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Legendary Marketer-Is Affiliate Marketing Worth The Cost?

Making that big move from the daily 9-5 job to the online marketing scene can be a bit scary, but it can also have the potential for a nice passive income. Is the cost you pay for Legendary Marketing worth the training?

To make life easier for you before and after your transition, I have written this review on Legendary Marketer to warn you against or recommend this platform.

The transition can be frightening in the sense that there is a high chance you may be dealing with a platform that would leave you dry. But, when you find that legit site, it is well worth the effort.

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I do recommend that you read until the end to know what I think. I will give you a review that is honest to the best of my ability. So, let’s take a look at Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer cost is it for real? To find out more about this and the Legendary Marketer Program stay with me until the end.   I will be covering;

  1. What is Legendary Marketer?
  2. Who is Behind Legendary Marketer?
  3. How Legendary Marketer Works
  4. Is Legendary Marketer Cost Really Worth It?
  5. Who can Sign up for Legendary Marketer?
  6. Pros and Cons
  7. My Recommendations
  8. My #1 Recommendation

Legendary Marketer

Program name: Legendary Marketer

Founders: David Sharpe 

Price: $30 up to $575,000. The highest-priced program is $30,000. When I add all of the programs together, the total is $575,000. But I do not know if you purchase the $30,000 program if all others are included.  Recommended: Read to the end for my recommendation.  

What is Legendary Marketer?

Maybe the first time you have run across Legendary Marketer. Or you have heard so much that you want to know more and know if it is legit. Either way, I will give you information to help you make an informed decision.

Legendary Marketer is a one-level affiliate marketing program that offers training on affiliate marketing and of course, digital marketing.

What sets Legendary Marketer apart from most other learning programs is that while you are taking the classes, you can also earn money.

Who is Behind Legendary Marketer?

David Sharpe

If you are familiar with the internet and online marketing, you may have heard the name, David Sharpe. He is one of the grand masterminds in the digital marketing world, with three-million-dollar companies to his credit.

With his expertise and his eight-figure earnings, he began a business to help 300,000 people learn affiliate marketing.

So, it is not quite a surprise to know that Legendary Marketer is his offspring. How else would he easily impart thousands of aspiring internet marketers at the same time?

How Legendary Marketer Works

Like I said earlier, on the Legendary Marketer platform, you learn the real deal on digital marketing and still earn while you do the work.

After signing up, you get to go through 15 core coaching steps to enlighten you on digital marketing.

David has some products on the platform you can promote that earn a commission of 55 to 60% for each sale. The lowest-earning commission on the platform is 40%.

You have the opportunity to earn commissions if you get another person to sign up for the program. You also get to earn commissions from sales made by people you referred.

A program like this is a single-level marketing platform and is not as limiting as a multi-level marketing platform is.

In Legendary Marketer, you can earn from just signing up one person, but before you can make a commission from a product, you have to have purchased the product.

I did contact the company to become an affiliate, but I could not be an affiliate unless I were a member. Some companies do have these requirements.

While I was looking at the site, David did offer a one time course. I did purchase it, and I will use that course to help decide my recommendation for Legendary Marketer.

For now, let’s move forward and take a look at the product Dave offers.

Is Legendary Marketer Cost Really Worth It?

They have products ranging from $30 to about $25,000 for high ticket products. The products come in three packages.

legendary marketer program
  • Legendary Marketer Club-For $30 per month, you get to learn about Facebook ads, creating leads and tracks, and finally, how to grow your business with YouTube and Instagram.
  • Legendary Builders Masterclass-This class is $2500 and a more advanced level broken into four parts. You get to learn everything about building an online business, enriching your leadership skills to close more sales along with learning the art of storytelling.
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass-This program is $5000 and will focus on leadership skills and building your brand presence in the market place. They do show you how to grow your online business to a million-dollar one.
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind– This course is $8000. It is live up-close and in-person training on lead generation. 
  • Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind– This piece of the program is $12,000, to learn how to improve your personality and well-being. REALLY?
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience– This is the last program offered at Legendary Marketer for $30,000. Yes, you read this, right! In this live 4 day class, you share and network with other affiliate marketers. 

So is the cost really worth it?People who have take the high ticket courses say yes it is worth the money. I am not sure because I have not taken the thousand dollar courses. 

I can say that he is a good teacher and one on one (hopefully for that kind of money) you would probably come away with incredible knowledge. 

But you can have the best knowledge in the world and if you don’t apply it then you will not be successful and you have wasted your money. 

Who can Sign up for Legendary Marketer?

Absolutely anyone can sign up.

I can understandable that some people would be skeptical about joining a platform like Legendary Marketer, especially if you’re new to the affiliate marketing world.

I can easily tell you that Legendary Marketer offers all the knowledge you need to start earning in the online marketing world.

Now, let’s not get too carried away because the cost of this program is a bit over the top, and they do say you will make money fairly quickly.

But as much as Legendary Marketer gives you the ins and outs of digital marketing, there is no guarantee that you’ll start making money immediately.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into making money online. If you put forth the effort and work, you can earn an income. Also, there is a lot of investing going on to get returns.

So, you might want to gather enough money to have on hand to cover the upgrades and related items.


  1. Once you sign up for Legendary Marketer, you get assigned a success coach who ensures that you don’t get derailed on the way.
  2. Legendary Marketer gives you all the essential information you need to start earning.
  3. They offer a 30-day refund of your money should you realize that the resources in a program do not meet your needs.
  4. The training is step by step, so you learn quickly and effectively.
  5. They offer high commissions like no other platform.
  6. Dave is an excellent easy going down to earth instructor. I enjoyed his class that I purchased, and the information was beneficial. 


  1. They have a lot of upsells.
  2. Some statements lead you to believe this easy work.
  3. To become an affiliate, they watch you for a while, and then you have to pay to promote the high ticket products
  4. Costly top dollar programs.
  5. Dave does have a poor reputation as (Duplicate Dave) that proceeds him, but it appears he is nicely turning that around.

My Recommendations

What Legendary Marketer is offering is a way for you to learn to create a passive income online. The offer is an excellent opportunity to learn and make money. It does look like David Sharpe has built a valuable program that offers useful information to help you.

Thumbs Up

But I, for one, would not have the finances to do a program like the one David has set up.

I am sure some people are willing to pay this type of money, and their commission is incredible. I do commend David on his teaching ability and the excellent way he has set up his company.

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Company Comparison Chart

Legendary Marketer

$30 up to $575,000

Training on Affiliate Marketing


Earn money while you learn


Earn high commission as an affiliate



  • Assigned a success coach
  • Step-by-step training for efficient learning
  • Higher affiliate commission than other platforms


  • High dollar upsells
  • Not clear that you will have to work for your money
  • Dave poor reputation come from his name, Duplicate Dave
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