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Scroll N Bank Review – Art’s Same Old Stuff With a New Name!

Art Flair is back, but this time, the legendary affiliate marketer arrives on the scene with his newly-forged “Team Black Belt.” They are rolling out their new Scroll N Bank traffic generator to make you money. And I am here to stomp out a Scroll N Bank Review. So, sit back and watch while I judo-chop the action right out of this program!

Did you know that if you spell “Chuck Norris” in Scrabble, that you win? Forever.  Have you heard that Chuck Norris counted to infinity? Twice. You see, Chuck Norris is a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu jutsu, and judo.

That means, at some point in time, Chuck ascended from a 1980’s action star to that of an unstoppable roundhouse-kick machine with the toggle switch on World Class Destruction. Now that we have this tidbit of information under our belt, let’s get started with “Team Black Belt.”

Just as Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle, Art and Team Black Belt can make “desperate business owners pay over $297 a pop over & over”.

Welcome to Scroll N Bank, the weapon of choice for Team Black Belt. Yes, according to Art Flair, Scroll N Bank is your money-making machine.

Scroll N Bank is the latest and greatest, unlimited cash machine. It waits in the dark for the next owner to come strolling by so it can turn him upside down and empty their pockets into your funnel! Get ready to sit back and, just like Chuck Norris, effortlessly collect that big money. 

Is it really that simple? Does Chuck Norris make onions cry? Let’s take a closer look and see just how many buyers Scroll N Bank can kick loose for you. 

  1. Who are Art Flair and Team Black Belt?
  2. What is Scroll N Bank?
  3. Scroll N Bank Review
  4. Is Scroll N Bank A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding Scroll N Bank
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint

Scroll N Bank

Program Name: Scroll N Bank

Founder: Art Flair

Price: $8.00

Who Are Art Flair and Team Blackbelt?

Team Black Belt leads the way to Scroll N Bank. Their team consists of a head roundhouse sale masters, Art Flair, and a couple of interchangeable tech-oriented, takedown tough guys. In this case, the other two are Ram Rawat and Pallab Ghosal. The latter are merely protégés of the real master, so, in all honesty, they don’t carry any of that Norris nougat.

But Art Flair is bonafide. Art has been launching money-making software for an eternity, if we are talking affiliate marketing years. In all fairness, Art has a lot of experience, but it seems odd because one would think that, with all that success, we would see more of him. But no, he is still more of a ghost than not.

The Laura Method

On his FB page, he has two videos that he premiers in, and that’s it. There’s one primary photo online and a blog that bears his last name.

I scoured the internet, did a few unique online searches, went to a couple of speakeasies, sent up smoke signals, and nothing. There’s a lot of Art’s programs but not a lot of Art. Why? Well, he’s likely just maintaining his Ninja skills, so he is not seen unless 100% necessary.

But when he does make his presence known, you can bet that he’s about to do something big. I mean, really big like personally rip a hole in the space-time continuum, and money will rain down on you all day and night. At least, that is what he eludes.

mockup for art

What Is Scroll N Bank?

Just as Chuck Norris can tie a shoe with his feet, Scroll N Bank can generate customer traffic for you. All you have to do is sit on your beanbag chair, unleashing the fury in the latest Call of Duty. All-day. Every day.

How can this software deliver you $297 per scroll? I have that information. Let me enlighten you. 

Scroll N Bank Review

Scroll N Bank is the latest Art Flair juggernaut generator of traffic that travels to your chosen link. Art tells us on the sales page that you need. 

  • No laptop
  • No website
  • No special skills

That’s why it is perfect for beginners who want to do almost nothing while making fat stacks of money.

Art tells us that he tapped into 2.45 billion traffic sources, and every one of them is aimed right at your offer.

So, where does this otherworldly flow of traffic come into play? Facebook! Why Facebook? Because it’s “saturation-proof” because his last several launches are still siphoning “desperate business owners” from the FaceBook well. I’m not exactly sure what that means!

You may ask, “Why would he recreate the same program with a new name?” You see, Art loves creating new programs! An old program with a new name is less work for him. The new name sends up new SEO love and excitement. He gets people to buy the same old program (that didn’t work before) with a twist of a new name.  

