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My Freelance Paycheck-A Secret Uncovered-Sell Your Writing Skills

My Freelance Paycheck is an ebook course on how to become an entrepreneur freelance writer. I am going to review this program to determine if it is a scam or legit. I am wondering if My Freelance Paycheck is a secret uncovered, as Laura Pennington says.

Please stay with me because I am not sure which way this will turn until I have purchased the product and we have looked at it carefully. 

Today I will be covering;

  1. What I Found In The Initial Promotion
  2. What My Freelance Paycheck Has To Offer
  3. My Recommendations for Freelance Paycheck
  4. Red Flags Or Concerns
  5. My #1 Recomendation

My Freelance Paycheck

Program name: My Freelance Paycheck

Founder: Laura Pennington


Price: as high as $47 – $99.95 with an upsell of $16.75-$67

Recommended: I did give My Freelance Paycheck a thumbs up. No, it is not a scam. Please read on because I do have some concerns. 

What I Found In The Initial Promotion

In the promotional video, I was a bit skeptical because Laura states she is going to reveal a secret. I have seen so many scams start like this. 

photo of Laura Pennington

But I also know that the word secret is a power word used often in promotions of all kinds.

The Laura Method

Laura also makes some pretty outlandish statements of $1000, $2000, and $3000 income potential. 

I decided to dig deeper and find the real truth about My Freelance Paycheck. 

In the promotional internet face sheet, Laura does introduce herself. She states, “My Freelance Paycheck is my passion and my mission. It’s how I’m able to help other people and do even more with my life.” 

Have you ever had a strong passion stuck inside of you? I like this part because I do know how it feels. You need to release that passion somehow to help the world. 

Laura does tell her readers to ask themselves six questions to see if they want to be a freelance writer. 

girl in a sweater typing on a laptop
  1. Do you actually like writing?
  2. Are you self-motivated and disciplined?
  3. Can you easily adapt? Can you handle curveballs?
  4. Do you understand what being a “new” employee means?
  5. Are you bold enough to market yourself? 
  6. Do you like learning new things? 

I like #1, #2, and #5. 

#1. Not everyone is a writer. It would help if you liked to write. Can you imagine spending your entire day in front of a computer putting down words, as Laura puts it, and hatting what you do?

#2. For you to have a business from home, you have to have self-discipline and self-motivation. Any new and entrepreneur has to learn when to work and when to take a break. Success does not happen in front of a TV.

#5. When you are producing work that is a part of you, it is imperative that you know you are good and build yourself up. Integrity and honesty are part of self-promotion. 

So in the initial promotional face sheet, I do like how Laura promotes herself. 

But we have not taken a look at the product yet. So let’s get right into My Freelance Paycheck. 

What My Freelance Paycheck Has To Offer You-Is It A Secret Uncovered

Laura gives you two options to purchase the ebook. Option one is $47 for all online access. Option 2 is to buy physical books shipped to you and online access. Ther is a third option, but the price is the same as the complete package for $99.95. 

a display of my freelance paycheck books and ebooks

Here is a list of what the $47 package includes. 

  • My Freelance Paycheck Main EBook
  • My Freelance Paycheck MP3 Edition
  • On-Demand Video Trainings
  • Upwork Quickstart Guide PDF
  • Success Multipliers PDF

I did purchase the $47 package because I want to give you the best review I possibly can. I want you to have all of the information to make an informed decision. 

After I purchased the ebook, I read all 56 pages. Approximately 40% is motivation and helping you to determine if you are a writer and can do freelance writing. Laura does an excellent job with this part of the book. 

She does tell you what you will need to be a successful freelance writer, and she does give you places to sign up and promote yourself. 

Laura also helps you to determine a good client vs. a lousy client. 

Overall the book is good. I do have some concerns that I will list in the Red Flag section. 


To be honest, when I paid the $47 and the first thing: I saw was an upsell for $67, I was disappointed. I know Laura needs to make money, but I believe in everything upfront. I’m not too fond of the surprise of an upsell. 

Her offer is for  additional bonuses:

  1. My Freelance Paycheck advanced program in which you get 17 accelerator techniques. She used the word secret again. Freelance writing is not a secret. It is a business and has been around for a long time. 
  2. Think and Grow Rich (mastery addition) by Napoleon Hill, which will teach you how to build an attitude to get what you want in life. I am unsure what the mastery edition is, but you can find numerous books on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel like the edition she is promoting.
  3. Secrets To Accelerating Your Millionaire Mind, which is supposed to unleash your real power. 

