My Incredible Testimony

This can be you!

Hello, I am Laura. I am a retired Registered Nurse of 42 years. I have worn many hats in the medical profession, but I did finish my career as a long time Emergency Room Nurse. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, just shy of 2 years.
I write poetry and use my life experiences to help others find light in the dark tunnel. 

larger laura

About five years ago, I decided to set up a website. So I went to YouTube and followed instructions to set up my website. It was a daunting process—one tiny piece at a time. But when I finished, I thought I was ready. I began to write and post my poems on my new website.

Was I surprised when no one could see my work? I had no idea how to get Google to notice me and my website.

So I found some places to help me SEO optimize my site. I tried different companies that claimed they could help my site reach millions. But none of them delivered on their promises. I was scammed and overcharged for training and support that offered a fraction of what WA provided.

I had lost all hope when I arrived on the WA site. I thought, “what can I lose?” So I signed in to check it out. After all, it said, “NO CREDIT REQUIRED.” I was skeptical but tried anyway. My skepticism quickly faded as I logged in and took the first 10 lessons of training. When I reached lesson 7, I knew there was no turning back.

Everything I needed to know was right here on the WA platform. But what won me over to Wealthy Affiliate was the offer to take a look FREE. It was a true statement! I had found an honest company at a reasonable price to help me find my way.

Today I have three websites and a wealth of knowledge about online business. With this knowledge, I am here to help you succeed on your journey to success.

NO-Risk, NO-Obligation, NO Credit Card Needed

The community at WA is incredible, with literally thousands of experienced people to assist you. With all of the people available, there is an answer to almost any question you will have 24/7/365. You can rely on my WA community for support, answers, and the training necessary to help you create your online business.

You, too, can become an entrepreneur to create a successful online business from home or anywhere you choose. You also can have a passive income that will continue to make money when you are away.