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Method X Review-500 Dollars A Day Or Just Another Scam

Is this just another scam? In my Method X Review, I see a statement that you can make 500 dollars a day. Usually, this type of comment is a hyped-up over-exaggeration, but we won’t know until we take a closer look. Let’s do just that and dive deeper into this program.

In this review we will cover:

  1. Who is Mark Barrett?
  2. What is Method X
  3. Method X Review-500 Dollars A Day Or Just Another Scam
  4. Red Flags of a scam
  5. My recommendations based on my Method X Review
  6. My #1 recommendation

Method X

Program name: Method X

Founder: Mark Barrett and James Fawcett

Price:  $12.95 with upsells

Who is Mark Barrett?

Mark Barrett is the vendor for Method X. He has a Facebook page that promotes his new launches along with those of Jason Futon (Freedom Profit/Pockitz) and Dan Ashendorf (Commission Clone). I am a bit concerned about this because his associates are running scams. Is Mark also running a scam and hanging with like-minded people?

method x review is it a scam heading

What is Method X

The information I found does not paint a clear picture of Method X. I will piece it together and give you what I believe. Method X is designed to do for you.

I believe this is software that has a list of keywords along with an opt-in form. You can create a squeeze page and a funnel to collect emails. You can go to Microsoft, Bing, and Google with your keywords, opt-in forms, and funnel and pay to advertise. This advertising will generate emails for you.

But there is something about generated traffic that is not really clear because the ads will give you more traffic. So you see, I can not tell you what this software will do to make you money. A program that says you can make 500 dollars a day should give you a clear idea of how you will make money.

Method X Review-500 Dollars A Day Or Just Another Scam

Is this program a scam? So far, it is leaning toward one, but we still have to review the complete program to decide.

The Laura Method

I did read that all you need to make money is traffic that is cheap and products to sell.

The pitch on the sales page never promises lots of money or fast income, but it does elude to both with some very outlandish thoughts and suggestions. It is manipulation at its best.

method X review scam

The program does say that Method X:

  • Is a brand new unknown method
  • It runs on autopilot, and you don’t have to do a thing.
  • You will get fast results as you have never known before
  • You can have it all set up and generating an income in 30 minutes.
  • Anyone can do it, both Newbies and marketers with experience

Method X’s entry plan’s description stated that Method X would relieve the pain affiliate marketers struggle with. That is all it says, and I am not sure what pain they are referring to.

We have talked about the Method X beginning program, but it appears that you will need to do some upgrading to have all of the options to make money.

method X upgrades for review and scam

Upgrade #1 FastTrack Method X

Fast Track is an addition to Method X, but all it says is that you will get faster and harder results with the “super-secret” “wicked powerful” upgrade. This is clear as muddy water!

Upgrade #2 DFY Method X

This upgrade says to set the Method X program up is difficult. So they are kindly going to sell you a program to set it up for you—a Completely Done For You plan.

Upgrade #3 Profit Box Method X

Profit Box upgrade will talk your customers into buying faster and earn 10x more. I am not sure how this upgrade will follow through.

Upgrade #4 Unlimited Traffic Method X

With the basic Method X, you get traffic, but now we see that you can buy another plan that will give you multiple ways to get more traffic. They say people will be hot on your trail to buy your products with this upgrade.

Upgrade #5 License Rights Method X

If you don’t know what to promote and you need something, you can upgrade to incense rights and sell all of the products that Mark Barrett and his colleagues have developed. Wow, now how kind is that for them to charge you to sell their products.

picture of methodx upgrades in a different format

Red Flags Of A Scam

  1. Very little to no information on how you will make money
  2. Like-minded scam producing entrepreneurs hanging together
  3. Strong play on your emotions with empty promises
  4. Have to pay money to affiliate with Method X (license rights upgrade)
  5. You can only get the benefits of the full program if you pay for the many upgrades
  6. Runs on Autopilot
  7. Only takes 30 minutes to set it up, and you will make money
  8. The term “dead simple work.”

The red flags are a clear indication of a program that will not deliver on their promises.

My recommendations based on my Method X Review

Without a doubt, My Method X Review has revealed a scam. This is a thumbs down software. You will pay your money, have to upgrade and pay more, and not make any money.

But Mark Barrett and his colleagues will make money from you. They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but in my experience, when you try to get your money back, more than likely, they will not respond.

The Laura Method

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