PicMonkey Photo Editor-My Best Review

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PicMonkey Photo Editor


Picnik employees Brian Terry, Justin Huff, Jonathan Sposato, Charlie Whiton, and Lisa Conquergood all former employees of Picnik founded PicMonkey in 2012. Picnik formerly owned by Google but shut down in 2010


The PicMonkey photo editor is an editing and design service. PicMonkey offers a mobile app, and you can access it online through your web browser.

You can edit photos and create designs by applying effects, touch up people photos, text with numerous fonts, overlays, frames, and textures. You can also choose from themes and templates to create your design.

PicMonkey also allows you to undo and redo with arrows at the bottom. You can save to hub and share with multiple devices, or export to your computer.

Benefits of PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a fierce photo editing app with tremendous potential for the beginner and novice alike.

  1. Business-you can design logos, business cards or birthday cards, or you can also edit any picture and have high-quality images for your business site
  2. Touch-ups-you can touch up faces or clone any photo to redesign what you see in the image. This one is my favorite. If you took a picture of 2 dogs and you only want one in the image, you can clone one out.
  3. Sharing-you can share between multiple devices, save to hub, and use mobile apps.

Spend some quality time with PicMonkey

What can PicMonkey do for you?

PicMonkey is an effortless and exciting way to fulfill the needs of any business.

As a blogger, I have two choices for images on my websiteFast site speed is the ultimate in Affiliate marketing. When a person comes to your site and has to wait longer than 2-3 seconds for it to load, they will click out and go elsewhere. One choice is to resize every image after you download them to your site media file. Or two is to use Picmonkey to resize all of your pictures before downloading them to your site.

If your media ratio is 400 pixel and you have a 400×300 pixel photo your site will have to resize it every time your website is uploaded. But if you go into PicMonkey, you can do an overlay with the design editor, or resize it and your photo will be 400×400 pixel. Consequently, your site will load faster when the images are the correct size.

But let’s say you want to edit your photos from a night out with friends. You can enhance any photo to make everyone look ten years younger with a photo touch up. This feature brings photo-shopping to a whole new level. Who doesn’t want to look younger?

PicMonkey is a brilliant app with excellent features for any business or home.

How do you use PicMonkey?


Training, Help, and Support

PicMonkey has a Youtube channel with videos that teach everything you can imagine about their product. Check it out here. You will also have 78 articles under the help section in your account. These articles cover troubleshooting to Mobile and everything in between. If you don’t find the answer there or in the videos, you may contact PicMonkey directly through email.


Plans Monthly Pricing
Annual Pricing
Hub storage for images
Basic $7.99 $5.99 Up to 50 images
Pro $12.99 $9.99 Unlimited

What I like about PicMonkey

  • Numerous fonts-PicMonkey offers a staggering number of fonts.
  • Overlays- you can create an overlay or choose from a whole array of overlays provided by PicMonkey
  • Touch up tools-this feature is phenomenal. You can make any person look ten years younger
  • The ability to resize any photo
  • Make a logo like a pro
  • Auto adjust to enhance any photo
  • Sharing on multiple devices with the mobile app
  • Ability to build a terrific collage in many shapes and sizes
  • The drop shadow frame to make a photo pop
  • graphic design templates perfect for social media

Graphic design templates sized just for social. Take PicMonkey's ad-vice.

What I don’t like about PicMonkey

  •  No drag and drop feature
  • Can only work with one picture at a time makes it challenging to compare colors when I am using the overlay feature
  • When I build a collage, I have to export to the editor to complete the photo and can’t go back if I want to change colors or photos

Final Thoughts

PicMonkey is a photo editing app with sharing capabilities across multiple devices.

PicMonkey does offer a 5-day free trial, but after five days, you will need to upgrade to use this app. The yearly price does provide a considerable discount over the monthly rate, as shown in the chart above.

I have been using PicMonkey for three years. I do not use all of the features, but the ones I do use are spectacular and well worth the price, in my opinion. Now that they offer the mobile app and I can share across multiple devices, I no longer need my other mobile apps. It is more convenient to work with one app.

The developers have listened to their customers and improved the platform with continued upgrades like the new PicMonkey and mobile sharing. As the world of internet progresses, so does, PicMonkey and Google does love this.

One other thing Google loves is the speed on my website. With the ability to resize my images, my site runs much faster.

I would like to see a drag and drop feature and the ability to navigate back and forth from building a collage to the editor shortly. PicMonkey has stepped up to the plate before, and I believe they will do so again with these two features.

It is no secret that I believe PicMonkey is the best photo editing tool in the business. I don’t think I can do my job as an affiliate marketer without PicMonkey photo editing app. I love what I can do with PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is my go-to for every photo editing need.

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I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and ask questions in the comment section below.PicMonkey

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

6 thoughts on “PicMonkey Photo Editor-My Best Review”

  1. Dear Laura,

    Thanks again for the very thorough and comprehensive review post. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers. For sure, no additional research needed.

    Being a full-time blogger while writing content to my posts photo editing covers a big part of my work. And after reading the benefits of PicMonkey I think its a must have one. I got great insights from this review post and the video you embedded on how to use PicMonkey is very helpful.

    Through your review post you are saving people time and effort.

    Wishing you great Success!


    • Hi Paul, Yes I also believe PicMonkey is a must have for bloggers and online businesses. We use so many photos it is so hard to function without it. 

  2. Thank you for this review.  I had not heard of PicMonkey before.  I have 2 blogging sites and I’m starting to put more focus on the design elements of those sites. Specifically icons and logos.

    Do you think PicMonkey would be a good choice to meet my needs?  I really need to get them done to finish my look.

    I’ll have to check them out.

    Thanks again,


    • Scott, 

      I do believe PicMonkey would be a very good choice for your needs. You can make practically anything you need. You can design your own logo unlike anyone else. 

      Give the free version a try. I do believe you will love it. 

  3. Thanks for recommending PicMonkey. For me, I am using the simple Snagit to do photo editing and resizing. But it slow down my computer and does not seem to have good speed. Is PicMonkey cloud based solution? I am quite concern because in the country I stay, internet connectivity can sometimes be pretty slow.

    • I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. It does make it difficult to run an online business with issues. PicMonkey is cloud based. It may very well be a good option for you in your country. 


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