra income can help relieve the stress of financial burden. 

    But what is this online business you talk about? Is it really a business or a get rich quick scheme?

    • Charles, you are so right. Extra income can help with our stress levels today. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a business. You work from home and build the business from the ground up with the extensive step-by-step training of Wealthy Affiliate. I will attach a link here that you can take a look at to get a better understanding of how you can build your own business.

      Please let me know if you have further questions. 


  4. Yes, I have learned a lot from my blogging experience on this platform. Wealthy Affiliate is enough business for me. It is a full time job and has generated full time income for me. I wouldn’t want to do more than one small home business as along as I have Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Thank you for this article. It is good to have options to increase your income. 

    • Andrew, It sounds like you are doing well at WA. I am so happy for you. I know I do love it but the options are available to any one who feels this is not for them. 


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