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Seacret Direct MLM Review – A Seacret Agent Or Down And Out?

Are you a beginner looking for the best opportunity in multi-level marketing, in addition, maybe you’ve been approached by a family member who says you can make big bucks with Seacret Direct MLM. What’s it all about? I’m glad you’re here because in this Seacret Direct MLM review we can find the answers to your questions.

My review will help you separate facts from scams to make a better decision about Seacret Direct MLM compensation plan and possibly the products.

Wise entrepreneurs search for the truth. They do not waste time, money or risk their reputation with unscrupulous organizations. Without delay, let’s take a closer look at Seacret MLM and see if this organization can offer you the sea.

CompanySeacret Direct
Cost To Start$49
Training IncludedNo
Trustpilot Rating3.7/5
My Overall Rating2/5
What Is BetterThe Laura Method (Affiliate Marketing)

Who Is Seacret Direct?

In 2001, Two brothers, Izhak Shabat and Moty Ben Shabat, sold Dead Sea products in shopping malls from kiosks. By the time, 2005 rolled around they began their company Seacret Spa International as a retail skincare business.

In 2011 the MLM portion of Seacret Direct was established. Now Moty is a managing partner of the company while Izhak is the president and CEO.

What Is MLM (Multilevel Marketing)?

An MLM, or Multilevel Marketing company, is a type of business that relies on its sales force to recruit additional salespeople below them, thus creating a “downline.” These salespeople then receive commissions on their own sales, as well as the sales of people they’ve recruited into the MLM.

While some people view MLMs as pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick opportunities that make up for their low pay with quick money from one’s own downline, other people use MLMs to actually make an active income.

While others work hard at their MLM business and never break even so to be on the safe side, it’s important to do your research before deciding whether or not an MLM is right for you.

Seacret Direct MLM Review

Seacret MLM has been operating for twenty years, which is quite impressive when you consider that the average lifespan of an MLM is under FIVE years. That’s not a typo. With that short lifespan, it’s a tough decision who to partner with for your financial future.

Unlike traditional retail organizations, Seacret is available only through a multi-level marketing platform. However, one can find Seacret products on Amazon; be that as it may, Seacret sells the products to independent distributors referred to as “Seacret Agents.” Yes, it’s an adorable name and a rock, solid play on words, but can it offer the income of a typical job?

The Laura Method

In addition, making money from the products is important but, the MLM side is a necessary evil if you want to have success at Seacret Direct. You are required to recruit new Agents for the company to fulfill this second stream of income.

what they sell

What Products Does Seacret Direct MLM Offer?

Seacret is a lifestyle company that offers products in Body, Nutrition, and Skincare. Some of which include:


  • Lotions
  • Body Scrubs
  • Soaps


  • Sea Salts
  • Greens powder
  • Immune and Energy

Skin Care

  • Full line of facial skin care products
  • Eye care
  • Eye makeup

The products of Seacret Direct have great reviews of 4.5 out of 5.0. Most stated that the skincare products are worth the money. Although recently, I read that Seacret has decreased the amount of product one receives for the same price, which upset a few customers.

I did look at what Seacret offers, and the prices are pretty high for small amounts of product.

How Can You Become A Seacret Agent?

A person can go to the Seacret Direct MLM website to join and be assigned an upline coach. Or they can join if a person already a Seacret Agent invites them to join their downline.

Price To Join

It will cost $49 a year to become a Seacret Agent plus “a small price” for products.

Seacret has an annual fee of $49. Year in and year out, which is not too bad, though. But you are also required to maintain a specific order-level monthly to be an active agent. Without diving into too many details, that amount will be about $50 per month minimum for the product you must purchase.

Keep in mind that it has no bearing on whether you have actual orders. We are already up to $650 a year. You will also spend a lot of time recruiting new Agents like family and friends. There are only have so many family members and friends to harass.

Although you can do much online, you may also have some travel expenses to events and customer or downline training. Let’s be conservative and say one tank of gas per month. How much is that today? Multiply that by 12 and add it to the $650.

