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Monat MLM Review – [Not Recommended] Is It Based On Lies?

I don’t know about you, but I love my hair when it is shiny and thick. Furthermore, I am constantly looking for a hair care product to make my hair look its best. Monat says they are modern nature. Let’s do a Monet MLM review because not only do they sound great, but maybe I can make some money selling their products. 

Did someone invite you to become a Market Partner of Monat? By the same token, do you think this is an excellent opportunity to make some money and use great products?

Without further delay, let’s dive right into our review. 

Cost To Start$99
Training Included No
Trustpilot Rating3.1/5
My Overall Rating1/5
What Is BetterThe Laura Method (Affiliate Marketing)

What Is MLM (Multilevel-Marketing Company)?

An MLM, or Multilevel Marketing company, is a type of business that relies on its sales force to recruit additional salespeople below them, thus creating a “downline.” They receive a commission on their downline with the MLM business model. 

Some people view MLMs as pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick business opportunities; in reality, most are pyramid schemes, but almost no one will make money.

Who Is Monat

Monat is a privately owned direct sales company that sells hair care products. The Luis Urdanta family began Monat in 2014 in Doral, Florida. Monat is a multi-level marketing business model; in fact, it is a part of a line of the Alcora Corporation for pet care hygiene products.

Monat Products

MONAT’s signature product, Rejuvenique Oil, is, as they say, the crown jewel of MONAT. Monat says all of their products contain it, not to mention this oil can rejuvenate your hair and skin.

Monat makes a hair care product that promotes hair growth and prevents hair aging. Monat’s product lines are Vegan, free of sulfate, and cruelty-free; in addition, it has botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins, and essential oils incorporated into its products. Equally important, these products have less water and more goodies because the concentration is 4 times that of other salon products. 

Monat also offers other products such as:

  • Skincare product
  • Pet care
  • Wellness product

Monat MLM Review

Right away, I want to say something good about Monat products or their MLM program, but all I can find are numerous complaints and problems. 

The Laura Method

What I found first is the numerous customer complaints in the US.

There are hundreds of complaints by users with the FDA and BBB that the products cause serious health issues, such as sores and itching from hair care products. 

When customers made their Market Partners aware of scalp sores, they got poor support, not to mention that if they continued to use the product, the condition would improve. But the situation only became worse with itchy scalp and hair loss.

In 2019 the FDA ran an inspection on the Monats Florida Manufacturing warehouse. As a result, the facility was using harmful ingredients in unsanitary conditions. The word the FDA used for the facilities preparation was filth.

Again in 2019, a class-action lawsuit filed by consumers ended in a ruling that Monat poorly inspected the ingredients used, resulting in contamination of the products. 

There are 11 class-action suits by the FDA in the US and one in Canada for the products’ same type of side effects.

Market Partners – The Truth Or A Lie?

During COVID 19, Monat sought out those with pandemic anxiety and no income as recruits for Market Partners.

Monats products are not FDA approved as of 2020, but I did find one statement that says the products were FDA approved in 2021. The statement only says all ingredients are safe, and Monat only uses ingredients that the FDA considers safe, not that the products are FDA approved. A report such as this is somewhat concerning.

The Market Partners seem to say whatever it takes to sign on a recruit but saying the products are FDA approved when they are not is a blatant lie.

Price To Join Monat?

The price to join Monat in the US is $99, with an annual fee of $49.99 per month. You can upgrade your earning status by upgrading your starter kit, ranging from $249 – $649.

Monat Compensation Plan

Monat compensation plan is commission-based. You make money when you sell retail items and a commission on recruits you bring into the business. See the image of the compensation plan below. I am disappointed in the program because of its complexity. It is not something I understand at all. 

My research regarding how much a Market Partner makes and the payout came up with astonishing figures.

One stated they get 15% off of products and make 15% from retail. Another said they get 50% for their retail sales. Now, who is telling the truth?

On average, a Market Partner makes $872 a year. Yes, you did read this right, and that’s all they make each year.

The image below is challenging to understand and read, so let me sum it up for you; in other words, 99.6% of Market Partners will lose money and not break even. Which means only 0.4% make money.

monat comp plan 3

Video of Monat Compensation Plan

Pros And Cons Of Monat MLM

So now that you have the most relevant information, let’s examine the Pros and Cons and determine what the potential truly is.


  • Fairly new company
  • All of the products have Rejuvenique Oil in them


  • Findings are inconsistent, which means some Market Partners may be dishonest
  • It is an MLM business model
  • It is a pyramid scheme
  • Products recalled due to contamination
  • Their products have a terrible reputation
  • The compensation plan is complicated
  • Only 0.4% of the Market Partners make any money
  • Products are not FDA approved yet some Market Partners say they are
  • The quality of hair products are under scrutiny and investigation for scalp sores, scalp irritation, and hair loss

Monat Income Disclosure

The words in the image below sum up the income disclosure and support our findings of how much a Market Partner makes. This is a 2020 disclosure statement.

monat MLM review income disclosure words
monat MLM review income disclosure chart

Is Monet A Scam?

scam is a fraudulent business where the company is dishonest in what they offer; with this in mind, I think Monat’s products closely relate to a scam. Market Partners are unscrupulous about the irritation issues. Their products are pretty expensive, coupled with the problems and lawsuits that make it a possible scam.

Is Monat A Pyramid Scheme?

To answer this, I have to go off the definition of a pyramid scheme, and with this in mind, I have to say from my Monat review I my conclusion is yes, it is a pyramid scheme.

The definition of a pyramid scheme, according to Wikipedia, is: In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals who wish to join to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit.

Video Overview Of The Monat MLM Review

Monat MLM Review pin

My Recommendations Regarding Monat MLM

I do not recommend Monat MLM to make an income or extra money; as a matter of fact, I don’t even recommend their products.

There are so many different information pieces on the internet that make my findings inconsistent. The Market Partners as a whole are giving us inaccurate data and information to recruit new partners.

The company has questionable products that cause too many health problems, in addition, the lawsuits are stacking up for a relatively young company like Monat.

The success rate of a Market Partner is some of the lowest among MLM companies, and it is hard to trust a company that pushes products that are deemed filthy by the FDA.

The Laura Method

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