James Wendell My Traffic Business-Guarantee $10,000?

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Have you been scammed by the James Wendell My Traffic Business? In this review, I will reveal the TRUTH behind the James Wendell My Traffic Business and how you should avoid it at all cost.

Disclosure: This is a non-biased review as I am NOT affiliated with the James Wendell My Traffic Business nor do I represent the company in any way. IF you are seeking a refund or have any questions about the program, I encourage you to leave a comment below.

James states in his advertising that with My Traffic Business “you’re getting a turn-key money making system. Where all you need to do to start generating commissions is follow the 4 simple steps laid out in the training.” 

  • “Full Marketing And follow up system included”
  • “Copy & Paste simple video training”
  • “Point and click Automated Marketing”
  • “We send you 100 FREE visitors to your site when you finish setting it up!”

Today we will talk about:

  1. What James says in the video
  2. What My Traffic Business has to offer you
  3. My recommendations for is James Wendell My Traffic Business a scam
  4. Red flags
  5. A trustworthy alternative

I Too Have Been Scammed

You are probably here because you searched for something close to James Wendell My Traffic Business. Good Job and congratulations on your efforts to stay safe. 

If you are here because you have already given money to this scam, I have been in your shoes. I have lost money to scams and people like James. What you and I have been through can break our belief in honesty and integrity. But don’t let James break you. There is a better way.

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James Wendell My Traffic Business

  • Program name: My Traffic Business
  • Founder: James Wendell
  • Price: starts at $47 but James is not clear how many more thousands of dollars it will cost.
  • Recommended: NO and not only NO but ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

What James Says In The Video

James talks about how you will make vast sums of money. He tells you that you will live the lifestyle of your dreams. Then James goes on to talk about his sob story and how he found My Traffic Business.

What do you think about these statements? Would you believe them?

  1. His business has made over 25 million dollars
  2. He has made 2.5 million dollars in 2 years
  3. He guarantees you will make $10,000 in as little as 30 days.
  4. It could make you $500 every single day.
  5. Anybody can do this

I didn’t find anything telling us what you will do to make this kind of money or how many upsells there are once you sign up.

james postit firing note on yellow

James Sob Story

James claims he was fired with a post-it note and didn’t have any money. He was 10,000 dollars in debt. You know the rest of the story. He found My Traffic Business and is now a millionaire and now he wants to help you. 

From my personal assessment, it appears James has spent a lot of money on paid actors to give testimonies. Now, why does he need to pay someone if he guarantees you will make an income?

The real question would be, who received all of the money James has guaranteed you will get. 

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What My Traffic Business Has To Offer You

Do you see the lies he is telling. He makes promises and guarantees no one can keep. I took some quotes of the statements he makes in his video. None of these are possible. 

  • “And it’s so much easier than anything you’ve ever tried before.” (Right because you don’t know what you will do.)
  • “You won’t find anything else like this anywhere else online.” (of course, you will scams like this are all over the internet)
  • “This works for anybody, and you don’t need any special experience or skills to get started.” (but only if you purchase every upsell and spend thousands of dollars.)
  • “Once you’re set up it only takes about 30 minutes per day to manage.”
  • “All you do is point people to something they already desperately need.” (what does this mean??)
  • “And why I guarantee you will bank up to at least $10,000 in as little as 30 days from right now.” (No One can guarantee you will make this much money in 30 days,) 
  • “They will practically do the work for you.” (his team)

My Recommendations For James Wendell My Traffic Business

Thumbs Down

So, in light of of my research, Yes James Wendell My Traffic Business is a SCAM.

His offer is chock-full of red flags. I would stay away from James Wendell’s My Traffic Business. What do you think?

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: He is only offering this scam to 100 people. 
  2. A play on your emotion: James has a sob story like all the other scams out there. He lost his job, was so sad, devastated, broke and then introduced to a way to make millions. He posts pictures of dream vacations. 
  3. Everything he says is “RIGHT NOW!” He doesn’t want you to wait and think about it. Just act NOW!
  4. There is Very little information about how you will make this much money
  5. Numerous claims to earn a high dollar income.
  6. Guarantees a high dollar income working only 30 min a day.
  7. States the product is worth $1000 but he will pay the $953, and you only have to pay $47. 
  8. He never revealed how much you would have to pay if you join. 
  9. James claims he is doing all of this to help you because he is such a gracious and giving person.

I do believe James is setting you up for a scam. His system will take your money and deliver nothing in return. I urge you to stay away from My Traffic Business. 