If you’re going to succeed, you’ll want to display your product and materials professionally. You’ll need a case for the demonstration kit and standard inventory—also a portfolio for your printed materials, as well as other things like business cards.

Seacret Direct MLM Compensation Plan

As with most MLMs, Seacret Direct MLM compensation plan is complex, convoluted, and, frankly, confounding.

I read the entire compensation plan, and I am more confused than when I started. It says you can earn money in 5 different ways, but the explanations for the plan go on and on. If you really do make any money, you will never understand how you made it.

seacret direct MLM review 5 ways

In my confusion, I included a video to help you better understand the compensation plan.

Video Of The Compensation Plan

Pros And Cons

Seacret MLM has a few pros as well as cons. We will list a few pros on the positive side, and on the negative side, we’ll talk about some cons.


  • In business for 20 years
  • High-quality products
  • Cruelty-free products
  • Products have high reviews by the clients


  • Monthly minimum orders mean if you aren’t selling a quota of the product then you don’t qualify for a paycheck.
  • Compensation percentages are small unless you achieve a management type status
  • Recruiting and maintaining a team of Agents that consistently perform at minimum levels is very challenging
  • Less than 1% ever achieve meaningful compensation
  • The compensation plan is very confusing

Seacret Direct Income Disclosure

You need to maintain retail and recruiting goals at all times to reach a respectable income. But Agents do that, right? According to their company data, less than 1% of all Agents exceed $16,000 per year. If you are trying to leave your day job, $16,000 a year is way below the poverty level.

If you are looking to make a few hundred per month, it may be possible but, with this in mind, you will have additional overhead costs and will need to work them into your budget.

Is Seacret Direct MLM A Scam?

No, it isn’t a scam, but just like Chuck E Cheese, you can rack up tickets all night long and still only get a spider ring. Getting the good stuff requires an intense amount of work and focus, as well as expense.

There are many other opportunities in the marketplace that offer more for less. But, even with low compensation, it isn’t a scam.

Is Seacre Direct MLM A Pyramid Scheme?

To answer this, I have to go off of the definition of a pyramid scheme, and with this in mind, I have to say Secreat Direct is not a pyramid scheme, be as it may, it does closely resemble one, as do all MLM companies.

Video Overview Of Seacret Direct MLM Review

The Problem With MLM Companies In General

According to an FTC Government file, an MLM operation does not have a clearly defined definition. It calls MLM’s a” product-based pyramid scheme and compares it to an illegal chain letter. You know the letters you receive in the mail, it says to put a dollar in an envelope with a copy of the letter and send one to 10 people. Then if you do this, you will make a ridiculous amount of money.

The FTC Government document also states that MLM “is inherently flawed, unfair, and deceptive.”

A study conducted by the AARP Foundation revealed these statistics on MLM profits:

Nearly half (47%) of MLM participants reported that they lost money.
One in four (27%) MLM participants reported that they broke even (made no money).
One in four (25%) MLM participants reported making a profit

The study shows that 74% of the MLM participants either lost money or made no money. With Seacret Direct MLM, you will more than likely be the 74% who make no money or lose money.

My Recommendations Regarding Seacret Direct MLM

Seacret Direct MLM Review  pin

I strongly discourage anyone from becoming an Agent for Seacret. It may not be a scam, but the MLM model rewards are only a very few. Seacret will make money, but the odds of you coming out on top are very poor.

In short, it’s not worthwhile to spend all that upfront money and time to try and make $300-$500 per month. Subtract expenses, and it will equal an hourly pay rate that will insult you to the core of your hard-working soul.

Statistics indicate that you will put in the excessive effort and become discouraged in under six months. After which, you will move on.

Seacret made money from your work and now has a new batch of clients to keep making future sales. All that work you did and Seacret Direct are the only ones getting the real reward.

While it may not be dishonest, it’s certainly a disservice to you.

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