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Profit Point Autonomy Review-Automated Done For You $500 A Day

We are in the age of fast, easy money around every corner; you see someone promising you money with no investment and no work. To help you avoid a bad product, I do reviews on these programs. Today we will do the Profit Point Autonomy review, a completely automated done for you system that says you can make $500 a day.

Have you heard of the “shiny object syndrome? Basically, it is people looking for an easier way to make money. Maybe to earn extra money and maybe to make your online business easier.

So in light of this information, I was minding my business, meaning I was working from home, and received an email telling me about a new automated done-for-you system that can make you $500 a day. 

I clicked on the video to hear a spokesperson for Profit Point Autonomy say he has developed an app that can create serious cash to flood your bank account every day. 

I have reviewed numerous scams, and the phrase “flood your bank account every day” was a HUGE red flag for me. But I wanted to keep an open mind so I can give you an honest review. 

Today I will be covering:

  1. Profit Point Autonomy?
  2. Profit Point Autonomy Review-Automated Done For You $500 A Day
  3. Profit Point Autonomy Review Concerns
  4. My recommendations regarding Profit Point Autonomy
  5. 4-Step Blueprint

Profit Point Autonomy

Program name: Profit Point Autonomy

Founder: I never located a founder, but the testimonials call the person Mason

Price: $47 with upsells

Profit Point Autonomy Review-Automated Done For You $500 A Day

The spokesperson starts by giving an example: he reminds you of how you use to buy parts for a stereo to have a sound system. But today, the sound system is compact. He compares this stereo system to his new program stating it is compact to earn money on the internet. 

The Laura Method

Oh, and to stay till the end because there is a special surprise for you. But when I looked, I didn’t see a special surprise. 

Profit Point Autonomy Review-Automated Done For You $500 A Dayspokes person for profit point autonomy

Profit Point Autonomy Review has revealed a few things”

  • This is an app that has taken the hassle out of affiliate marketing
  • A turn-key website business that will generate $500 a day directly to your bank. 
  • You a virtual money machine of your own
  • An endless supply of cash by only answer a few questions
  • The app is a “done for you” system to do all the work for you.
  • The video walks you through the process of setup. 
  • You click a button, and you have your own website.
  • The website is built for you.
  • All you do is collect the money. 

Now he is playing on your sense of urgency with the count-down timer when he states: Oh, but wait, there are only two spots available, so hurry. This is a ploy to get you to buy now. I mean, please!! Only 2 spots left! Not true, they will take your money as long as you want to give it.

He says his site is making millions. Of course, it is because he is preying on innocent people to give him money. The more he makes with this ridiculous program, the more you lose.

We know the rest of the story. Only a few spots available; keep this quiet, and you will be rich without any work. Now how many people get rich without putting in the work? NO ONE!!

All of these scams are the same. But let’s see what comes next after you pay your $47. 

Profit Point Autonomy Review-Automated Done For You $500 A Daypromises from a scam

The first thing he has to offer you are upsells. Upsells are typical of a program such as this one. 

The basic program for $47 is sketchy training on affiliate marketing, and it isn’t even a good informative course.

I know it isn’t good because I am an affiliate marketer. It takes more than a bit of quick training to manage your online business.

He has fake testimonies. In one of the statements, a girl says, “I still don’t know what affiliate marketing is.” She purchased the program and went through the training and still doesn’t understand affiliate marketing. Well, that says a lot for the Profit Point Autonomy Review I am doing.

Profit Point Autonomy Review Concerns

With Profit Point Autonomy, you will not make money. This program is set up to earn the founder money, and we don’t know who that is.

  1. Pressure sales: I will only offer this to 8 people; this video will not be here next time you check. (NOT true, I checked)
  2. No one ever tells us who founded this product. 
  3. There is very little information about how you will make this much money.
  4. Numerous claims to earn $500 a day just pouring into your bank account without any evidence to prove it.
  5. Very little to no information on the inside. Just a lame affiliate marketing training. 
  6.  Claims to get rich quick with little to no work required. Do you really think this is possible?
  7. A statement that you only have to make a few clicks and the system does it for you.
  8. A statement that it is all automated, and you don’t have to do anything except collect the money. 
  9. False testimonies.