A Trustworthy Alternative

There is no such thing as a get rich quick plan. If someone offers you a program like My Traffic Business, it always sends up red flags.
I do make money online, and I would love to share with you how you can also. It isn’t a quick, make big money and run plan.

It is a time-tested, world-class platform that provides extensive training and support. This company is known as Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a website building platform where you can learn step-by-step how to create your online business with affiliate marketing.
I am not going to tell you that you can make $10,000 in 30 days. I am, however, going to tell you that you can build a legacy and a business that will be around for a long time generating a passive income for you. I linked a couple of posts that may help to clarify who Wealthy Affiliate is.

I can also assure you that you will have 24/7/365 support from an incredible community. And I can tell you that you will have me as a personal coach to help you grow and succeed — a real person to assist and help you learn.

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The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

30 thoughts on “James Wendell My Traffic Business-Guarantee $10,000?”

  1. I googled James Wendell wand somehow found your site, which saved me because I was desperate. I have $50 cash, my girlfriend’s birthday is tomorrow, and I’m over $20k in debt. I’m a senior and my only source of income is disability insurance under $900 a month. I live in subsidized housing, government healthcare, food stamps, no car, ect. And, honestly I was going to take a chance, until I read your website. Much gratitude and appreciation.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know I have helped. But most of all, I commend you on checking James Wendell out before you gave him your money. I am proud of you for your due diligence. I do know that life is difficult at times, and sometimes it just keeps getting harder. Fast, easy money is never what it appears to be. Please do be careful with any venture that entices you to spend money, and they will do it all for you. I have found the only way to make our way out of the gutter is to find a way to better ourselves with persistence, consistency, and perseverance. Please do tell your girlfriend a happy birthday for me.

  2. Laura ,
    Thanks for taking your time to let us know about all the road blocks and injuries we could have encountered if we chose to ride with James in his “My Traffic Biz.”

    All your warnings to us were delivered without making a pitch for your “Wealthy Affiliate,” . . . . . . . . very admirable. I will have to do my own search to check it out. Bye 4 now!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Thank you for the compliment. Do let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  3. Uh oh, should have checked this before I paid $4,200 through American Express cash on 3-24 20 plus $27 to sign on the day before. They took 4 hours on the phone with me. I have 3 days to cancel. Still have time.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate the way I should go without the outrageous expense?

    • I am so sorry to hear this many have trouble getting their money back. I suggest you cancel the credit card payment now. But that is what I would do in this situation.
      Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely cheaper. It is a free 7-day trial, and if you sign up before you complete the 7 days, I will give you a discount on the first month. It is $19 and just $49 monthly after that. But it mostly depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to make money fast like a get rich quick scheme then you may be disappointed. If you want to learn how to do online business, then you are in the right place.
      I see that you signed in. I am here for you and will help you achieve your goals. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Today, December 5, 2019, I looked at a job site online. One of the offers mentioned about wanting cash. I clicked on it. This business is “MY TRAFFIC BUSINESS” offered by James Wendell. I listened to a video and filled out an order form. The initial charge was $47.00 to a credit card. Stupidly, I entered my credit card information. After clicking for step #2, the same page appeared for me to fill out my name, address again. Then, I saw a charge for $23.50. I did not fill out any more credit card information. . At that point, I left that website permanently. I called my credit card company, told them about the fraudulent charge and had them cancel that card.


    • Kenneth, You are right! It is a scam and I hope I conveyed that in my post here about James Wendell. I am so happy you got out of there before you fell for this money-grabbing scheme. As I also mentioned in this post Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to make money online. But it is not a get rich quick or a fast cash program. Please do check it out.

  5. This is a scam so do not do it. All I want is my money back or I am going to turn them in. There is no number you can call or get help from.

    • Shelly, you are right. James Wendell is a scam. I am sorry they got your money. Usually by the time they get your money they are long gone.

      I do hope you get your money back.

  6. What about the Click Bank University? Are they legit? Using the phrase “a program that will break the internet” while pitching for up sales, is that not a red flag “

    • Joshua, I Have not used Clickbank university, so I do not know enough about them to say if they are legit or not. I can tell you that I am not a fan of Clickbank because they are an affiliate program that tends to promote shady companies. I have high morals, so I do not promote their products. If I find a product on Clickbank that is a scam, I will expose it.
      I hope this helps you.

