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Simple Affiliate Machines Review-Make Fast Money Today Or Not?

Today is the age of fast, easy money. Around every corner, you see someone promising you money with no investment and no work. To help you avoid a bad product, I do reviews on these programs. Today we will do the Simple Affiliate Machines review to see if you can make fast money today or not.

Have you heard of the “shiny object syndrome? Basically, it is looking for an easier way to make money. Maybe to earn extra money and maybe to make your online business easier.

Every person who builds a program or software believes theirs is the best and the only way to help everyone accomplish their goal. If you buy every program to make your job easier, you will be broke and in the hole before you start. It is my job to determine if Simple Affiliate Machines is worth the money, or is it a scam to take your hard-earned money?

In our article today, we will cover:

  1. Who is Ryan Mac and James Kennedy
  2. What is Simple Affiliate Machines?
  3. Simple Affiliate Machines Review-Make Fast Money Today Or Not?
  4. Upsells
  5. Simple Affiliate Machines Review Concerns
  6. My recommendations regarding Simple Affiliate Machines
  7. 4-Step Blueprint
image of sales page mockup

Simple Affiliate Machines

Program name: Simple Affiliate Machines

Founder: Ryan Mac and James Kennedy

Price:  $12.95 with upsells

Who is Ryan Mac And James Kennedy?

Ryan Mac and James Kennedy are the 2 fellas who developed and are promoting Simple Affiliate Machines. They may be good guys, but as I said earlier, every developer believes their new product will solve all of the world’s problems.

Ryan Mac has launched 4 previous programs on Warrior+ since July of 2020. One is no longer available on the internet. The other 3 have the same appearing sales page with upgrades and promises.

What is Simple Affiliate Machines?

Simple Affiliate Machines is a program to teach you affiliate marketing with 15 funnels you can set up and start making money right away on Warrior+.

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They state it is an “Easy way for you to make money to the tune of $283.65 per day right away with 15 funnels.”

Let’s get into the Simple Affiliate Machines Review to see if it is worth the money and can deliver on the sales page’s promises.

Simple Affiliate Machines Review-Make Fast Money Today Or Not?

Simple Affiliate Machines sales page states that finally, you can have real results with:

  • No hosting, no need for domains, no website, and 100% all Done For You system
  • It is set up so even a newbie can do this
  • You can learn how to make a 6-figure income with the webinar
  • People can join and earning money RIGHT NOW!

The sales page also states:

  • Inside Simple Affiliate Machines, you will find “15 complete affiliate machines” that will make you money to pay your bills.
  • You will find training that works without the hype and promises of fast money.
statement from Simple Affiliate Machines Review-Make Fast Money Today Or Not?

In the statement above, we see this program is for complete newbies. As a newbie, do you understand what they mean by needing a reputation? OK, just in case you don’t, I will talk a bit about it. As an affiliate marketer, when I set up a new website, I have to establish it before I apply to free affiliate programs. I need to have a reputation first, but they are saying you won’t need a reputation because they will create one for you.

Sounds easy, right? Yet they say you have to work to make money. I am beginning to see some real discrepancies in this program. Some concerning issues, but let’s proceed to see for sure what is happening.

Simple Affiliate Machines Review-Make Fast Money Today Or Not? second statement

In the type after this statement you see above, they say they have your back. Which I take to mean they are going to provide you with the buyers’ traffic. I see a lot of this lately in new launches. The program gives you everything, and you make money. Something just doesn’t sound right about this. Oh, maybe it is because you will not be the owner of your business. Not sure, but feels a bit sketchy to me.

3 steps 2

Just 3 easy steps to fire up your machines. So is this a done for you promotion that can make you easy money or not. It sure looks like it to me. This is all of the information we get with the sales page. You will have to invest in the program if you want to see what it does.


#1 Simple Affiliate Machines Pro – $37

 Access to more than the original 15 funnels

#2 Monthly Money Machines – $14.95/month

A fresh supply of funnels monthly

#3 Training Call & Email Access – $77 

A coaching call for one hour and 6 months of unlimited access to Ryan Mac’s email address. Really? I mean, couldn’t they think of something better to charge you for?

#4 Reseller Rights – $97

The rights to sell the program and get 100% commission.

#5 Complete Done For You – $697

It looks like they are setting you up with a complete system to sell funnels rather than setting up a complete program to make you money, as the sales pitch states above.

Simple Affiliate Machines Review Concerns

I see some discrepencies in the sales page.

affiliate pin says yes or no
  • The founders say you will have to work and put in the time if you want this program to work, but the page says you can make money right now. I see this as a “make money fast” statement.
  • If you are not paying for hosting, domains, or a website, how can you own your online business? Someone else owns the domain.
  • The claim of a “100% Done For Your System” sets up red flags. You have to work, but it is all done for you. Hmmm, maybe a double standard?
  • It sounds like you will be promoting programs on Warrior+ that are a lot like this one and many others that I review. I, for one, do not want to endorse shady programs just to make a buck.
  • It says over and over that you do not have to invest in anything but the price of the program is $223.95 and a monthly charge of $14.95 or a whopping $697 for a completely done for you system. The money you pay is an investment.

My Recommendations Regarding Simple Affiliate Machines

I am going to give Simple Affiliate Machines a thumbs down. With all of the sales page’s discrepancies, I can not trust these fellas to provide an upstanding program.

Will you learn about affiliate marketing? I imagine you will learn some things, but they are promising money, not a learning session.

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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