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Money Looper-Secret 3 Step Trick Or Not?

What is this company, Company Money Looper? Mike says he has a secret 3 step trick for you to make money. But everyone in the business market has a secret to share with you.

Let’s take a look inside to see if his secret is legit or not.

Today we will cover:

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  1. What I found in the video.
  2. What Money Looper has to offer you.
  3. My Recommendations.
  4. Red Flags.
  5. A better way.

Money Looper-Secret 3 step trick or not?

Program name: Money Looper

Founder: Mike Dee

Price: $37 with upsell of $197

Recommended:  NO    Scam: YES

What I Found In The Video

The narrator, who states he is Mike Dee begins by building your trust with the same tactics as in many scam videos.

You can trust him because he has “been hurt” before and because he wants to become a partner with you.

He states he is going to reveal how he made “huge income.”

How it is effortless, and all you need is a computer and a mobile phone.

money looper free video proven earning

Anyone can do this that has 5 minutes to spare.

Mike wants you to pay close attention because he needs your genuine partnership. He goes onto say that real partnership is not a pyramid scheme and will not become rich overnight. It is a simple and ingenious method.

At least 99.5% that claim you can make money online are lies from selfish gurus. They are looking for legit companies like Money Looper to take down.

Mike says that gurus are great at hype like a sleazy car salesman.

What Money Looper Has To Offer You.

When I listened to each video I did not get a full set of instructions on what you need to do to earn $1000 a day.

Secret 3 Step Trick

Money loophole #1

1. The first video instructs you how to take advantage of the money loophole #1.

He said something about picking a domain from a company named Pickey domain.

dashboard of money loopers

He didn’t say where to put the domain but said, “if you put it right here and had a page with words on it.

It looked like a website.

Then he said if someone likes it, you will make 25 cents. Yes, you heard right, 25 cents. I don’t think this 25 cent is going to add up to $1000 a day that he guaranteed you.

He said to combine umbrella names and put them at the top of your website using a free slogan maker.

I think he expects you to have a website and to know how to do all of these things. 

Money loophole #2 

You take a survey and get a gift card and turn around and sell it. That’s it. That’s all of the information you received. And you can make money by selling your free gift card.

How will you earn $1000 a day he promised from taking surveys and selling free gift cards?

Money loophole #3

Download Neilsen app and make $50 per year. The description in the Neilsen app says you can earn rewards if you download it. 

According to Google Play, the Nielsen app is:

“A Mobile Panel with the opportunity for you to be a part of the research we do here at Nielsen. This panel helps us understand how consumers use the Internet and mobile devices by studying the websites and apps people as you visit. By installing our app either on your smartphone or tab to earn rewards.” 

Mike says if you download the app Money Looper will give you stories to share on Facebook.

I am not sure with the description of the Nielsen app how this will make you money. 

Mike says when you make $100, you will get $70 commission. But I wonder if anyone ever makes $100 or is this a way for Money Looper to get more exposure to the posts they give you to put on Facebook?

Fake Testimonies

Take a look at these photos below. This Guy in the picture gave testimony on the Money Looper site, saying how much money he has made. I did a google image face recognition on him. He has a different name with the link to LinkedIn that has a different person on the profile.

Look at photo number three. It is a link to a girl with the same alias name he has used for his profile.

Fake testimonies send the red flag chills up my back.

thrid google image duplicate
second google image duplicate
google image duplicate

My Recommendation

I do not recommend Money Looper for anyone. I am going to call it a scam.

Thumbs Down

Greg reveals to you a program that does not come close to the promises he gives in his promotional video.

He guaranteed to you and made a promise to you that you will make $1000 a day.

I also see signs that this Program released in late 2018 has had a face-lift. The training I saw once I joined is not the same as the ones I see in other posts from late 2018.

What Mike is doing is changing things up a bit so he can reach more people.

Thumbs down all the way. There is NO value in what he teaches. It appears he has made a video the quickest way he can to get your attention and your money.

There are numerous red flags. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Mike Dee’s Money Looper.

