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SCAM-Make Money Online Fast With Link Posting Jobs

I was researching different subjects when I ran across a SCAM site. It promises big money, to the tune of $500 a day, for link posting jobs.

I can’t even tell you what the name of the company is because they don’t give that information out unless you pay $97 to join. But I do know there are many SCAMS on the internet that offer and promise to make quick money online.

What Does This Type Of Scam Look Like?

All of the companies online that offer this type of make money fast with link posting jobs have the same principle. They provide you $15 to post a link online that will take you 4 minutes to post. Then they give you an online calculator that allows you to figure how much money you can make if you work 3-4 hour a day posting links every 4 minutes.

The total is a ridiculous amount of money per day doing something that does not exist.

calculator on a scam website
webpage with fake links diagram

Their website looks like a real site, but every link on this page including the social media links go directly to a page urging you to sign up. Most people don’t check the links, and this web-page is banking on this fact.

How To Make Money Fast With Link Posting Jobs?

I researched the company and “still do not know the name of” starts with a video of the news interviewing a mom who decided to stay home to raise her kiddos.

A newscaster talks about how a work at home business is becoming popular and how you can make money online fast. The interviewee never talks about what type of job she has. She does state that working from home can be lucrative and one needs to keep an open mind while they are researching a work from home business.

We still don’t know the name of the company; this website is promoting, and she never says she is making money online fast. It is a generic video to make you believe the person the newscaster is interviewing does the job in question.

The video in question is a classic example of deception. And oh boy there is a lot of fraud happening in this world today. That is why I love exposing a scam. I don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money. I don’t want someone to convince you to throw your money away. So from here let me tell you what I saw, and it will help you avoid scams like this.

8 Ways To Know If It’s A Link Posting Jobs Scam

  • The scammers play on your emotions
  • 3-hour work day?
  • A lot of girl photos
  • Proof of income
  • No clear job description or company name
  • Play on you guilt emotion
  • Fake reviews
  • Request personal information

The Scammers Play On Your Emotions

The text talks about how you want to stay home with your kiddos, talk with them and spend time with them. Manipulation like this alone will make a mom want to spend the money to be with her kiddos.

A 3-hour Work Day?

You only have to work 3 hours a day, but if you want to work more, you can earn $500 a day. But this mom on this site is quoted saying it is not essential to work more than 10-12 hours a week.

Does this sound too good to be true? When was the last time you talked to a real person who makes $60,000+ a year working 3 hours a day? The truth is if you make that kind of money you have an excellent job and the company is not going to allow you only to work 3 hours a day. They will require 40+ hours a week

girl with baby on her lap sitting at a computer

A Lot Of Girl Photos

This site has a lot of photos of girls (because that is an easy target, sadly) sitting with their laptop with a smile or sitting with their baby on their lap working on a computer.

Showing pictures like this is visual manipulation at its best. They want you to believe people do this at home. I got excited reading the text, and I knew it was a scam. They are again playing on your emotion of maternal instinct.

Proof Of Income

A photo of a girl holding up a check that you can not read said she made as much as $8947.00 in a month. Have you heard the term “paid actors?” These sites use paid advertisement to convince you.

Not to mention this girl did not say she made this money with link posting jobs. It does elude to it but does not say it.

No Clear Job Description Or Company Name For Link Posting Jobs

OK, so about 2/3 way down the page we find out it could be a computer software job.

That is it!!! The only mention of any job or a company name “computer software.” Still, we do not know the name of this company so we can not research it with the better business bureau.

Play On Your Guilt Emotion

About ¾ way down the page a girl makes a statement that she did not go to university so she cannot make this kind of money anywhere.

They are trying to make you feel guilty which is just another play on the emotion. You are led to believe you can trust this business and it will help you create something for yourself. I can tell you that you can be proud of yourself just because you wake up every morning and make it to the next day.

Fake Reviews

As we come to the end of the page, I see a ton of reviews.

They are not real reviews because there are no picture gravatars that you usually see on a real comment. I clicked on one of the reviewer’s names, and it redirected me to a page that is again playing on the emotion and trying to convince you that you can make money online fast with link posting jobs.

Request Personal Information

Once you pay for the job, you will have to put in your bank account information so you can get paid.

I didn’t pay for a job, so I do not know this part for sure. But when I affiliate with a merchant, I give my account information on a secure website, so I too can get paid since this is a scam site, who knows what these scammers will do with your bank and credit card information.

