Secret Affiliate Machine-Click Funnels


Secret Affiliate Machine-Click Funnels-Could It Be True?

I have come across a new development regarding Click Funnels. I reviewed a company named Cash Money Sites. In late 2018 a man named Jay Gold introduced it to the market. At that time, there were many reviews. Most of the reviews were not good. I will leave the link to my review of Cash Money Sites so you can read the development for your self. 

Cash Money Sites-8 Figure Income A Year?

The secret affiliate machine may or may not be a scam. Let’s take a closer look to see what we find. 

Russell Brunson appears to be an intelligent man with a lot of information to offer. He starts with some interesting information that sounds like it will work well in the world of affiliate marketing. 

Russell tells us about a product he developed. The system he put together is similar to an affiliate marketing online business. But is it legit? I intend to answer this question before we have completed this review.

In this post, I want to talk about Russell Brunson and what he has to offer with the secret affiliate machine and click funnels. I will be covering;

  1. What the videos say to me.

  2. What click funnels has to offer.

  3. My summary of the Secret Affiliate Machine-Click funnels.

  4. Is the Secret Affiliate Machine-Click Funnels a scam.

  5. Red flags.

  6. The real deal affiliate marketing.

I would like to inform you that I may make a commission when you click my links and make purchases. I am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate; however, this does not change my reviews and comparisons. I work very hard to keep things fair and balanced based on my opinion so that you can make an informed decision.

Secret Affiliate Machine

Program name: The Secret Affiliate Machine-Click Funnels

Founder: Russell Brunson


Price: around $297 a month with upsells

Recommended: I recommend and do not recommend this company. Please see the full review for an explanation of this comment. 

Click Funnels By Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson talks about the secret affiliate machine in the first video and about his system and how it will work. 

Photo of Russell Brunson.

What The Videos Say To Me-Video #1

Parts of what Russell says is genuine, and then some of the other parts are hyped up to make a sell of his product. 

He does a great job explaining the concept of affiliate marketing but is way off base when he starts talking about affiliate marketers websites. 

Let’s go over parts of his statements;

True Statements

False Statements

  1. You can set up his click funnels in the next hour
  2. Super affiliates make a small amount of money with a website
  3. Affiliate marketing is not working for measly pennies
  4. Affiliate marketers promote products
  5. You want to have returning customers
  6. It doesn’t require any paid advertising
  7. click funnels have high conversion rates
  1. Super affiliates get paid more. (a super affiliate is one who has an authority site, not just a click funnel)
  2. A platform converts people into paying customers. (no trust converts people)
  3. People don’t question they just purchase. (consumers today are smart. They don’t buy without research and trust.)
  4. Affiliate marketers with websites do not have recurring commissions. (most affiliates provide long-standing cookies for recurring customer commissions.)
  5. Click funnels system is the only way to track and do testing to determine the highest conversion rate. (testing for highest conversion rate are a part of Google analytics,  autoresponders, and many other platforms.

Toward the end of the first video, Russell goes onto give us an excellent example of affiliate marketing. He is a great teacher and understands what the true meaning of affiliate marketing is. 

But at the end of the second video, we find out we can get a free 14 day trial of the system to try it out. 


Then Russell spoils it all by requiring credit card information before you can proceed. He also immediately offers an upsell of $47. 

green credit card

Video #2 Once I Signed Up

Immediately into the second video, we find out the free trial will cost us $97 up to $297 a month if we want to continue.

The second video is where Russell helped me form part of my opinion about secret affiliate machine. He spends a lot of time making false comments about affiliate marketing and what one with a website does. Websites all look the same. (NOT true! Because every site has a different design.)

  1. To own a website you have to hire a designer and pay lots of money to build it. (I made my website with extensive training, and it didn’t cost me a penny.)
  2. Again you have to pay a designer a lot of money to set up a lead generating page. (again, I set up my lead generating page myself.)
  3. On a website, you can’t get to what you need because everything is in the way. (my website is immaculate and easy to navigate thanks to the extensive training I have had.)
  4. A website has an e-commerce store with every product spewed out, and no one can find what they want. (again not a true statement because with assistance and guidance the e-commerce store can be very organized with easy navigation. Consumers leave websites with confusion because they can’t find what they need. He continues with the statement that a person will spend a ton of money and have nothing. (I didn’t spend any money to set up my website.)

Russell is right when he states that funnels are the future. But he is wrong in his comment that only click funnel pages are clean and easy to navigate. 