I declined the upsell and received an offer to purchase it for a 50% discount. 

Wait, that’s not all. I declined the offer again and received a 70% discount of $16.75. I don’t know why Laura didn’t just give it to me. 

My Recommendations For Freelance Paycheck

I will give My Freelance Paycheck a thumbs up. For the price of $47, Laura does give you useful information.

Thumbs Up

I added the “Or Concerns” to the Red Flags heading area because I don’t see red flags, but I will list a few concerns. 

Red Flags Or Concerns

  1. Laura says, My Freelance Paycheck is a secret uncovered. I am not sure what secrets she uncovered after reading the ebook.
  2. She reports in her book that an average blog post is around 500 words, which is old information and misleading. 
  3. She states that you don’t need any experience to write blog posts for others. You will need to study SEO, or your client will have to rewrite your work.
  4. She states that you place a keyword in your article every 100 words or so. That is also old information. 
  5. I’m not too fond of the surprise of upsells. 

After my review I do not believe that My Freelance Paycheck is a scam. I do think this is not a course for beginners or someone who wants to learn to write. 

To use this course, you will need to have established writing talent. But Laura does not lead you to believe she will teach you how to write. 

She is here to help you learn how to freelance and find clients. 

My thoughts on the situation are, if you are a writer and you are going to write for someone else who has a blog and an online business, why not do it for yourself?

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “My Freelance Paycheck-A Secret Uncovered-Sell Your Writing Skills”

  1. Thanks for your review Laura,

    That was so interesting!  I’ve never heard of this program and they seem to be popping up all over the place.
    I’m really curious, the sales page mentions “How to set up an irresistibly magnetic profile and attract well-paying clients”, so I figged further and could see this seems to be setting up an UpWork profile.

    Does she only promote/teach getting clients and work on UpWork?  How about marketing yourself on Fiverr or LinkedIn or other platforms, does she teach any of that

    Will you do any freelance writing on the side or just focus on your own website?

    I ask because maybe it is not an “OR” decision.  How about say if you have 30 hours/week for your side hustle, would you spend all 30 hours on your own website and affiliate marketing OR could it be worthwhile to spend say 1/3 (or 10 hours in this example) to get money from clients as a freelance writer?
    I’d appreciate your thoughts, thanks John

    • John, these are some great questions. Laura’s program Freelance Paycheck does teach you how to where and give you examples of places you can market yourself. She instructs on how to do this full time. But if you want to make extra money as well as write for your blog, you can easily do this. 

      There are a lot of people who make extra money writing for others while they build out a profitable niche website for themselves. 

      It does not have to be an OR situation. You can do both. It is essential to diversify your income when you are an affiliate marketer. 

  2. My freelance paycheck might have been useful to me when I was still a freelancer writing for clients. It wasn’t really easy especially with the clients and you spoke about Laura explaining about how to deal with different types of clients. Unfortunately, there’s no real secret here like you said and there’s a ton of upsells. Thats not a good thing for a platform that offers good products. Great review overall. My freelance paycheck has its goods and bass. I like your honest review. Nice!

    •  I did see a lot of value in what Laura teaches in the basic program. You can start back up with your freelance writing and also write for your website. It can bring in some extra income. 

  3. Great review Laura,

    It amazes me how people keep finding new words to wow their customers, so glad reviewed this program! I love writing and I almost joined too with that sweet offer of $3,000 but upsells, no way! It’s a Freelance guide to help us make money, not drown us even more, thanks for taking the time to write this! You just helped me dodge a bullet 😀

    • Your way of looking at this program is a fresh take for me. But the basic program does offer some useful information if you ever want some insight into how to work with clients and market yourself. 

  4. Thank you for this article. I think the question, are you bold enough to Market yourself, is probably the most important question for me. I think I am a writer and I am able to get my writing done well enough. But where I’ve always been afraid to go is marketing my own writing. That is something I am going to have to do because it’s the only way to really get a lot of people to know about my writing.
    I don’t like the surprise of upsells either. I feel like upsells can make an otherwise honest product seem kind of scammier.
    I appreciate that you actually purchased this product in order to be able to deliver a thorough review.
    I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and I agree that it is a good way to make money with your writing. Instead of writing for someone else you could write for your own website and get all the profits. You also learn a lot more about making money online and avoiding scams in the premium membership.

    • I am so happy you are a fellow WA member. Nice to meet you. As writers and bloggers, we are our own worst enemy. Your writing is noticed when you blog and use keywords and rich content. Keep up the good work. 


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