It Works Body Wraps, Can You Make Money

Today I will review It works body wraps as well as the company itself. I was an “It Works” distributor for almost two years. so I feel that I have a lot of experience in this particular MLM company.

It works is a multilevel marketing business that was founded by Mark Pentecost on the product “It Works body wraps.” So without further delay, I will get right into my review and some history on the founder Mark Pentecost.

Mark Pentecost founded the company It Works in 2001 based on a product known as Body Wraps. Mark was a school teacher In Michigan looking to make some extra cash. He ran across the “body wrap” which his wife tried. His wife and her friends were so excited about the product that he bought the rights to the patent.

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It Works Body Wraps

Have you heard of the It Works body wraps? I can’t even count how many times I said that very phrase. Then I would follow a script and go on to say how amazing it works body wraps are and how you can decrease body fat just by applying them to your body in different areas.

To tell you the truth, I tried many wraps, and not a single one of them worked for me. But if I didn’t want to go broke, I had to sell the wraps. Oh, how I hate lying to people about anything. I made a promise to myself that I would never again work for a company that I did not believe was a trustworthy company.

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The Cost Will Eat You Up

This company boasts that independent distributors will have no overhead because the body wraps are shipped directly to the buyer. NOT TRUE! I had to purchase all of my advertising supplies and was encouraged to wear apparel with the logo on it. All of these supplies cost money.

Ok, so, you have to pay $99 to join and then order $80 worth of products a month and supplies on top of this. The customer is required to accept an automatic shipment one time a month for three months when they purchase a product. They can not cancel before three months. No wonder this is a billion-dollar company today.
Can you make money? In my opinion, the answer is NO!

Free Vegas Trip

Every year each independent distributor is strongly encouraged to go to a conference. Their upline says the meetings will set them on fire and grow their business. Conferences cost $150-$250 for tickets. Then there are airfare and hotel expenses. Girls and guys alike come from all over the world to attend while making very little income at home.

Helping Families Get Out Of Debt

I heard it said many times the It works company believes they are helping families get out to debt.

When I was a distributor, I went in the red $1500-$2000 dollars a year. I was accused numerous times of not working hard enough or not trying hard enough. And believe me, I live by integrity and hard work. So, I would work harder and lose more money.

word debt with a little white guy holding the word

Average It Works Independent Distributor monthly pay in the United States is approximately $2,000, which is just below the US poverty level for a single person. Salary information comes from 664 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

So, do you think this company will help you get out of debt? Can you make money? In my opinion, the answer is NO!

Work From Home

“It Works” claims you can work from home. Well, you can if that includes handing out flyers at the supermarket that talk about it works body wraps or hosting a party. You can have a Facebook party and work from home, but that was the only time I could work from home.

When I started, it works, I had no idea how to do a Facebook party or how to tell people about the wraps. Most of my upline didn’t know how to do these things either. So, I had to teach myself. There was very little training or support.

It was a bit scary with no one to ask, no one to support me and no one to help.

Better Business Bureau

bam Oh My Gosh symbol

The Better Business Bureau has recorded 395 complaints regarding “It Works.”  Most of these complaints are about the 3-month auto-ship and products that don’t work.

It Works requires you to take a 3-month auto shipment when you sign up. You can’t cancel because It Works will charge you anyway. One contributor stated it works body wraps gave her hives, and the company still would not allow her to cancel before the end of three months. She had to pay for an emergency room visit and three months of wraps.

The Method That Really Works

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I believe in Wealthy Affiliate and the platform that taught me everything. I have done MLM and worked very hard at it and never made money. But with your online website, you can make money. Don’t take my word for it. You can check it out and have a free look around. Build a business. Then you can decide what is best for you. You are in control.

There are many MLM companies out there today. With most of them, you have to get in on the ground floor to make money. You are dependent on someone else to give you direction and if that person is only out for themselves then there is no guidance.

With a platform to teach you step-by-step, you can own your own business and answer to no one. It is an incredible opportunity.

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Have you had an experience with MLM? We would love for you to share with us. Please leave your comments and questions in the comment section below. 

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14 thoughts on “It Works Body Wraps, Can You Make Money”

  1. Thanks for your honesty and sharing your experience!

    Very helpful details on It Works Body Wraps. OMG it sounds awkward!

    After reading your post I got another company on my list that I need to stay away from. When I checked about your recommendation I am happy to see you are recommending the same company which helped me to become a full-time blogger. And its an awesome platform to learn about earning online.

    Thanks for saving people time and money!

    I am happy to see you are now following your passion and I wish you all the very best.