Red Flags

  1. He offers no value in his content
  2. A promise and a guarantee when he is promoting the upsell for you to make $1000 a day.
  3. His video to the secret 3 step trick is bogus. What he gives you will not make $1000 a day.
  4. Watch close because this video will be taken down.
  5. Inconsistent information. Mike states that he won’t say you will get rich quick but then promises with a verbal guarantee that you will make $1000 a day with the upsell.
  6. Mike says you can make money for very little work.
  7. He offers no value in his content

My #1 Recommendation

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The Laura MethodAn In-Depth, Step-By-Step Masterclass
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12 thoughts on “Money Looper-Secret 3 Step Trick Or Not?”

  1. It looks awfully lot like you have to work for them and not for yourself. Beginners at this business would certainly see this as a good opportunity. All the required things to do in order to get a thousand dollars a day is very misleading and too good to be true. It’s a cheap promotion, one that hasn’t been well thought of. Good thing you took a step to expose this and I can’t wait for this so called company to he taken down so people will be one scammer safe away! 

    I haven’t experienced being scammed because fortunately, I have discovered Wealthy affiliate before the scams. I say Affiliate marketing has been around for years and Wealthy Affiliate is one of the pioneers of this online business. Thanks for this review. People should he informed so they won’t end up being scammed with upsells, lots of money and wasted effort.

    • I am so happy you have not fallen for a scam like this one. You are one of the few who have not been scammed in one way or another. 

      Please continue to be careful. Not all scams are as obvious as Money Looper. 

  2. Thank you for your post. It is a careful and thorough review on Money Looper. I started my online business this year and have been actively searching for make money methods. I bought several ones and all of them are scams. They start with low front end price. After you sign in, you need to pay more to make the program working. Even though you pay more, it is still hard to make the program profitable.

    Looks Money Looper lie in the scam category. You did a nice work digging into their background, so that we don’t need to look at this program, which saves our time and money.

    • Thank you so much for researching this company before you took the fall. It shows your intelligence and makes me feel so much better that I wrote it. If I can help just one person I have made a difference. 

  3. Wow! Thanks for doing the digging to unearth the obvious shortcomings that are not visible on the surface. Seems like an other case of “if it looks too good to be true – it probably is.”

    It seems like there is absolutely not substance to this “program” beyond making money for Mike Dee. Nothing easy will make money – otherwise everyone would be doing it. Anything worth doing will take work.

    I’m also a fan of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s good information that when combined with your own hard work will definitely pay off.

    Thanks again for your eye-opening research on Money Looper.

    • Dave, you are so welcome. It is my pleasure to expose a scam and to dig deep to bring up the obvious. I am so happy you are a fan of WA. It is an incredible platform and I am blessed for the day I found them. 

  4. Thanks for sharing the scam! people are so easily tricked with content they find online as they try and just get your money without really giving anything in return, especially when it comes down to how to make a lot of money in a short time. Nothing beats hard work. 

  5. Concise review you have written here. Its hard to see that there are millions of scans out there. Many people don’t believe it but its right in front of us. The red flags are obvious but we still fall. Money looper is just another sham of a platform that’s destroying the good name of those that have something to offer to people. Its a pity most people don’t check to see if this if scams like money looper secret is a goto before spending their money on it. Thanks for the review. Best regards.

    • I do agree with you. I wish more would check out these programs before they pay their money. I am so happy you did. Wise decision on your part. 

  6. Thanks for the thorough review of the Money Looper platform. This is a new one that I had not heard of but the name caught my eye, so I decided to check out your article to see if this had any merit. I like to know what to expect before wasting my time on such products as there are just too many poor ones being marketed these days.

    As I was reading through your evaluation, it quickly became clear to me that this is yet another waste of time and money. There are too many red flags for me to even consider looking at the sales page, as the details you have provided do not indicate that it is just a poor product that is going to disappoint people.

    The secret 3-step process (I am especially leery when the vendor uses “Secret” in their copy, as it usually is not a secret at all that they are peddling other than taking your money) seems to be bogus. Fake testimonials are just the norm for such vendors but are the final straw for me. You have saved me time and energy, not to mention money. Thanks again…   

    • Dave, the red flags are all there. The fake testimonials always get me. If they have to pay to have someone say their program works then it doesn’t. As simple as that. Thanks, Dave for taking the time to check this program out. 


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