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Paying Social Media Jobs Review – [Not Recommended]

First thing first, I believe this company has contacted the wrong person. I write reviews on scams like this one, and I had to check them out when they stepped into my world, which prompted my Paying Social Media Jobs Review. 

I received a lovely comment on one of my Youtube videos. It was actually a great interactive comment on a video about “How To Engage Your Readers.” I enjoyed the comment but noticed a link to their YouTube channel right away. So I checked it out. 

It was a promotion for Paying Social Media Jobs that claims I can make $700 a day. 

Let’s look at Paying Social Media Jobs to see what they offer. We will cover:

  • Who is Behind Paying Social Media Jobs
  • What is Paying Social Media Jobs 
  • Paying Social Media Jobs Review
  • Upgrades
  • Is Paying Social Media Jobs A Scam?
  • My recommendations regarding Paying Social Media Jobs 

Paying Social Media Jobs

Program Name: Paying Social Media Jobs

Founder: Annie Jones (not a real person)

Price: $27

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Who Is Behind Paying Social Media Jobs?

Now that is a good question because Annie Jones, who heads up Paying social media jobs, is not a real person. Annie Jones is many people, but she is not the person in the photo. As a matter of fact, she has many very similar images on Shutterstock and Adobe stock images. 

When I looked her up as a social media marketing person, I found Annie Jones, but it was not this one. So it sounds like she borrowed the name from a social media expert and the photo from a stock photo site. 

Right off the bat, is that someone we want to trust. NOT!

The Laura Method

Annie Jones (not Annie Jones) says she has 12 months of experience in social media. She also says she will take you by the hand to train you to make money managing social media accounts. 

The Laura Method

This is the method I use to build a passive income with affiliate marketing. Geared toward the beginner who is looking to supplement their retirement income, the Laura Method is a simple step-by-step system that any recent retiree (or beginner) can use to start an affiliate business.

What Is Paying Social Media Jobs About?

Well, that is also an excellent question. Paying Social Media Jobs is a platform that helps you find social media accounts to comment on or, in their words, to manage. All you have to do is work a few minutes commenting, getting follows and likes, and possibly posting for a company. 

Paying Social Media Jobs Review

As I mentioned earlier, I received a promotion for Paying Social Media Jobs on my YouTube channel in the form of a comment on one of my videos. 

I clicked on the link and found the promotion, believing I would make $700 a day by applying for this job. The sales page says I can make a full-time income, which very well may be a misleading income claim. It also eluded that the program was free like if I took a day job, I would not pay them to work; instead, they would pay me. 

After clicking on the link, I took a quiz that asked which social media platform I am on the most. I responded with YouTube. After finishing the quiz, I found out that I am most suited for Facebook. NOT TRUE! 

I was then told that I could make $125 a day commenting on Facebook. But wait, I thought I would make $700 a day. 

Already I don’t trust the program. The Red Flags are screaming at me to run. 

Deeper Dive

But let’s go ahead and look deeper at this program. 

At the end of the sales page, it asked me to pay $27 to join the platform. Now, this isn’t really that much money, but what will I get for my money?

First, you get a bonus to a program called perpetual that has nothing to do with social media jobs. 

In a nutshell, you get training modules on social media management working for businesses. Also, you will have job boards with information on freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer that you can join to advertise your new skill. So, you don’t get social media job listings; instead, they provide you with areas to find these jobs on your own. 

There is also some training on affiliate marketing with Clickbank and JVZoo, which again has nothing to do with social media. In other words, Annie (Not Annie) is promoting programs in hopes that you will buy one, and she will make a commission from your purchase. 

All of the complete training information in this program is something you can find on the internet if you search. So why pay Annie money to teach you. Not to mention, an excellent social media manager needs a lot more training than 24 hours. 

Frankly, as a business owner myself, I would not want to hire a social media manager who has only had 24 hours of training. A person without the experience can drastically harm everything I have put together on my social platforms. 

To sum it up:

  • You pay Annie $27
  • Secondly, you take 24 hours of training
  • Then you find businesses to work for
  • And you can make an inconsistent amount of money – Annie gives us many different amounts of income you will make. 
  • Not to mention, you can purchase other programs to make Annie a commission. 


Basic plan membership fee – $27 – which is a one-time membership fee for lifetime access.

#1 Upgrade – Express Pass upgrade – $97 – personal representative, highest paying jobs hand-picked for you, premium support

#2 Upgrade – 12 months VIP access – $67 – I’m not sure what this one has to offer

#3 Upgrade – 2 apps – $57 – “Online paid writing jobs” and “write app reviews,” these are 2 apps this program attempts to sell to you.

#4 Upgrade – Choose one app – $37 – in case you don’t want both apps, you can choose just one

#5 Upgrade – Done For You System – $37 – if you don’t have time to do the work, this system will do it for you.


  • The training isn’t bad, but you can get it anywhere free
  • 60-day money-back guarantee that Clickbank will honor


  • You don’t need to pay for social media training
  • Annie is fake, so who is hiding in the background?
  • Not all of the information in the program pertains to your new social media job
  • The upsells are ridiculous because most don’t relate to social media
  • Annie tries to sell you unrelated programs to make money for herself

Trustpilot Reviews

Paying Social Media Jobs has a poor rating on Trustpilot, and Trustpilot is a well-trusted site.  

paying social media jobs review ratings
paying social media jobs review reviews

Is Paying Social Media Jobs A scam?

Paying Social Media Jobs is not a scam. You spend money and get information that Annie calls training. But it is not worth the money you put into it since you can find this information on the internet. I would have to say no, it is not worth the money you pay.

My Recommendations After My Paying Social Media Jobs Review

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So the bottom line is I do not recommend this program as it will be a complete waste of money because all of this information is on the internet as well as on YouTube.  

As I mentioned, I don’t think Paying Social Media Jobs is a scam. However, there is no reason to pay $27 to learn what you can research and learn free on the internet. The freelance platforms are well known, and you can find them without this program. 

I personally would not hire marketing managers to handle my social media platforms who do not have proper training. 

Annie is fake, making it hard for me to trust what she says. Why does the person who developed this program feel the need to hide? And what are they hiding?

The Laura Method

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