I Signed Into Link Posting Jobs So You Won’t Have To

Once on the site I took a chance and filled out the form so I could see what was next.

The next page which was a more extended version of the first page. But to get to the second page, I had to give my name, email and phone number.

The first thing I saw was what I thought might be a company name. But when I looked it up, it did not exist. So, once again we still do not have a name of this company. BIG, HUGE red flag!!!!

As you can see with this screenshot the part about working for 3 hours a day and making as much as $500 a day has now changed to work 60 minutes a day.

Oh but look here I see that video again of a girl who is interviewed by a newscaster. Throughout the video, she never recommends the company in question but says working from home is something to research. The point I am making is scammers use other peoples videos and photos to make you believe they are legit.

Toward the end of the page, it starts to talk about how much it will cost you to take this job. It is only $99 because the owner cares so much for you. Oh, but he is going to give you a discount, and you only have to pay $97 now.

Note Of Interest

Remember that you never have to pay to get a job. You get paid when you work you don’t pay someone to give you a job. Scammers aggravate me because they are stealing money from good people.  I believe in working for what you earn and making a legacy for you and your family. But enough of that for now.

An hour after I did sign up I received a text message from this company. It was noncommittal but stated I could have a discount since I didn’t sign up before. I am sure these scammers will sell my phone number to make some extra income. Was it worth it? Yes, because I want to make sure I give you all the information I can. 

We still don’t have a name of the company. It doesn’t even tell me who it is. No full number and no photo. But now I get a 60% discount. 

text message from a scam company

Further Research Of Link Posting Jobs

I did not continue the sign up process or pay any money, but I did do some new research into what happens after you spend your money. The scammers disappear and never send you the information for your link posting jobs.

I also found a different scenario. Sometimes you can get services from a company that will help your business for only $97. They want more money to have higher levels of coaching and higher levels of links, but in the end, you never see your money. For a scammer, the money is all that is important.

link Posting Jobs pin

Final Thoughts

The scam I have exposed here is just one of the many scams like this one out there. They are all the same but have different approaches and web faces.  It is not a legitimate business. You can not make money online fast and definitely not with link posting jobs.

Be very careful giving any credit card information out online and my recommendation is, never wire transfer money to anyone as it is non-refundable.

Millions fall for a scam each year because the scammers are so convincing. So, please be aware and be safe online.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

22 thoughts on “SCAM-Make Money Online Fast With Link Posting Jobs”

  1. Make money fast should be the first give away when determining what you are looking at.  I know as a marketer I am getting tired of all the scams circulating out there.It seems for every decent opportunity there are hundreds of scams.The key in my eyes is education just like this article of yours.People need to keep reading articles like this before they spend there hard earned money on absolutely garbage programs.Thank you for taking the time to write this.Dale

    • Dale, I do love your comment. I feel the exact same way. But even though I write these articles I too get caught in scams. People are so convincing and I am way too trusting. so I hope to inform the world so others won’t be caught also. And yes you are right in the “make money fast” there is not fast money. 

  2. Wow, like seriously! Who does that, You mean they wouldn’t evenn tell you the name of the company unless. you paid $97 to join, what a way to go about scamming people. To start with I personally ignore any program seen promising huge sum of money for doing little or nothing. I just people can read your reviews and learn not to fall victims of these online crooks

    • I know right!!!! But I think people are hungry for money. The cost of living is soo high right now, and people need money so bad. I do hope people will read and take heed to this post as you have said. Thank you for stopping by. 

  3. Hi Laura it’s amazing how you keep exposing more of these scam sites, I must say the rate at which these scam sites operate is now frequent,  not only do they take your hard earned money, when payments are made credit card information could be stolen or worse, I have at a point in time been a victim of this circumstance. Please keep up the good work on revealing more scam sites.

    • It is so bad for people to lose their hard earned money to scams. And afterward, they feel so guilty. I will keep writing to expose scams as long as they are out there. And I believe that will be forever and a day. Please feel free to pass this on if you know someone who needs it. Thank you

  4. Interesting, if they don’t give out the company after we pay them money, how can we check it out on BBB? Red flag to me. Also after you gave out your email, name and number you still can’t find out the business name? Another red flag for me too! People, please do your research before you are getting into any program. Don’t waste you hard earned money on the so so platform or scam. There are many great platform out there for the fraction of the price. Don’t buy into these false claims!! Great article, will share it with my friends. 