    • Yes, Paul, my experience with It Works can definitely save time and money for others. And again yes, wealthy affiliate is worth the effort put forth. My passion and my dream can be fulfilled within the wealthy affiliate platform. Have a great day. 


  2. I had not heard of body wraps before reading this and but I admire your integrity in being honest about the product you are promoting. 

    I commented on your initial  earlier of WA and now this one convinces me that you are more than happy with the value for money you get with Wealthy Affiliate and as a member myself, I have to agree. I have learned so much and after  15 months I am still learning . There is so much valuable instruction in here that anyone trying to run a business online would be a fool not to work with this platform. . You are becoming the best advocates for WA and I can only wish you success as you move forward. 

    I had not hear of body wraps before reading this

    • Thank you again Judy. The training here surpasses all other. Now that I am finished with the classes I am continuing to learn with the daily tutorials the experienced community puts out for everyone to continue to learn. I do love it!

  3. I do craft fairs and events with my soap and see “It works body wrap” representatives at every one.  I got talked into buying them at one event and of course they did not work.  I can see how a person would get pulled in though, you have put out all this money and have to sell the product at least until you can get your investment out.  I think it’s sad that these companies take advantage of people.  Sound to me that the only one making money from this business is the company owner. 

    • I think you have that right. Mark owns a billion dollar business and his own island. Looks like that is where the money is. 

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment and input. 


  4. Looks like It Works Body Wrap is a real scam of the MLM type. What intrigues me is why people would pay $99 entrance fee, not really knowing what you will get for it. You told us that there is very little training, so how are you supposed to sell these wraps? If by internet, then most of us would need specific training. Or in the case of MLM, you would need to have an existing and enormous network for yourself already. As you said, you will have a hard time selling something of low quality to your family, friends or acquaintances.

    I am sorry for your bad experience, but thanks for the warning.

    • Jerry, 

      It was a rough experience but learning from that brought me here to Wealthy Affiliate. We grow and learn from all of our experiences. 

      Thank you for stopping by and your input. 


  5. I don’t hav a lot of experience with MLM companies.  I have used Young Living which is drastically different since they sell essential oils, though.  However, I find myself having to keep selling stuff to my friends, which does get old.   Then, you have to find more people and the cycle continues.

    But, what are three tips you can give us for succeeding with MLM companies.

    It’s sad that they tell you, you are not working hard enough, though.  That doesn’t sound like good coaching advice.  What were you not doing correctly?

    I have been doing affiliate marketing for 10 years, though.  It’s much more lucrative and you don’t have to actually have the products which is a better business model.

    • Garen, 

      I know what you mean. I hated to bother my friends and family all the time. 

      I do not have and tips for success in an MLM company. That is why I was so excited when I found wealthy Affiliate. It is a real business that I own and I don’t have to reach out to others. I set up my website just like i am taught and the traffic comes to me. 

      I love the ease of it. Now don’t get me wrong, it is work but what I put in comes back to me in profit. 


  6. Wow, It Works sounds like It Doesn’t Work.  I am really glad I read your review to see how your personal experience was.  I can’t believe they told you that you were not working hard enough and you incurred so much debt.  What a sham this is.  With all of the complaints to the BBB, I am surprised this outfit is still in business.  It’s amazing what you can uncover with some of these MLM programs.  How long were you involved with It Works?   Do you know other people with a similar experience?  I look forward to hearing back from you, thanks again for sharing your honest opinion.

    • Your right Steve, it works doesn’t work. I was with the company almost 2 years. Yes I know a lot of people who were in the same situation i was in. But today people are still joining and I hope to reach others to keep them from making the same mistake I did.

      The situation with it works is there are a very few at the top who make big money and they make this money by talking people into signing up then not offering support. 

      I did not enjoy it. But I do love Wealthy Affiliate platform that I am with now. It is not an MLM but rather a business of my own. I have never seen support like I have here. 

      Thanks Steve

  7. This Body Wraps business definitely sounds very sketchy and I doubt anyone is making any real money with it. I’ve tried MLM businesses before in the past and it never works. It is so difficult to get enough people to buy your products, there’s not enough support, training, and tools to give you the skills to make those sales. Is there a better business model that you would recommend that’s cheaper and more effective?

    • The thing I disliked about it works the most was harassing my friends and family. 

      Oh yes there is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate that is not an MLM. It is a site that teaches me how to set up an affiliate marketing business and get ranked at the top of google. It is my very own business with incredible teaching and support. 

      Thanks for stopping by. You might want to check this business out. Click on any of the blue links within the article and find information. Sign up free and have a look around. 


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