Funnels are not only the future they are in full effect today on most successful websites. 

There are thousands of very successful website owned by affiliate marketers who have very clean easy to navigate sites which bring in a 6 figure income per year. 

What Click Funnels Has To Offer-Video #3

Video #3 explains the different types of funnels. Again Russell puts forth some great information on click funnels. 


Types of funnels;

  1. To generate leads there two types of funnels. 
  • Squeeze funnel- application funnel
  1. For selling product, there are—tripwire funnel, vsl funnels, plf funnel (product launch funnel), and webinar funnel
purple background circle of a funnel

He goes onto say his designers developed the best funnels ever that you plug into your page and drag and drop what you want into them. A bit complicated for newbies. But it is suitable for experienced affiliate marketers.

Video #4

In the fourth video, Russell talks about over 100 templates he has set up for you to create a landing page and a funnel. 

He says many times how easy it is to set it all up. I am an affiliate marketer with a website, and I can’t figure it all out. It is not easy, and it is not an exclusive way to do affiliate marketing. 

With the information, I saw on the videos, and what he taught it was my understanding that if you want to use one of his click funnels on your website, you will have a limited ability to change any of it after it is a placed on a page on your site. 

He also says you get the power to edit your funnels. Well, that is not a plus in my opinion unless I have full step-by-step training to do so. 

Russell does give a tutorial on how to edit each template with the drag and drop system. He moves so quickly that again I can’t keep up — not a good move for newbies. 

Russell speaks of backpacking, but he never did explain how this works. He did talk about a payment system that closely relates to a multi-level- marketing scheme. 

I never did find out how he gets affiliate companies to partner with him. 

My summary of The Secret Affiliate Machine-Click funnels. 

The truth that Russell speaks is yes click funnels are the future of affiliate marketing. But they are essential now also. 

Affiliate marketing is you partnering with a company who pays you a commission when one of their products sells. Affiliate companies do not accept just anyone as a partner. They like to see a well established website with strong content.

I don’t see how a funnel is strong content. Funnels should be a part of every website. You can make money as an affiliate without a website, but this program has no way to get ranking on Google. Without ranking, no one will see what you are promoting. 

I believe he relies heavily on email capture to send the information to consumers. 

Google ranks a site with keyword rich content and Click funnels does not mention this anywhere. 

Successful affiliate marketers set up their websites clean, precise and easy to navigate. A website can continue to generate revenue for years, but I am not sure how click funnels will continue to do so without Google behind them. 

Is The Secret Affiliate Machine-Click Funnels-a scam?

Thumbs Up

I can not honestly say it is a scam. I can give it a thumbs up because Russell has useful information and his funnels may be useful. But I also have to give it a thumbs down.

Thumbs Down

I gave it a thumbs down as well because a lot of the information is untrue regarding websites. I believe Russell may be using this inaccurate information only to promote Click Funnels.


I did see a few red flags but not as many as I have seen with some other reviews I have completed. 

Red Flags


  1. The information that Russell provides is unclear and confusing to follow.
  2. Frequently tells us how easy this is when I know it is doable with only the proper training.
  3. The cost of the program is outrageous at $297 A MONTH
  4. Misinformation regarding affiliate marketing websites although Russell is knowledgeable in affiliate marketing.

I would not say that  The Secret Machine-click funnels are a scam. I would, however, say that there is a better way for an inexperienced person to create an online business that is beneficial to the consumer. 

If the price were not so high I believe this company has a lot to offer to a well-established website affiliate marketing business.

The choice is ultimately yours, but I have given you my recommendations. 

The Real Deal Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I recommend a website that belongs to you and that you own. When you have an established busienss you may choose to use click funnels. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for creating a website. The difference between Click funnels and Wealthy Affiliate is the honesty and integrity of how the system is set up 

You can create a business that you own. You can learn how affiliate with and implement affiliate partners who will pay you a commission. The company I am talking about grows as you put time into it. You may also like to read;

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What?

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have complete step-by-step training in the form of videos and written instructions. You have the full support of a community of people who are doing what you do so they have the knowledge to assist you. You have access to help 24/7/36.

For more information you may like to look at:

My Wealthy Affiliate-It Might Be For You


At Wealthy Affiliate when I say it is FREE, it is. You can upgrade to premium for $47 a month, not the high price charged by click funnels. 

You do not have to put in a credit card number. You can sign in, set up a website, check it out and take the first 10 lessons free. And if you want to stay free, you have 6 months to make a decision — not 14 days. 

