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Jobs After Retirement-Online Home Business

Retirement is coming fast, but you are not sure you can retire. Maybe you don’t have enough money saved, or perhaps you are afraid you won’t have enough to keep you busy. These are real fears, so you start looking for jobs after retirement. You want a job that you can have the freedom to do the things you have dreamed of like travel and spend time with your family.

Your friends have mentioned online home business with a website and said the new way to build a business is online. You searched google to find out more, and now you are more confused than ever before.


The words website, plugins, Google, ranking, keywords, rich content, backdoor, dashboard, templates and on and on and on. These words mean nothing to you. Maybe you are like me and grew up in a time of monster computers and bag phones that you kept with you but didn’t dare use because the minutes cost way too much.

Where do we start? Just reading this causes confusion in my mind, and I know how to set up a website. Let’s start by looking at your goals. What do you want out of your life? Do you want more money, more time or more freedom? Or maybe you are like me and want to prove to yourself that you can learn new techniques. You want to keep your mind young and active.

Reaching out to you

I am reaching out to you who are looking for jobs after retirement and have one of 2 issues or both.

1. You don’t have enough money
2. Or you will have too much time when you retire.

I am 61 years young and retired just a short two months ago. I retired from ER nursing.

ER nursing is a high, paced adrenalin rush type of profession. My last job before I left nursing was a temporary contract in a local ER in my hometown. I worked from 7 pm to 7 am. Some of you may think that working nights is not as busy as working in the daytime, but some nights I would run from 7 pm until 4 am. Then we would stock the supplies and inevitably at 6 am an ambulance would arrive with a life-threatening situation. It would take us every bit of the remaining hour to keep this person alive.

I knew

I realized the day I retired; I was finished with nursing because I could not keep up the pace anymore. But what would I do when I was used to the adrenalin rush of a fast-paced emergency room? I was on google searching for the reviews on a company I had run across when I saw an article that talked about learning to set up a website for online home business.

I knew then that was what I wanted to do. I could do it from home with my husband. We could still travel, and I could even see the grandbabies. For me, it was the perfect retirement job. I knew just enough about the internet to be a bit dangerous, but not enough to have a successful online business.

The Laura Method

Money, Time, Freedom

1. Money

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spends more than $40,000 per year in retirement, yet social security will only pay an average of $17,000 yearly.

It sounds like your concern for more income is a genuine fear. People are living an average of 30 years after retirement and will need to supplement their Social Security to a tune of $23,000 a year. These numbers calculate that you will need $690,000 in retirement savings to help you live.

These numbers do not include medical bills or car needs or even house payments if you do not yet have your house paid off.

2. Time

You will have more time on your hands. More time can be a definite adjustment. What will you do with your time?

Retirees tend to sleep more, relax more, volunteer, read more, exercise more, and socialize more. Does this sound like a good life? You may need to fill part of the void with something new. Learn a new hobby or learn a new way to supplement your income.

3. Freedom

If freedom is one of your goals, you can achieve this in retirement. You will no longer have a schedule, have a boss, or need to report to work at a particular time. You will have the freedom to whatever you like. But will you get to do whatever you want?

If you don’t have the finances, you are used to when you worked, or you are short on saved retirement income you can not travel, or go out to eat or join a gym. The list goes on and on. The freedom of retirement sounds good, but in reality, it is usually not possible.

Let’s go back to money and time

1. You don’t have money to retire or live the lifestyle you had before.
2. You have way too much time on your hands and nothing to do.

These issues leave you sitting around, wringing your hands with worry. Do you continue in a job that is too demanding of your physical capabilities so that you can have something to do and make money?

NO, you do not have to continue work because there are jobs after retirement. I am going to introduce you to an alternative to worry and boredom. A way for you to earn an income and make the kind of money you want so you can travel and lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Critical Thinking Skills-Online Home Business

Start your online home business

You have looked online for jobs after retirement and Wealthy Affiliate is the one for you.  There is only one well-respected platform in the industry for building websites and the training you need.

I imagine you know your way around the internet at least a little bit. That is all it takes. The rest is inside the platform of Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers incredible step-by-step training on setting up a website and how to make money from it.

The signing up process is completely free. You get ten lessons and two websites FREE. The very best thing I can tell you is to take a look for yourself. I am going to link you to a post I have that talks about Wealthy Affiliate so you can learn about a company that is not a scam nor is it a get rich quick scheme. It takes work and planning, and you will learn how to do every bit of it. This type of work is no different than what you have done all of your life. You have worked hard at your job, but now you will get to say at home and set your hours.

The support within the WA community is fantastic. People are helping each other to succeed. You can ask questions, learn from others, and build new friendships.

