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ProfitGram Review – Is It ProfitGram or Profit Scam?

ProfitGram provides unlimited marketing messaging with built-in Instagram SMTP servers and IPs. A dedicated chatbot answers mass replies to your offer. 

There are some challenges managed by leveraging 24/7 customer support from marketing gurus. Built-in commercial licensing provides access to all features and complies with Federal Trade Commission regulations.

An intuitive interface creates ease of use for those lacking in-depth technical knowledge. A high percentage opens provide a significant response to marketing offers. 

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Let’s take a closer look at ProfitGram to determine if it’s truly ProfitGram or a Profit Scam.

  1. Who are the owners, Mike McKay and Radu Hahaianu?
  2. What is ProfitGram?
  3. ProfitGram Review
  4. Is ProfitGram A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding ProfitGram?
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: ProfitGram

Founders: Mike McKay and Radu Hahaianu

Price: $16.93

Who Are The Owners, Mike McKay And Radu Hahaianu?

Mike McKay is a contact center manager, training coach, and internet entrepreneur from Janesville, WI. He is a Marine veteran and former operations manager of “The Cable Shopping Network” and attended Mt San Antonio College.

Radu Hahaianu is an internet marketing entrepreneur specializing in contact software.

What Is ProfitGram?

ProfitGram is a marketing contact technology enabling users to send mass numbers of prospects sales offers to Instagram accounts. An additional component gathers phone numbers from the “Instagram autoresponder” and sends messages directly to consumers via their smartphones instead of email marketing.

Profitgram review image

ProfitGram Review

According to the launch page, the user can send any message with any link to up to two billion people. Mike and Radu profess a 98% open rate vs. a 3-5% open rate in email blasts.

The user is unencumbered by large downloads or multiple servers. The Profitgram dashboard has drag-and-drop-style technology. ProfitGram comes with built-in licensing to ensure FTC compliance and 24/7 marketing support.

Using ProfitGram does not require you to furnish a contact list (though you can), do any configuration (as many autoresponders will), nor pay any additional fees for the traffic. A unique feature is the dedicated auto-reply chatbot, which instantly provides your answers to customer questions.

You can only imagine how challenging it would be to field every question quickly even if .25% reply to the offer, as that would be ten million messages.

How well does it work? According to the sales page, “You could be the next Zuckerberg” If that name doesn’t ring a bell, then you’ve definitely chosen the wrong industry and have likely been in a coma for many years and should just be focused on recovery for now.

Otherwise, you recognize how powerful Mike & Radu believe ProfitGram to be. According to the sales page, the value of all you are receiving is $8,461. You only pay a one-time fee of $16.93.

The $8,000 plus “value” seems overstated, but that is relative to the return on investment. For that value to be reasonable, I would need to make a minimum of $40,000 via ProfitGram.


There are 5 upsells with Profitgram. Nowhere can I find information on what each upsells offers. And nowhere does it tell me what I will get for the $16.93 initial fee. I am a bit leary about Profitgram at this point because there is not enough information on what I can do with it without the upgrades.

Profitgram Pro Edition – $37

Profitgram Enterprise Edition – $47

Profitgram DFY Edition – $39

Profitgram Reseller Edition – $197

Profitgram IMX Bundle – $97


  • Send your affiliate link to up to 2 Billion prospects
  • Product is licensed to meet FTC regulations
  • Does not require user to download large amounts of software or need large servers
  • Does not require user to furnish contacts
  • Contact is made via smartphone vs email
  • Has a dedicated chatbot to field customer questions
  • Can send any link, or they will provide their links, so you can market ProfitGram
  • Low price of $16.93 comes with 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works for beginners as does not require any tech experience


  • Sensational language makes claims like, “You could be the next Zuckerberg”
  • Limited information on owners
  • Two Billion contacts seems unrealistic
  • The stated value of what you’re getting is over $8,000

Is ProfitGram A Scam?

No, I don’t think it is a scam at all. Is it sensationalized? Well, Yes, kind of like a WWE match between “The Rock and John Cena.” It takes audacity to suggest anyone who uses this will be Mark Zuckerberg now or in the future. Having said that, I think it does have the potential to generate income.

But like any affiliate offer we send out in emails or to Instagram per Profitgram takes time and repeated effort. So I’m giving a small warning that you may make money but not fast money.

Having the ability to distribute your offer to even several hundred thousand would be exponentially worth more than $16.93. Yet, I feel a tinge of skepticism on reaching two billion, as that’s more than 1/4 of Earth’s population.

There are a few things that lend credibility to the offer. One is that it is a licensed technology, which means it’s registered for a particular purpose. Supporting that idea is a series of rules for the use of ProfitGram.

The list of prohibited uses is in line with regulations by the FTC. The information indicated they are serious about conducting business the right way as they want to continue doing business and aren’t just a fly-by-night organization.

The fact they have an actual contact where you can ask questions and obtain clarification PRIOR TO dropping your almost $17 on a marketing technology you have no experience with is unusually above board.

And finally, the dedicated chatbot is a major factor in the validity of this investment. Questions will arise if you deliver an offer to hundreds of thousands, millions, or…yes, even billions of prospects. Having a dedicated chatbot to field those questions helps me see forethought and a desire for real success in the tool.

My Recommendations For ProfitGram

profitgram reivew pin

In summation, I actually think an investment in Profitgram could be a worthy opportunity to go to market and, perhaps, generate cash flow, but only if you get all you need with the initial price. But don’t go calling yourself “Zuckerberg” until you’re running a global company worth a hundred gazillion dollars.

The lack of information on the upsells is a Red Flag for me. I do not recommend buying the upgrades. If you pay $16.93 and can’t do what you had hoped, I suggest getting your money back right away.

One more thing…

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my Profitgram review of this exciting tool. Second, If you’d like to leverage ProfitGram, or any other affiliate marketing tool to the maximum potential, consider looking at my 4-Step Blueprint.

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