    • Right, right and right. So many red flags but these people can be so convincing. It is hard not to get caught up in the hype and excitement of the thought of some money coming in. The biggest red flag is, no one can make large sums of money fast. It just doesn’t happen. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. Hello Laura! Nice review on Make money online fast with link posting jobs. I will keep on advising those starting out in online business not to be carried away with all the glamours and talks of making hundreds of dollars just by doing some tasks that are not even meaningful when critically analyzed. Greedy folks are usually swindled of their hard earned money probably because they want to get rich quick.Those scammers tactics are usually the same. Like you aptly wrote, they play on one’s emotion, use female pictures (probably because we are more vulnerable), lure you to sign up page which of course is not for free and then mesmerize you with those fake testimonials. Bottom line is, there are no quick means of making money, hard work comes first before the dividends of hard work will start trickling in.

    • Yes, you are right, It takes hard work to make money and time to build a legacy. No fast cash schemes will ever take you to the same place. Not to mention you will have nothing to be proud of if you don’t build it yourself. 

  6. The way I filter scam website is that, I have a general belief that if it is too good to be true, most likely, it is not true. When you see a platform that promise heaven and earth, that if you give them your money, with little effort, you make extra large sum of money. Their is actually no way one can make money without putting in in any effort, it is quite difficult. It is only a scam website that tells you to work for 3 hours and get paid up to the sum of 100 dollars.😂

    • I agree with you. False promises of big money are entirely a scam. But they are so convincing and manipulative. Please share this article so more people will be aware of these people taking their money. Thank you so much. 

  7. This is the right article everyone needs to read before going on internet searching for ways to earn money. Nowadays there are so many websites claiming that you can make money in quick amount of time but we don’t know if it is a scam or not. This article has a step by step guide to figure out whether a website is a scam or not. 

    It was really easy to understand and follow the article. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • It is my pleasure to expose scams so others can be aware and stay safe. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I do appreciate you. 

  8. I once was victim of these scams where actors actually show you how much they have made in one single day and I fell for that crap since then I have learned to look very carefully and not fall this kind of crap but not antill I have found wealthy affiliate that shown me all the tricky the scammers use thanks to blog like this I am know far much better.

    • I am so sorry to hear you were sucked into a scam like this. It is so easy for these type of people to convince unsuspecting people. I am happy you now know that the only way to make money is with work and effort. 

  9. What a crazy scam hahah i can’t imagine how may more of these quiet blatant scams are out there, poor people. Thank you for checking it out so we don’t have to. It is actually very hard to scam anyone on the internet nowadays. All you have to do is google and do your due diligence, it amazing how many people are so desperate that they jump at anything. There are legit opportunities out there but nothing comes overnight

    • Oh, I know people just don’t check it out. I urge everyone to check with the better business bureau before getting into anything that sounds sketchy. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Your input helps others be aware. 

  10. You mean to tell me… that after working 23 years to receive a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering that I can double what I make every day just simply by signing up for this site?! No way!

    Ha, thanks for exposing this very blatant scam. If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is. 

    To be fair, yeah you can sit there all day and post links but that sounds like probably the most mundane, ridiculous, and painful opportunity I’ve ever heard of. 

    Anyway, I’m glad you exposed the shady qualities of this unknown business opportunity. I really just stick to affiliate marketing these days and it saves me a ton of time getting scammed by scum like this that falsify income, falsify reviews, and ultimately are just out trying to steal your money. 

    Appreciate the great exposure here! Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks, Dalton, I just told my husband today that after exposing and researching so many scams I don’t trust anyone on the internet except my own affiliate marketing business. I have worked hard and long to build it. 

       The dishonest scammers are everywhere. And to think you can make some “big bucks” posting links and you spent all that time in school. What were you thinking? LOL Thanks for a good laugh. Have a great night. 

  11. Hey Laura

    So many of these hideous so-called “Business” opportunities online and so many people are being ripped off every day so good on you for bringing this one to the attention of your readers.
    I’m getting better at picking up what is real and what is not and I highly recommend your recommendation to people to join Wealthy Affiliate
    It is an awesome platform filled with amazing pieces of training, tutorials, in fact, everything people need to build a solid trustworthy business online and thanks for sharing this today

    • Hi Vicki,
      You are so right. There are business scams everywhere. It is sad but what isn’t sad is what a person can learn and become with Wealthy Affiliate. Incredible extensive training to build a business that will build a legacy. Thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate and love comments. If I can be of assistance to you in any way please let me know.


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