My Recommendations Regarding Profit Point Autonomy

I am going to give my My Profit Point Autonomy Review a THUMBS DOWN.

The founder is not honest with us about earning this money and what we will find inside his program. He is hiding things from us to get us to pay the money to make him rich. 

There are tons of concerns that point says this program is a SCAM!

After reading my Profits Point Autonomy Review what do you think? Is there a way to make tons of money without any work? And do you think online businesses make $176,000 a year doing nothing? 

I have written reviews on so many scams. Please be careful. Companies like this are manipulative and try to make you believe lies.

It is so sad these companies make a mockery out of reputable companies. They break your trust before you even get started. 

Profit Point Autonomy is a scam, without a doubt. You will lose your money if you join, but the founder will get rich. 

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “Profit Point Autonomy Review-Automated Done For You $500 A Day”

  1. This is a very good cautionary post for anyone being conned by anyone of the numerous online scams to make money online. I have fallen for some myself. I think everyone wants an easy way to make easy money and with financial pressures being a big thing for many families it is no wonder people get caught up in these scams. 

    You have clearly outlined the reasons or red flags you saw in this one as a scam and those same criteria could be applied to test any other program promising an easy get rich quick scheme.  

    I liked that you informed us of a very viable and genuine alternate way to make money online by suggesting Wealthy Affiliate. .

    Thank you for a timely warning and for revealing a true and tried option to the many online scams. 

    • Judy, Thank you for stopping by. Yes, times are hard, and many are looking for a way to make money fast to pay the bills. But there is no get-rich-quick way to make money. 

      Those who fall for these scams will feel like they were dumb. But that is not true. These people are so convincing that many fall for it. 

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is an honest way to make an income, but it does take hard work and time. If those in need started now, they would be able to pull themselves out of the trenches within a year. Now that is no guarantee, but it is a time frame to shoot form. 

  2. Gah! I’m so tired of all these scam “opportunities” today.

    Seriously, if it’s just a few clicks and I’ll get $500 per day, why are you wasting your time sharing it with me?  LOL

    Programs that hide their founders and use fake testimonials are nothing but a money grab for the people promoting them.

    Thank you for sharing this with others.  I hope it saves them from a costly mistake.


    • Scott, you and me both. They are popping up everywhere. And they tend to use the same format with all of the red flags. I too hope people will find this review before they lose their hard-earned money. 

  3. I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for more than a decade now and with my experience, I am wondering how in this world will you able to build an annual income of $176,000 doing nothing? 

    To me, that alone is big red flag that tells something is wrong with this Profit Point Autonomy. I commend you for doing this review, and for recommending people to rather check Wealthy Affiliate. 

    In all of these years of marketing online, the blogs of the members of Wealthy Affiliate are seen occupying the top ranks in Google, a proof that they may be getting a good value from the training they receive.

    • I can’t agree with you more. And yes the proof is there that Wealthy Affiliate is a time-tested world-class platform. I would love for people to see that and know the integrity Wealthy Affiliate has. 

  4. Thank you for writing this review about Profit Point Autonomy.   I got an email about it also. 

    All of the scams seem to have the same list of “red flags.”    I think the one that bugs me the most is the pressure tactic.     

    Realistically, why would a company want to sell an automated ap to only eight people?   

    If they were offering live, one-on-one training with the owner/founder, that would be different.   After all, one person only has so many hours in a day.    But, limiting the sales of an ap – to only eight people? They are cutting their own throats.   

    I agree with you.  Best to stay away.      

    • I think they say the offer is for eight people to make people think they have to hurry or they will miss out. This pressure sales tactic does work. So many rush into it instead of checking it out as you have. You are wise to look this up before you fell for it. 


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