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Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW – 12,000 Dollars Or Is It A Scam

Secrets of the wealthy SOTW is a company with a ridiculously high entrance fee of $12,000. They say you will not have to work but maybe 4-5 hours a week and you can make as much as $1500 to $10,500 per sale. You will not have to do anything because your coach will do it all for you, and the buyer will pay you directly. 

That is a lot of money to make for doing nothing. I am going to take a closer look at this company to see what the real story is. It smells like a scam to me. 

In this post, I want to clear up a few things about Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW. I wish to inform you, so you make a good decision on how not to lose your hard-earned money. I also want you to see this company for what they are. During this review, I will cover;

  1. What I found in the videos and links
  2. What will you do to make this money
  3. My recommendations for Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW
  4. Red flags
  5. My #1 Recommendation

Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW

Program name: Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW

Founder: Coach Kevin

Price: as high as $21,847

Recommended: NO, This is a scam!!!

 What I Found In The Videos And Links

I received an email promoting Secrets of the Wealthy. Coach Kevin is the speaker and launches the video by telling us he is making $7000 per sale of a product. 

coach Kevin

Kevin does make high-pressure sales, but he talks very calm to convince you that he is just an average everyday guy. He tells us this a few times. 

Coach Kevin does spend some time playing on your emotions when he continuously repeats how much money you will make with Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW.

The Laura Method

He also talks about how he knows you tried to make money online before and failed. Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t but he doesn’t know this.

But the part that made me laugh was when he said, ” People are offering lots of training because their business is going to be too hard. People want it to be easy.”  WHAT? You get training to learn and have control over your business. 

He even went so far as to say, “Why promote a product that requires someone to do something they don’t want to do. You shouldn’t have to promote these.”

Coach Kevin goes onto tell us how there are billions of dollars on the internet to make, and you are going to make this money with Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW.

Coach Kevin makes statements like;

  • Make money right now
  • Money is sent to your doorstep every day.
  • A team of professional coaches will do everything for you. 

There is one more thing I want to bring up here. Grant Cardone also has a system named Secrets of the Wealthy. It appears to me coach Kevin used the same name for his program as Grant Cardone. Coach Kevin does not have his name in the URL for his company, and this may be the reason why. He is using the excellent reputation of Grant to build your trust. 

Testimonies Of Paid Actors

The testimonials are full of paid actors, not real people who signed up for his program.

paid actor Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW
voice overlay girl Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW

What Will You Do To Make This Money

Coach Kevin says you will have an online business selling E-Learning products. He even gives a link to the products that he will sell to your customers. 

I took a look, and the products are what one would need to start their online business. They are books, webinars, videos, and motivational speakers all in different groups with more products per group according to the price.

You will have your own website set up by them. Anyone can set up a website with the right training, so this part is not a big deal, but Coach Kevin wants it to sound unique. 

You will have automated emails to send as follow up, and custom market funnels with your personal user name. I thought your coach did everything for you. 

Coach Kevin says your personal coach does all the work for you and you get paid by the customer.

So far Coach Kevin has said you will be;

  • doing nothing
  • working 4-5 hours a week
  • sending out emails
  • getting paid directly from the buyer 
  • have a team of coaches doing everything for you. 

Do you see the discrepancies in all of this? And we still do not have a clear picture of what you will do to earn this money. Except that you shouldn’t have to sell andy products you don’t want to, and there is no training.

pay system for SOTW

The presentation ends by saying, “Ok so you have three choices,”

  • keep doing what you are doing,
  • hope and pray that you get out of your job,
  • or pick up the phone before you leave this website and call to say “I’M IN” (Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW)
  • I am adding one more here as stated by me, Or sign up to Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW and lose all of your money. 

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: There is high demand for this product, so the window of opportunity won’t be open very long
  2. A play on your emotion: I’m just an average guy, and my wife is proud of me. You shouldn’t have to sell something you don’t want to.
  3. If you don’t sign up, you are a loser. Oh now this one is a huge red flag and manipulative.
  4. There is Very little information about how you will make this much money
  5. He repeatedly  claims you will earn a high dollar income 
  6. The price to join is nothing short of ridiculous. 
  7. Claims that they do everything for you. 
  8. You can go to your mailbox and pick up the money.
  9. Proof of paid actors

Secrets of the Wealthy is a scam. The only mystery here is this company is going to get rich while you lose all of your money.

The choice is ultimately yours, but all of the red flags are present. I recommend you stay clear of SOTW.

My Recommendations

Secret Of The Wealthy SOTW is a scam. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Thumbs Down

There are many red flags in this Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW program review. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

2 thoughts on “Secrets Of The Wealthy SOTW – 12,000 Dollars Or Is It A Scam”

  1. Laura, how did you find this guy? I totally agree it sounds ridiculous. And did you say that he required you to pick up the phone before you leave his website? I hate those deals where they make you decide AND input your credit card info within a few minutes. I’ve fallen for them a couple of times, but never again. Every time I hear that I immediately leave.

    That is quite a difference to the Wealthy Affiliate starter account offer. I didn’t see much about the Free offer in this article. Can you give some more info about that?

    • Hi Steven, Scams are everywhere. I think this guy thought the more he charges, the more legit he looks. People fall for these manipulators all the time.
      The FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership? I am so glad you asked about it. It is an incredible deal for you to step inside the platform FREE. No credit card is needed. You can actually stay free for 6 months if you like but when you see what it is all about you won’t want to leave. It’s kind of like a free 7-day trial to see if it for you. Go ahead; Steve step inside to see what I mean. Incredible, unbelievable support and training.


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