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Matilda Jane Clothing-Is A Twirl Enough To Join This MLM Company?

What grandma doesn’t want their granddaughter to have the most unique clothes on the market? How many times have you gone to the store and paid an extreme amount of money to get the brightest colors and cutest ruffles? Matilda Jane Clothing is made for a girl to twirl in with bright interchangeable pieces. Just what every grandma wants to buy for their granddaughter.

Today we will talk about Matilda Jane MLM, a company that offers an absolutely gorgeous line of clothing for girls and women alike.

If you love to shop and you love to shop for your grand-daughters, then Matilde Jane may be the way to earn some extra income.

But first, let’s take a look at what this MLM company has to offer as well as the pros and cons before we jump into an MLM business. The price of the clothing is competitive with department stores, but you will have to know a lot of grandmas and moms with little girls and a budget to purchase them. I would tend to say the clothes are more for special occasions rather than play clothes for little girls. Although they do advertise the clothing as play clothes and they do say stains are easily removed.

CompanyMatilda Jane
Cost To Start$1600
Training IncludedNo
Trustpilot Rating3.7/5
My Overall Rating2/5
What Is BetterThe Laura Method (Affiliate Marketing)

The Spirit Of Matilda Jane- QUOTE

“It’s all about keeping a little girl… a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness.”

matilda jane clothing children in africa

Who Is Matilda Jane MLM?

Denise DeMarchis founded Matilda Jane in 2005 in Fort Wayne, Ind. Her dream was to help little girls continue to feel like little girls. That was the beginning of Matilda Jane but by far not the only part of this company that makes bright, colorful clothing for girls and women alike.

In 2013 with the help of her husband, Denise founded the  “Mighty Acorn Foundation” to help children in Africa. Those who knew her always said her heart was big and kind.

Denise received the diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2013. Though she fought hard, she lost her battle to cancer in 2015 at the age of 41. But the company she founded lives on today.

What is Matilda, Jane MLM?

Matilda Jane is a multi-level-marketing company. I did look at the clothing and was so hoping it was not really an MLM set up. I personally have not had good luck with MLM based business, but some do very well, so let’s take a closer look at what Matilda Jane has to offer and will you can make money with the process.

What Does Matilda Jane Offer?

Matilda is a clothing distributor. They do offer some very colorful and cute clothing for little girls and pre-teens as well as clothing for women. From the reviews I have read, I see that most believe the clothing to be of good quality. Most love the mix and match colors and style.

The Laura Method

cutest matilda jane clothes

Defining Terms Of Matilda Jane MLM

Trunk Keeper-A trunk keeper is you, the person who signs up to sell Matilda Jane clothing and builds a team of followers who do the same thing.

Trunk Show-A trunk show is a Matilda Jane party that you put on usually at your home and invite others to join you.

Matilda Jane Good Luck Trunk-is a special sale on Matilda Jane’s clothing.

Platinum– Platinum is a limited edition line of clothing offered by Matilda Jane.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the terms, we can move onto our review.

Is It Hard To Become A Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper?

According to the website, you can click “join us” and register to become a Jane. Or you can place an order on the official site and sign up to host a trunk show. It also states that attending a trunk show is fun, but becoming a Jane is the ultimate to earn great discounts.

Matilda Jane’s sales pitch to become Jane is that it will empower little girls to accept themselves and be more positive. I remember as a little girl when I put on a new outfit I felt on top of the world, but it didn’t last a lifetime, and I didn’t change generations with my momentary positive attitude.

They also state you will be a boutique owner without the risks of a brick and mortar business. There are a lot of platforms out there that can offer this perk.

So, to answer our question, is it hard to become a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper? No, it isn’t hard; it is, however, quite expensive.

Perks Of Becoming A Jane Trunk Keeper

Now this one was difficult to figure out. Matilda Jane does not tell us much about their system before you join. I did find this image of “The Perks Of Hosting a Show.”

It appears that you host a show, you pay for the food and drinks, you take the time out of your day, and you can make up to $225 if you sell $3000 of clothing. OK, so $225 is good money. Let’s take a look at what it will cost to become a Jane and what the requirements are.

perks of hosting a show

Cost And Requirements To Become A Jane Trunk Keeper

To become a Jane Trunk Keeper, you are required to pay $1,600; but in the event, that you need help getting started they do offer payment plans. You will also need to sell at least $1,500 in clothing per month to keep your status. WOW! That is a hefty requirement.

I know I, for one, would not want to take on that type of debt for an MLM based company, but you may like the idea because you may love the clothing or be an outgoing, personable person who knows a lot of moms and grandmas to invite to your parties.

Matilda has seasons where they put out a new line of clothing. You are required to purchase a new trunk of clothing at the beginning of each season.

