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Money Magnets Review-Can You Make A 6 or 7 Figure Income?

Today is the age of fast, easy money. Around every corner, you see someone promising you money with no investment and no work. To help you avoid a bad product, I do reviews on these programs. Today we will do a Money Magnets review to see if you can make a 6 or 7 figure income.

Have you heard of the “shiny object syndrome? Basically, it is looking for an easier way to make money. Maybe to earn extra money and maybe to make your online business easier.

Every person who builds a program or software believes theirs is the best and the only way to help everyone accomplish their goal. If you buy every program to make your job easier, you will be broke and in the hole before you start. It is my job to determine if Money Magnets is worth the money, or is it a scam to take your hard-earned money?

In our article today, we will cover:

  1. Who is Kneller Fernandes
  2. What is Money Magnets?
  3. Money Magnets Review-Can You Make A 6 or 7 Figure Income?
  4. Upsells
  5. Money Magnets Review Concerns
  6. My recommendations regarding Money Magnets
  7. My 4-Step Blueprint

Money Magnets

Program name: Money Magnets

Founder: Kneller Fernandes

Price:  $17.00 with upsells

Who is Kneller Fernandes

This is Kneller Fernandes. I don’t know much about him because this is his first launch on Warrior+. There is no information on this guy. I did find information on Kneller Fernandes, health blogger, Kneller Fernandes, blogger instructor, and Kneller Fernandes, author. But no Kneller Fernandes programmer and software developer.

Kneller Fernandes photo

What is Money Magnets?

Money Magnets is a unique money-making system that will create a passive income for you. He states that many top marketers are using this system to earnings up to 6 and 7 figures without work or effort. These top earners are now living the laptop lifestyle.

So, in other words, Money Magnets is a bunch of words that do not tell us what the program is about. It only states empty promises that we can not prove. BIG CONCERNS!

The Laura Method

Money Magnets Review-Can You Make A 6 or 7 Figure Income? mockup

Money Magnets Review-Can You Make A 6 or 7 Figure Income?

The sales page begins by saying it is easy to set up, and if you have ever placed an order online, you can set this up.

The program brings in money to you daily in the form of a passive income.

Money Magnets Review-Can You Make A 6 or 7 Figure Income? claims of program

Ok so let’s look at these claims in the screenshot above.

  • “Complete business in a box”-What does this mean. Can you just open a box and take out money? I don’t know; it is not clear.
  • “100% FREE traffic training included inside”-Training for what? Are they training on making money or setting up the program, or how to get your money back once you buy it?
  • “Easy to set-up!”-Anyone can claim this, but what are we setting up? Nothing talks about what the program is.
  • “No monthly fees or expenses”-Well, now that is good!
  •  “ZERO Tech Skills or Experience Required!”-Now, this is a hard one to believe. Everyone promises this phrase, but I know first hand this is not true!
  • “100% Beginner Friendly”-Just words that are a repeat of the previous statement.
  • Oh, and I will add that he says you can make a 6 or 7 figure income with his training. NOT POSSIBLE!

But wait, look at this statement. Now they are talking to the experienced marketer. So who is this program set up for the newbie or the experienced marketer?

Money Magnets Review-Can You Make A 6 or 7 Figure Income?a message to the struggeling marketer

They say you can do this the hard way or the easy way. OK, but what are we doing? It doesn’t say anywhere what this program will do except bring in money over and over. You won’t have to do any networking. You get free traffic sources. And it will solve all your problems. But exactly what does it do?

3 quick, easy, simple steps so you can start living the life of your dreams(Now that’s a promise we have heard before.)

  1. choose a niche (which happens to be the most difficult part of making money)
  2. connect money links (what links?)
  3. get your traffic and start earning money (oh, that free traffic again frowned upon by Google search engines.)


Most programs like these have a ton of upsells. Not this program! I believe it is because Kneller Fernandes has launched his first program like this, and he is trying to get followers. See programs such as these have 5-10 people who promote their product, whether it is a good one or not. Kneller Fernandes is just beginning and looking for promoters to do his bidding.

Kneller Fernandes only has 2 promoters on YouTube, and both of those reviews have the same video as he has on his sales page. Neither one of those reviews tells us what the program is really about.

Money Magnets Review Concerns

WOW, where do I start?

money magnets pin
  • We never find out what the program is about
  • You never know what you have to do to earn a passive income
  • Is this for newbies or experienced marketers?
  • Step-by-step instructions on what?
  • Free traffic is a no-no. Traffic generated for free by a program is bad news and frowned upon by Google. Free traffic is possible when it is generated properly.
  • A complete business in a box-like a done for you system, which is bad
  • How can you make a 6 or 7 figure income if he won’t tell you what you will do to earn it? Sounds a bit over the top to me.
  • I could go on and on, but it is a waste of time.

My recommendations regarding Money Magnets

I give my Money Magnets Review a thumbs down. I will go so far as to say this is quite possibly a scam.

It is quite obvious to my experienced eyes that Kneller Fernandes does not know what he is doing.

So you say, “it’s only $17, so why not try it? If you have $17 to waste, then go ahead, but I know the time you invest in figuring it all out will be a waste.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Money Magnets Chart

The Laura Method

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