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Legendary Marketer Review – High Ticket Cost – Really?

Have you heard of Legendary Marketer and wonder what it is? Is it legit or a scam, and is it worth the cost to join? Well, the Legendary Marketer platform allows people like yourself to connect by sharing their stories, advice, tips, tricks, and resources with a full line of digital courses. It isn’t just a single product—it’s a whole array of various products, in other words, thousands of products.

I’ve done extensive research into the company itself to determine if it is legit or a scam; all things considered, it will help you make a better-informed decision if the Legendary Marketer program is right for you. Let’s look at this Legendary Marketer Review to see what I found out…

Oh, and FYI, you won’t find an affiliate disclaimer on this review stating the person who wrote this makes a commission off of Legendary Marketer, in fact, I am in not an affiliate of Legendary Marketer. 

An Overview of Legendary Marketer

  • Program name: Legendary Marketer
  • Founder: David Sharpe
  • Price: $30 up to $575,000. The highest-priced program is $30,000. Consequently, when I add all of the programs together, the total is $575,000. But I do not know if you purchase the $30,000 program if all others are included.
  • Recommended: Read to the end for my recommendation.

What is Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer?

You might be familiar with the name “David Sharpe.” He has been called “one of the grandmasters” in the digital marketing world by Forbes magazine for having built three million dollar companies.

Because David Sharpe used to be associated with the Empower Network (which has since become defunct), some people think that Legendary Marketer is just like that too.

But Legendary Marketer is actually a completely different system that works with digital products vs. physical products.

It is a set of online courses that teach you how to build your own business using the same strategies that have made him one of the most successful marketers in the world.

He teaches his students how to create a profitable business from scratch. And shows them how to use social media, SEO, email marketing, content creation, and, at the same time, make money online.

The goal of Legendary Marketer is to help you build a business that will allow you to live off of passive income. Not to mention, you can work on things you love while earning money without working hard.

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Product Overview

All affiliate training programs range from a $30 monthly subscription to about $25,000 for high ticket products. The products come in three packages; in addition, they do offer a 15-day challenge, or rather they did offer this. I heard it is no longer available, but it gave an overview of what to expect from the program. Legendary Marketer Club

The Laura Method

Legendary Marketer Club

For $30 per month, you learn about Facebook ads, Facebook marketing strategies creating leads and tracks, and finally, how to grow your business with YouTube and Instagram. In short, it’s a set of training videos from an interview series; in other words, it is training modules that feature six and seven-figure marketers who share their stories and insights into different aspects of digital marketing.

Traffic Rolodex Bundle

This class is $247.00 one time. For this training to be effective, you need to use paid traffic sources. Rolodex bundle is also known as Traffic University, which uses AdSkills to focus primarily on teaching you how to use various types of paid traffic. A bundle does not include what you will pay for the traffic; it is, however, a hidden cost you are not told about until it’s time to take out an ad. 

Legendary Builders Masterclass

The builders class is $2500 for a more advanced level broken into four parts. You learn everything about building an online business, enriching your leadership skills to close more sales, as well as knowing the art of storytelling.

Legendary Leader Masterclass

This program is $5000 and will focus on leadership skills and building your brand presence in the marketplace; likewise, they show you how to grow your online business to a million-dollar one.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is $2500 one time. Learn how to find the best high ticket products available out of thousands. In other words, it is searching for a high-ticket product to promote. You learn how to create a profitable email marketing campaign and banner ads. You’ll find everything you need to know, from choosing the best high-commission products to finding effective affiliate partners who want to help you succeed.

legendary marketer cost really digital

Digital Products Business Blueprint

The digital course is $2500. Get your first customer as you start from the beginning and learn to plan your route to the end. Either in written, video, or audio or all 3.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

This one is a 2,500 one-time fee. Learn to plan, and host an event while making money. Part of the problem with these expensive products is that they don’t provide enough pieces to solve the entire puzzle. You have to keep buying more and more parts to make it all fit. 

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

This course is $8000 a single, one-time fee. It is a live up-close and in-person training on lead generation.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind

This piece of the program is $12,000, a one-time payment to learn how to improve your personality and well-being. REALLY? It’s essentially a four-part fundamental program for building an online business. It includes telling your story in a captivating way, improving your sales abilities, and presenting yourself as an expert.

Legendary Lifestyle Experience

This is the last program offered at Legendary Marketer for $30,000. Yes, you read this, right! In this live 4 day class, you share and network with other affiliate marketers and become one of the digital marketers. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

If you’re lucky enough to be selected for the program, promoting Legendary Marketer as an affiliate is a great deal! But only a select few are let in on the value of a lifetime. The affiliate commissions you receive are through your affiliate links, not to mention, you get a link for everything there is to promote. 

WOW! Now that is a lot of information for you to learn, be that as it may, even more, monetary output than most people have. 

But even with all the information in the world, if you don’t apply it, you will not be successful and will have wasted your money. And in this program, the money you can waste is phenomenal. 

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Who Is Legendary Marketer For And Can You Make Money?

