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Online Dating And Scams – Don’t Let This Happen To You

How did online dating and scams happen to be in the same sentence? It doesn’t seem right that these two words should be related. But in today’s world of internet scams are everywhere. In addition, dating scams, otherwise known as romance scams are becoming more and more prevalent.

In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reported a $220 million loss by victims of romance scams. Equally important, they also stated that 14,546 people became victims of online dating scams.

What Is An Online Dating And Scams?

An online dating scam happens when a person takes the identity in the form of an online name and photo and gains the affection of another. In like manner, a person convinces a victim they have romantic intentions towards them. The scammer will very quickly try to take the conversation to a more private site like texting or skype. Then, once the victim begins to communicate on a new location, the scammer calls the victim baby, honey, sweetheart, and tells the victim how beautiful or handsome they are.

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The romance scammer may take months to build the trust of the victim, as a result, they will get to know your life and gain personal information. With this in mind, the more the victim feels loved and cared for, the more information he/she will give out.

The intentions of the scammer are all the same. They want something from you and want to build your trust to get it. Yet, the types of things they want are different for each scammer.

Romance scammers will use online dating services, Facebook, and even Pinterest with fake profiles to reach their victims. They build a profile they feel will easily attract the opposite sex, and then use the same script each time they find a new victim.

On a small scale, the scammer may eventually ask you for money. They say it’s for their child or a family emergency or say they want to come to visit you, but you will need to send them the money. You have built a trusting relationship with the scammer and want to meet them, so you send money. After receiving the payment, they don’t stop, on the contrary, the excuses begin as to why it isn’t enough money and ask for more.

Excuses For Needing Money

  1. The scammer wants to come to meet you
  2. They have a sick family member who needs medical care
  3. They got robbed and needed money
  4. Their business is failing, and they need your help
  5. A need for gas money
  6. Need to complete their education and ran out of money

The list can go on and on. But the result is the same. You send cash repeatedly until they have all of your life savings.

Scammers like these are building many different relationships at one time. The money they get may add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars from numerous sources. So, when you think they can’t be scamming you for $1000 remember they may be scamming ten victims at one time each for $1000.

The scammer may be operating on a much larger scale and maybe more dangerous than you initially thought. Online dating and scams may be a part of international criminal networks. They need you to launder their money or ship items to different places. Scammers on a large scale such as this may send you gifts like computers or flowers. They may send you money.

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Types Of Things Criminal Scammers May Require:

  1. Send money to your bank and ask you to wire it to someone else
  2. They send you goods such as laptops or cell phones and ask you to send them onto someone else.
  3. They can use you as a money mule
  4.  Or have you transport drugs

All of these actions are federal criminal offenses. If you do these things for them, you too can be arrested on criminal charges and go to prison.

Some scammers will build trust and then get their victims to perform sexual acts on the webcam. Then they will use to tape to blackmail the person for money or for you to launder money for them.

Who Are The Victims Of Online Dating And Scams?

Romance scammers prey on the lonely person lacking in self-confidence. The person who wants to find love and be loved. What can you do to avoid these scammers?

The very first thing is to be aware of how they operate. If a person online will not produce identification and very quickly want to move the conversation to a more private platform, this is alarming. If that person begins to call you names of endearment such as baby, honey, sweetheart very early in the relationship, this is alarming also.

Once you make yourself aware of how online dating and scams operate, it is good to look at why you may be a target. Are you lonely? Do you feel like you are not good enough? Have you recently come out of an abusive relationship?

All of these personality traits or situations are what the scammer is hoping to find in you. They prey on people who are not strong and need to be loved.

Improving Self-Confidence.

Online Dating And Scams pi
  1. Positive thinking. What you think is what you will become.
  2. Surround yourself with supportive people
  3. Build new friendships and spend time with them
  4. Exercise to refresh the mind and body
  5. Find a hobby or job that helps give you a sense of accomplishment

When you feel all alone you are vulnerable. Be safe and practice these suggestions to build your self-confidence.


Please be careful and be aware of the scammers who play on your emotions. Build a life and a future for you and do not let some dishonest love triangle take it away. You are worth so much more; you are fearless. Empower your life and become a force no one can move.

I love questions and comments. Have you had an experience with Online Dating And Scams? Please feel free to share it with us. It can be a devastating moment in your life, and talking about it can help.

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8 thoughts on “Online Dating And Scams – Don’t Let This Happen To You”

  1. Thank you laura for posting this awesome article and I have same opinion with you about scammers. Once upon a time I was a victim by scammers who gives proofs of earning money online and those proofs are also fake. I think online dating scams is also same. Those fraud are playing with victims emotion for their business.

    I totally hates those type of scammers and I am happy that you are writing a post against them.

    • Yes these type of scammers are playing on people’s emotions. And emotions make us all vulnerable. Scammers like these and others have not integrity or morals. It does bother me also.

  2. It’s so sad that people prey on the lonely and target them in the online dating arena. I believe I had an attempted scammer of this sort on Facebook the other day. Someone had friend requested me that was apparently from the town I grew up in. I had never seen this person before so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and added them. I soon got messaged by this person on Facebook Messenger about how I was doing and stuff and then it soon turned into something like “Do you like sexy, hot women?”. I knew where this was going and I quickly said that I just want to date only and not interested in anything else. She then asked about watching her on a webcam and I said no, and goodbye. I’m sure this would’ve led to wanting money some how or trying to meet in person. I will share your article with others so they can read this valuable information on online dating scams. 

    • Oh my Brian, I am so happy you caught onto this scam right a way. She may have been one of the blackmail scammers that I talk about in my article. I too have online dating scammers contact me on Facebook all the time. And even on Pinterest now too. I just want everyone to know about this type of scam so I really appreciate you sharing this article. Thank You

  3. Sad, but true. This type of persons are among us, and we bump into them on each corner, but as you said, we have to be careful and do not get into the trap. The most common scammer I heard about are the ones requesting money for gas and the ones with a sick family member.

    I agree, by improving your confidence and self-esteem, you can quickly start an online business which will serve you best for years.

    • Yes Danny they are every where. Starting an online business is just one way to build self-esteem but is a way that does work and it takes time that we would otherwise spend idle. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment. I appreciate you.

  4. Oh my goodness, I totally know a couple of guys who fell victim to this very thing. I didn’t know that it was so common that is was an actual “scam”, but I am not surprised. Both of the guys I know sent thousands of dollars over a period of months to the people who were scamming them.

    Wow, it is just so sad that these people (the guys/victims) have such low self-esteem and are socially awkward enough that it makes them such easy targets. These scammers do this to several victims at a time too I am sure. I don’t know how these people can live with themselves.

    A very informative article, I hope and pray that the people who really need to see this get it in their site. I know I will be passing it on. Thank you!

    • Yes, Frank I also have 2 friends that have been victims of online dating scams. They sent all of their life savings to scammers. Both men and women can be victims of these horrible scammers.

      I am sure the scammers don’t have a conscience like you and I do. Otherwise, they couldn’t live with themselves.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this article and your comment and especially for passing this on. I want everyone to know about this and not become a victim.


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