An opportunity, an offer

I suggest you start at least one year before you plan to retire and work at your online business a bit each day and in your time off. If you do this, it is highly possible you may be making money by the time you reach retirement age, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy your retirement.

If you have already retired, there is no better time to start than now.

You will be working from home and can set it aside to have lunch with your friends, family, or talk to your neighbors for a bit. You can also spend time watching some TV and traveling.

I can only suggest to you and offer you this opportunity. I want to urge you to take a look at this platform because I believe in Wealthy Affiliate. But I know that pleading with you will not change your mind. You either want to have a more comfortable life, or you don’t. The choice is yours.


Can you retire to the lifestyle you would like? Or maybe you can’t ever retire. There are three reasons you may be looking for something to do after retirement. You may need freedom, something to do with your time or more financial security to accomplish your dreams.

Any or all of these reasons can lead you to an online home business. I am offering you an opportunity to look at Wealthy Affiliate and to set up a website with full training FREE. Wealthy Affiliate could be the answer to all of your worries about your upcoming retirement. But if you don’t sign up for free, you will never know. No obligation, No risk, No credit card required.

I would love to answer any questions you may have, and I enjoy comments. So please feel free to leave a comment or questions, and I will get back with you quickly.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

12 thoughts on “Jobs After Retirement-Online Home Business”

  1. Hi Laura,

    You made the best decision ever. I’m not old enough to retire, however, when I considered the trend of the world now and how things are moving so fast with technology and economic hardships, I realized it would be best to set up a business for myself. For me, even though I had some computer knowledge and knew that I could work online from home, I just didn’t know where to start from.

    But finally, in the course of my research, I came to realize that, the best way to build a business online is to do affiliate marketing by building  my own website. And here I’m today creating a successful passive income that will be of help in the future to come.

    Working from home is indeed ideal, not just the potential of getting financial freedom, but also the time you could have for yourself and for other important things. Thanks a lot for sharing your story and good decisions with us. Anyone who reads this article will be helped a lot.


    • Stephen, Thank you for reading this article and for your positive valuable input. Yes I love working from home and setting up a business that has a future. It is exciting. 


  2. It is really boring to work hard doing the job you dont love all your life , i really am on your side about the idea of supplementing a new hobby – Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best way to go and the black Friday offer has a very awesome and reasonable price. I really love and enjoy doing business in the comfort of my own home.

    • Thank you for stopping by. I did love nursing most of my life but in retirement I am so blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate. It will serve us well and is an amazing idea for anyone who wants to supplement their retirement. 


  3. Hi Laura,

    I’m not into retirement soon – I have more than 20 years to work, but I always wanted to have a side thing of my own – and supplement my income. I’m also on WA, so I know from experience its benefits. What I’d like to ask though is, what other retirement options would you suggest – either for a retired person or even a side hustle for someone who has a day job?



    • Hi Marios, That is a really good question.

      As a retiree one could volunteer which is a good thing but doesn’t make money. One could sell items on eBay but that requires finding things to sell. there are other types of these things.  But Wealthy Affiliate offers a home job, setting your own schedule and learning and growing. 

      So in my opinion this is the very best option. I love it. 


  4. Hi Laura, What a great job you have done making this Online opportunity sound so do-able. As a retired Ministers’ wife and with him in Frail Care, which costs an arm and a leg. Joining Wealthy Affiliate was the most sensible thing thing I have done to turn my life around.

    Now that Matthew sadly, cannot recall who I am, most of the time, I am going on my first road trip where I will be doing all the driving. It is rather daunting but being a member of  Wealthy Affiliate I have gained so much more confidence, have decided that of course I can do it.

    Age is definitely not a barrier in this wonderful new world of ours. In fact there are many retired people doing extremely well on Wealthy Affiliate. What fun we are all having too.


    • I know Jill, It is fun and an absolutely great way to make and income and stay at home. 

      I am so sorry to hear about your husband. It is a hard time to care for the one you love like you are doing. My prayers are with you. 


  5. I loved this article! Retirement is a beautiful thing in theory, but as you said they greatly underestimate how much to pay versus what the average person spends on it. It isn’t fair! That Black Friday deal seems like a good one, do you think you could even aim for an earlier retirement if you start early enough?

    • Retirement is amazing. But so many can’t retire. It is so sad. And yes, the Black Friday deal is one of a kind. Everyone needs to snatch this deal up. WOW!!! 


  6. Hello Laura. True, I have seen a man that is coming closer to his retirement but never wanted to retire because he wanted money. Affiliate marketing is the sure way to go for anyone looking to making money online and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started. I’m amazed by the tools, trainings and mindblowing Support


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