Legendary Marketer is mainly aimed at the beginner, the intermediate marketers, and the advanced online marketer who wants to know the basic fundamentals of building an online business from scratch.

Many people who’ve had success with the training programs so far already have some digital marketing experience or at least an established audience from which to market their product. 

As for beginner ready, I am not so sure it is because, the sheer number of choices may overwhelm you, forcing you have to turn to research to learn everything yourself. I would tend to say Legendary Marketer is more for the experienced marketers.

Most beginners wouldn’t be able to absorb such an extensive list of products, and for the most part, the products would have no real meaning.

If you’re not familiar with internet marketing yet, you’ll need some help at times. Legendary Marketer, however, offers no technical support.

Can You Make Money?

Currently there are over 1,200 students enrolled in the program.

The majority of them are getting results but, at the same time, haven’t made any progress yet.

That number sounds pretty good, but what does the majority mean? How many are actually making big bucks? So, I looked at the Better Business Bureau to see what customers said. Let me enlighten you on a few complaints. 

  • People who joined and then met with an advisor felt pressured into spending $2500 for the next level.
  • They understood a refund was possible for up to 60 days and later found out it was 3 days.
  • One person who was 17 joined the program and has yet to receive a refund as requested, but Legendary Marketer still contacts them to upgrade.

I need to say that out of 16 complaints; Legendary Marketer does appear to have refunded most of the requested money.

Legendary Marketers income disclosure states an annual income for those who join is $500 to $2000. That’s a far cry different than what they indicate to prospects, not to mention, you cant quit your day job with this amount of money and provide a living.

I searched high and low for reviews by members of Legendary Marketer that I thought was legit. It was impossible because I found members who promote the company; therefore, they want Legendary Marketer to sound sweet. In other words, all they want is to make a commission when you click their link.

The lack of real information on the company does concern me; however, there is a lot of information on the program and what it offers but none by real users except on the BBB. 

Pros And Cons

We have looked at a lot of information about Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe; with that in mind, let’s see what the pros and cons are. 


  • Once you sign up for Legendary Marketer, they assign an affiliate marketer success coach who ensures that you don’t get derailed on the way.
  • Legendary Marketer gives you all the essential information you need to start earning.
  • Should you realize that the resources in the program do not meet your needs, you can get a 30-60 day refund.
  • The training is step-by-step for the purpose of learning quickly and effectively.
  • They update the high commission products often.
  • Dave is an excellent easy going down to earth instructor; as a result, I enjoyed the class that I purchased, and the information was beneficial.


  • They have a lot of upsells up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Some statements lead you to believe this is easy work.
  • You have to give an arm and a leg to join Legendary Marketer.
  • It cost more for high ticket programs.
  • Costly top dollar programs.
  • To become an affiliate, you must meet with a coach after completing 15 core steps. 
  • The success coaches are very pushy promoting upsells
  • Dave does have a poor reputation as (Duplicate Dave) that proceeds him,
  • Empower Network appears to have a similar commission structure to Legendary Marketing, which Dave was a part of.
  • Legendary Marketer is a lot like Dave’s previous MLM company.
  • The BBB complaints are poor.
  • There is an additional cost not included in the basic plan.

David has some products on the platform you can promote that earn a commission of 55 to 60% for each sale; in addition, the lowest-earning commission on the platform is 40%. The promotion of these products closely resembles an MLM business model. Not to mention the commission one makes to promote Legendary Marketer resembles building an MLM downline.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam, and is Legendary Marketer legit? Technically, no, it is not a scam, and yes, it is legit. Making money online through affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort. You must build relationships and develop trust before making any significant amount of money. If you want to make money online, you have to work hard.

In my opinion, Legendary Marketer is not a scam because it provides information and value. However, it does closely resemble a pyramid scheme. This means there is a huge gap between those promoting the company and those making money and those who are more or less on their downline. 

Which, leads us to our next question. 

Is Legendary Marketer An MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?

No Legendary Marketer is not an MLM business. Some may think it is because of Dave’s association with Empower Network, but they are two different companies. Although sometimes I do believe it resembles an MLM. I wonder if Dave set Legendary Marketer up along the same lines as Empower Network without all of the legal issues that face an MLM business model?

Closing Thoughts Is Legendary Marketer Really Worth The Cost?

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Honestly, I can’t in all good conscience after this review, I can’t recommend Legendary Marketer as a good way to learn Affiliate Marketing. There are less expensive options with more significant support. 

I did take one of the introductory courses and found it to have pretty good teaching, and I enjoyed Dave’s form of instruction. But in light of my review, the program is more of a tier system with a wide gap between those who make money and those who don’t. 

The fact that Legendary Marketer coaches are pushy to recruit more downline was a bit uncomfortable for me. Are they in the program to help or to make more money? 

The cost of joining Legendary Marketer and moving up the line is outrageous when there are better, less expensive ways to make money with affiliate marketing. 

Did I also mention that I tried to contact Dave to join Legendary Marketer and was denied access? Maybe only certain people are allowed to join. 

The Laura Method

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