Let’s examine some of the more technical information. More specifically, Scroll N Bank will:

  • Extract 1000’s of leads at no extra cost 
  • Get instant free traffic
  • Get clients paying $297 a pop
  • All it takes is a few clicks to start

But don’t take Art’s word for it! He got an early version out to a few people just like you (not people he already knew who are also marketers) and let them Beta test it. Here is a couple:

  • Mosh Bari tells us that “once you’re in the members area, you’ll see how easy it is to generate traffic and sales…on autopilot” I happen to know that Mosh Bari launches programs just like Art does. Mosh is not just like you and I. Not to mention the testimony sounds an awful lot like Art and a photo that was hand-curated by a database of generic photos.
  • And how about Vankata Ramana who is so kind to share his 100% authentic thoughts like, “easy to start with and more importantly- you can do this all day everyday”. Now how helpful is that testimony? NOT!

Just as Chuck Norris can start a fire with an ice cube, you can start making money with Scroll N Bank. 

249 a pop


Now maybe making $297 a minute doesn’t sound like enough to liberate you from financial insecurity. You want more. And why not? You’re entitled to more. So Art provides some special one-time offers for your consideration. 

  • Upgrade 1 – $39 – Unlimited Version

The user can use Scroll N Bank to market more than a single offer! Yes, multiple links are making money at the same time!

  • Upgrade 2 – $49 – Done For you (DFY)

Why do even a little work when you can just give Art a small fee and let him and his Team Black Belt do what little work there was, anyway?!

  • Upgrade 3 – $29 – Case Studies

Art lets you just choose from the eight case studies the Black Belts have created so you can use the exact same recipe for that Cash-ole!

  • Upgrade 4 – $49 – 10X Multiplier

Art knows how fun the lottery is, so here’s an option to unlock Scroll N Bank’s potential and make TEN TIMES THE MONEY!

  • Upgrade 5 – $39 – 6-Fig Training 

Train to be an affiliate under the team. WOW, not much honor here!

  • Upgrade 6 – $199 – Agency and Reseller Edition

Why not do EXACTLY what Art does and resell his product. Imagine having your own Blackbelt Team!

  • Upgrade 7 – $69 – Chatbot

Something about making money off of every platform that has customers. Doesn’t make much sense.

  • Upgrade 8 – $99 – Instadrive

Provides users with unlimited cloud storage and file hosting because if you’re going to be just like Art, you have to use the same tools. Why not pay Art more money to not have your own site when it wasn’t yours to start.

For a Grand Total of $580


  • Art Flair has launched over 40 different programs and people keep buying (not sure why)
  • Requires very little effort 
  • Simple enough beginners can use it
  • Requires no tech or tech skills
  • Only $8.00


  • Written in a “too good to be true “ style 
  • Seems very unlikely to generate $297 per minute 
  • Is yet another clone of previous software offers
  • Only $8? Really? Come on. That’s less than a #3 combo at Wendy’s 
  • Absolutely sure Facebook is cool with you and a few thousand other users siphoning from their database
  • Suspicious testimonials 
  • No DFY easy money program is a good one

Is Scroll N Bank A scam?

In short, no. Scroll N Bank doesn’t meet that definition. It does funnel Facebook’s traffic to your link and, therefore, it delivers potential. Will it produce $297 a minute traffic? Probably not. Otherwise, Team Blackbelt would be too busy filling storage units with cash because the banks can’t handle that much money. 

Art Flair’s greatest skill is product marketing. And that’s what this is. Marketing. WWho’sthe market? YOU ARE!

Could it generate income for you? Maybe but I highly doubt it. I’m just skeptical because no DFY easy money program can generate money at the same rate as the U.S. Mint. 

My Recommendations For Scroll N Bank

Scroll N Bank Review pin

I know you are tempted to go “full Black Belt” and add more round kick per second killer cash moves. I have to be honest, this program may only be $8, but it will be a big waste of your time. I don’t believe it will generate $297 a minute or any money at all for you.  

If you go in with $8.00, I believe they will talk you into many upgrades, and you will be sorely disappointed. I recommend you stay clear of Scroll N Bank altogether. RUN!!!

And a final thought, just for fun. Did you know that Chuck Norris doesn’t breathe? He just holds oxygen hostage. Just like Scroll N Bank will with your time and money.

Enough of the jokes! Now, if you don’t mind a little bit of elbow grease and gumption, I may have something a little more certain to produce results for you. 

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