You will have me as a personal coach to help you grow and succeed — a real person to assist and help you learn.

I believe The Secret Affiliate Machine may come in handy in the future but now is the time to create a website. Step on over to the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can check it out FREE.

Get training and support to build a business that will stand the test of time.

Find out more information about my free guide on how I make money online.

No Risk-No Obligation-No Credit Card Required

If you have questions or thoughts on affiliate marketing and how you can create your own business, please take some time to leave a comment below in the comments section. I would love to hear from you and provide the answers to your questions.

  • Hi Laura
    I also looked at click funnels because of the Russell hype all over the internet but I also am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and everything is taught within this platform including landing pages, and funnels so why would anyone want to spend the huge price per month Russell is charging when anyone who wants to learn how to become great in Affiliate Marketing can do this for $49 per month. A huge price difference and real all the way.
    I also know Affiliates whether they are Super or just doing their own thing can make substantial income if they learn the ropes and use all the tools and we are so fortunate to have all we need inside WA
    Great review Laura as always- Thank you

    • Thank You, Vicki, Although there are a lot of people paying this amount of money for Russell Brunson’s click funnel I am with you on this one. Funnels are good but there has to be a better way to set them up without the high dollar expense. I am going to look at the extensive training within Wealthy Affiliate for training on setting up funnels. Vicki, Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your visits.

  • A great review of “The Secret Affiliate Machine – Clickfunnels” that Russell Brunson has built into a small empire. He has been very clever in the path that he has followed, and has created a buzz that is perhaps more than the product itself. I have tried the platform and walked away once the free trial was over.

    The reasons I walked away is that I found you were limited in the ways you could set up your funnels, the high price to use the funnels, and the competitor products that are available at a much lower price and which do more (as in features). I agree with you that much of what he advocates in his sales pitches is hype.

    Most certainly these days sales funnels are effective if used correctly, and most people use them, I do as well. But they are a complementary tool to the base of having a website (in my case websites) where I can build value for subscribers and prospects.

    Clickfunnels emphasizes using paid traffic over creating and publishing content to draw in traffic from the search engines, but unless you know what you are doing, you can lose a heck of a lot of money and get no sales. I do use paid ads, but in tandem with my organic traffic efforts. This brings my acquisition cost per customer lower, and it also is a backup traffic source that you can tap into at any time.

    There are many people promoting Clickfunnels, but I am not one. Rather, I use them as an example of how some tools are overpriced and a lot of hype compared to the perfectly usable cheaper alternatives that are available to use. The Clickfunnels platform is not a scam, but it is an overpriced limited feature tool that there are better alternatives to recommend. 


    • Dave, There are so many people supporting and promoting this click funnel that I was skeptical at first to report the truth. But it is my job to protect the public. The system is overpriced and does not deliver on what they promise. No, it is not a scam, but non-scams can take the money of a hard working online business person just the same as a real scam. 

      Thank you for your excellent comment to help the public also see what click funnels are all about. 

  • The same red flag about the 297 monthly for the secret affiliate machine-click funnels. The way it’s being presented is too much fluff and hype. I can understand why anyone would need to invest on getting a sales funnels for their affiliate marketing business, but someone who is just starting will benefit better on a training program like wealthy affiliate. What is the most important difference between Rusell’s secret affiliate machine and wealthy affiliate?

    • Eddie, this is a very good question, “What is the most important difference between Rusell’s secret affiliate machine and wealthy affiliate?”

      Click funnels promotes using click funnels without a website. I do not believe this is the ideal way to help people. It is a way but will not benefit and create trust with the consumer. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is a website building platform with extensive training. Once you get into the higher levels of training you can see that a funnel is good to build a following but there are better ways to approach this without the high dollar sales. 

  • hello Laura, I know Russell Brunson’s work from my past internet days. I was scammed many times on programs I thought would make me a quick buck and one of his programs is one that got me for a few gringos. Not that his program was a complete scam…I am just saying I had the wrong mindset those many years ago. Since I was scammed for a few thousand bucks in the past most of these up sell programs are always skeptical to me. I have learned since that if you want to make long term sustaining income you must think of you online endeavors as a true business just like you would own a brick and mortar type of business or a service business. Have you been a member of any other program of Russell’s?

    • Randall, I have not been a member of any of Russell’s other programs. 

      There are blatant scams out there and then there are people like Russell who make you believe he can deliver the moon and stars and do not follow through. These are the tough ones to review because they are legit but not the best way to do affiliate marketing. 

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