  7. Laura,
    During your entire description of this obvious scam designed by James Wendel you did
    exactly the same thing James Wendel did. Not once did you describe the mechanism used
    to make the people who purchase this product wealthy. The only description of the
    mechanism used is the name of your product ( WEALTHY AFFILIATE ) which starts out free
    but eventually costs, I think $69.00 to be upgraded. The only clue is the word (affiliate) which
    to someone who knows something about selling on the internet can figure out. To a newbie
    your description is just as non descriptive as James Wendel’s. Who’s taking who.

    • Hello Tim, I can see that you did not take a look at the information and links provided within this post. If you had done so, you would know that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme or a scam. I clearly stated that. You would also clearly see the red flags that are present in “my traffic business.”

      Tim, my question to you is “who’s trying to discredit who?” My next question to you is, “is your attempt to discredit this post going to make My Traffic Business any less of a scam?”


    • Ricky, you did not join WA as a premium member. You have not paid any money. It is free at this point and if you do not want to check out the training for free then you simply log out and never sign back in again. There is no refund of money because we have not charged you any money.

      I am sorry for the confusion. Is there a reason you do not want to try the program for the free training?


  9. So I sent for this like 2 weeks ago, how do I get my money back because there’s no address and I sent the $47 by debit card? I believe there’s a money back quareentee

    • I am so sorry to hear this. There may be a money-back guarantee, but many of these scams never honor it. My suggestion is to look at your credit card bill and see where you sent the payment. Try to find an address from your credit card company. Then send him an email or a written letter stating that you will file fraudulent charges against him if he does not return your money. Talk to your credit card company to make sure they will file a fraud charge for you first.
      It is possible he will not respond, and you will not get your money back. Be persistent and keep sending things to him provided you can find some mailing address.
      I purchased another scam, and I had to do this procedure to get my money back. Keep me posted. I will love to know if you get your money back.
      I do not hold an affiliation with this company in any way.

  10. Thank God, someone finally reviewed this. I recently added contact form on my website so that my visitors can reach out to me on any issue they come across on my website. Since then, this guy called James Anthony, maybe he’s the same person as James Wendell, has been sending me email on how he’s going to help me get more visitors. Here’s is part of what he said: ” Fortunately, I may have an answer for you. I can get you 1,000’s of visitors looking at your site ready to buy your product, service or sign up for an offer and fast.” 

    I perceived this might be a scam, so I didn’t open his site at all.

    I’m glad you share this. Keep the good work going.

    • I am happy you came across this email. Sadly the one that is contacting you is probably a different person. There are so so many scams out there. Easy money for the scammers. But I hope to change that for some and help to warn the community. I’m glad you did not fall for this scam. 

      • Ok so I saw windall so everyone here so far talks about the dark side of internet scams like windall but no one backs this one like giving a novice reassurance this will be a good investment.. so I ask is it and trail and error ..certainly isn’t for everyone but be nice to hear there has been some success doing this.. like to know more about the products and process of execution of such an endeavor.. certainly won’t make any money til I pay but like all investments have a portfolio of interesting points to entice you to gamble on such..

        • Hello, Aaron or John. I researched this company and did not find any positive aspects of it. In my opinion, as I stated in my post, it is not a good investment, it is a scam, and they will take your money without any return. I will leave it up to you to find a positive part of this company and let all of us know. Wendall is not a novice good investment, and there will be no reassurance form me.

  11. Hi Laura, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I actually heard about James Wendell and I knew from the start that it is some sort of scam. What I can’t believe is that there are still folks who would believe in this just because they promise some unrealistic achievements. I would also advise people to invest their money in something trusted and quality without false testimonials.

    • Daniel, People fall for these scams all the time. Not because they are dumb but because the scammers are so convincing. 

      I too wish these poor people who have lost their money would hear about Wealthy Affiliate a way to create a real legit business that will last the test of time. 

  12. I am glad you have informed us of My Traffic Business as this always helps us customers avoid bad purchases. I think that when you provide this information you help a lot of people out. Do you think that everything about My Traffic Business is a scam or are there anything you can pull from it?

    • Jon, Yes all of what James is doing is a scam. He like so many others take a good aspect of a business and exploit it to get money out of unsuspecting people. Scam through and through. All of the red flags are there. 

  13. Hi Laura

    I really appreciate this review on My Traffic Business as this is another scheme which will have to go into my black list. All these companies promise you that you will make money quickly, take you money and then give you so little on return. All these website seems to follow a theme, using a bait to reel people in. Some people will fall for it and my heart goes out to these.

    I wish that these sites did not exist, as they are nothing more than a scam. 

    Thank you


    • Antonio, Just a word of wisdom to help you avoid all scams. Take a look at the red flags they are clear in all scams. The red flags may help you put more on your blacklist. 


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