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Membership Method- What Is It And Who Is Chris Luck?

What is Membership Method, and who is Chris Luck? I am a sucker for a good motivational video, and Chris Luck starts with an incredibly inspirational video.

I also like how he tells people that they will have to work for what they get. In addition, he wants to extract a promise from his viewers that they will work hard to get their business rolling.

At this point, I can only say I hope this is not a scam because I like the way Chris Luck operates.

Let’s get right into this and see what Chris has to say. I will be covering;

  1. Who is Chris Luck?
  2. What does Chris say?
  3. What does Membership Method offer you?
  4. My recommendations for Membership Methods
  5. Red flags
  6. My Concerns

Membership Method

Program name: Membership Methods

Founder: Chris Luck (NOT Chris Luck)

Price: $1497

Recommendation: To be determined

Who Is Chris Luck?

Chris is very transparent about his entrepreneur life and personal life in the videos entrepreneur life and personal life.

different names that match the same face of Chris Luck

I wanted to write a bit of history on Chris Luck, so I searched for information about him on Google and everywhere. With this in mind, I fully expected to find something to support what he says in his bio.

The Laura Method

Chris’s bio states he is present in the online world since 1999 and came up with the idea for Membership Method in 2007. So don’t you think I would find some history on this guy?

I was sorely disappointed with what I found out. I did a photo search on Chris Luck with the picture on his Membership Method video, and look at what I found! His photo with three other names on the web.

Just when I was beginning to like this guy, I realized that Chris Luck is not really Chris Luck, although I don’t know who he really is. I thought I was going to get to review a good product finally.

Let’s see what the Membership Method is and what Chris (NOT Chris) says he can do for you.

What Does Chris Say About Membership Method?

Chris spends time talking about how making money online takes time and effort, and if you don’t want to put in the time, effort, and money, then this business is not for you.

boomie vs pirates game

Then he teaches you how to decide which avenue you want to use to make money; in addition, he talks about setting your objective.

Chris goes on and on about all the things he knows about making money online and affiliate marketing, which I believe he knows his stuff. So why didn’t he use a real name? I don’t get it.

Chris says his inspiration was Linda Weinman, who was selling information on a membership site. In addition, Chris states that his holy grail is this offer of the Membership Method site.

Oh yes, finally, some history. Chris created Boomie vs. Pirates game in 2012 and many other businesses, including Evil Energy drink.

What Does Membership Method Offer You?

Chris teaches a 4 step method to set up an online business and offers many bonuses, as illustrated in this photo.

Chris also has step-by-step training with videos on how to begin an online business; additionally, he has support and templates to fit all of your needs. With this in mind, his method appears to be a good comprehensive system.


  1. Chris is easy to listen to
  2. His instructions are easy to follow
  3. The training is step-by-step for you to set up your business
  4. Stresses hard work
  5. Teaches ethical practices
  6. Chris will stay with you until you learn, as long as you are willing to work.
  7. He boasts a lot of experience
  8. Chris helps you determine what niche or line of products to promote by giving you the tools to search for what you want.
  9. One year money-back guarantee


  1. The price is so high it is not affordable.
  2. The different names are confusing, and the lack of history presented on the internet. However, I did find the energy drinks and the game Boomie vs. Pirates that Chris mentioned.

Red Flags

There is only one red flag that I have to mention. The different names appear on the same face as the face of Chris Luck which I don’t understand. 

My Concerns Regarding Membership Method

Although I am not going to list red flags, some things concern me.

  • There are numerous names for the same face that Membership Method calls Chris Luck.
  • I found very little to no information on the Chris Luck of Membership Methods.

There is no clear reason for the different names; in light of this, Chris gets a thumbs down from me because I did not find enough information to warrant this gesture.

Membership Method pin

I did work very hard researching the names and lack of information, and could not find anything that says this is the real Chris Luck or that Chris Luck is real.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this, however, there are no derogatory comments or remarks in this review of Membership Methods.

My Recommendations For Membership Method

Membership Method is not a scam. It is a legit business to earn money online. But what about the price? Oh my!

Thumbs Down

Although Membership Methods is not a scam, at the same time, I cannot recommend it because this is a lot of money to pay to learn how to start an online business.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “Membership Method- What Is It And Who Is Chris Luck?”

  1. I am heading into my 3rd month at Wealthy Affiliate and I got my first commission today. It was under 20 bucks, but it proves to me that money can be made here.

    For the price of Chris’s (NotChris) method, I could buy stock in WA. Although it does look at least as thorough as WA’s training, I couldn’t afford it even with an income tax windfall.

    Even if I had the money, finding no tangible history outside of creating a game app PLUS finding him under different names would seal my wallet shut.

    Thanks for this review, and take care.

    Gwendolyn J

    • I totally agree with you on the price. Yes, there is money to make in Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate has the answer with their extensive training. All the best to you Gwendolyn. 

  2. Hi Laura,

    I appreciate how comprehensive your review of the Membership Method versus Wealthy Affiliate was.

    The starting point with the motivational discussion and pointers gets things off to a sold start.

    However, the photo cross-reference to multiple identities rings serious alarm bells, and immediately pulls back the enthusiasm levels when deciding whether this training is the way forward in wanting to build your online business.

    I am also a little bit sceptical when I see those huge $$$$ value line items, when it appears you are getting a 95% price reduction on the package – but what will follow shortly after once you do sign up – cue the upsell effect.

    As someone who is learning and also planning to become a teacher or mentor to others down the track, my experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been exemplary to date.

    From a value for money perspective, Wealthy Affiliate offers so much content and substance behind the scenes which is invaluable for anyone.

    Great review.

    All the best,


    • Shane, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this post. Yes, the price difference is unbelievable. One can be a member at Wealthy Affiliate for 2.5 years compared to the price of Membership Method. I am not sure what is going on about the photos and history. It is without a doubt a concern. 

  3. Thanks for the review on Membership Method. I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is a better way as they teach you everything you need know AND provide you with all the technology needed to build a blog that will reach the top of search engines. You can basically write about any topic you are interested in as long as you stick with it you can make money with search engines. The system is affordable. Highly recommended.  ~ E

  4. Hello Laura,

    What a great review about Chris Luck’s Membership Method versus Wealthy Affiliate. I’m so glad that I came to your website because I was ready to sign up to Membership Method. I read several reviews before yours and all were positive.

    Everyone love Chris Luck’s program! Thanks to you, I now know about Wealthy Affiliate and they are just as good as Membership Method. I also read lots of other Wealthy Affiliate reviews and decided to go ahead and give a try. The BEST part is, it’s FREE!

    Thanks for the great info,


    • Jack, Yes Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. I too read a number of other reviews on Membership Method and I was surprised when I did the deep research to find discrepancies in Chris Luck story. I am so happy you did not sign up with that program. The money is way too much. 


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