Pros And Cons Matilda Jane MLM

So now that you have the most relevant information, let’s examine the Pros and Cons and determine what the potential truly is.


A payment plan- If you want to join and do not have the money, they will allow you to set up as a Jane on a payment plan to offset your start-up fees.

The sisterhood- The sisterhood is a supportive group of like-minded ladies doing what you do.

Beautiful well made clothing- The designed clothing is beautiful vibrant for children, and moreover, most reviews state the clothes are well designed.

Supporting COVID-18- Matilda Jane stepped up to create beautiful vibrant colored masks for safety and protection.

Support South African Children- Denise began the “Mighty Acorn Foundation” to help children in South Africa.


Huge start-up fee- The fee to join is $1,600—a HUGE amount of money. Your $300 deposit is non-refundable.

Extensive requirements- A Jane has to sell $1,500 of clothing per month and purchase a new trunk when a new clothing line comes out. I found one statement that said new lines of clothes come out 3-4 times a year; in spite, of my searches I could not see how much the price of a trunk is.

Payscale minimal- For the amount of work you put in, your pay comes out to be less than minimum wage. Is that legal? For an MLM company, it is considered legal.

Inadequate information on compensation- Matilda Jane is very closed mouth about the actual compensation plan until you join; Not to mention, there is very little information regarding payment.

The Problem With MLM Companies

According to an FTC Government file, an MLM operation does not have a clearly defined definition. It calls MLM’s a”product-based pyramid schemes” and compares it to an illegal chain letter. You know the letters you receive in the mail, it says to put a dollar in an envelope with a copy of the letter and send one to 10 people. Then if you do this, you will make a ridiculous amount of money.

The FTC Government document also states that MLM “is inherently flawed, unfair, and deceptive.

white cartoon faces with one red in middle

My Recommendation

I have mixed feelings about this company. I like their clothes with vibrant colors and the mission of keeping little girls feeling little. The fact that Denise has such a big heart to help children in need pulls at my emotions. I love this about the Matilda Jane company.

But with all of the good things here, I would have to say I DO NOT recommend this company. It is an MLM company that gains off of the inadequate compensation of their Jane’s. The start-up fee is HUGE! The hush, hush about the compensation plan is a BIG RED FLAG. You have to keep buying trunks and paying out money that I more than likely only a few can earn back.

Matilda Jane is not a scam, but it is an MLM, and it does feed off of many and depend on the few, just like all MLM-based programs do.

The Laura Method

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8 thoughts on “Matilda Jane Clothing-Is A Twirl Enough To Join This MLM Company?”

  1. Hello Laura,
    Thank you for your in-depth article about Matilda Jane. You made a valid point about affiliate marketing and the much lower start-up cost in comparison to this company. I find it very concerning that Matilda Jane would let someone start as an independent consultant without the startup fees. Most people don’t make money with MLMs and starting out in the hole is going to make the financial loss even more. EEEks.
    Much appreciated for your input,

    • Hi Madison, thank you for stopping by. The fee to start an affiliate marketing business of your own is far less than Matilda Jane. Not to mention that 99% of people who start an MLM business never make top dollar, and 86% never break even. It is a sad way to take advantage of hard-working people.

  2. My sister is a big lover of good clothes so it was no surprise to me when she told me that she would love to turn her love for clothing I to a money making opportunity. I didn’t know if it was a good idea that she joined this so I came here to check all about this Matilda Jane thing. Going through your review, I’d doubt if it’s be good to give her a go ahead to invest in it.

    • Matilda Jane Clothing costs so much money to start-up and keep it going. Even though the clothes are beautiful, I just feel like she would lose her money. She would have to know so many people and have so many parties to keep her standing. And she would have to keep putting money back into it every time they came out with a new line of clothing. I do hope she listened to your recommendations.

  3. Good post here and for anyone in the fashion and clothing business, would definitely know that one thing that is least productive and beneficial for anyone to get into is mlm business model. The cumbersome nature of the mlm is difficult on its own not to talk of being joined with clothing too. This Matilda Jane clothing isn’t really the best option to make money online. Thanks

    • Sherry, I totally agree with you. I believe that MLM, in general, is not a lucrative way to make money. Why answer to someone above you who can dictate how you run your business when you can be your own boss? It just doesn’t make sense to me. 

    • Hi Dawn, Thank you for your input. It does look like MLM may work well for you. But you are not a distributor of Matilda Jane, are you? To start your website and do affiliate marketing is under $49 a month and $19 the first month. You can even take a look and take the first 10 lessons free. It is a thought. As I said, MLM may be a good fit for you, but you can also set up a website to showcase your MLM business. That is if your company doesn’t have rules against this type of ranking. So many MLM companies have stringent standards, and you don’t run your own business. All the best to you, Dawn.


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