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Instant Sales Berzerker Review-Warning Danger Ahead

Today is the age of fast, easy money. Around every corner, you see someone promising you money with no investment and no work. To help you avoid a bad product, I do reviews on these programs. Today we will do the Instant Sales Berzerker Review-warning danger ahead. The title says it all.

Have you heard of the “shiny object syndrome? Basically, it is looking for an easier way to make money. Maybe to earn extra money and maybe to make your online business easier.

Every person who builds a program or software believes theirs is the best and the only way to help everyone accomplish their goal. If you buy every program to make your job easier, you will be broke and in the hole before you start. It is my job to determine if Instant Sales Berzerker is worth the money, or should you heed the warning danger ahead and run?

In our article today, we will cover:

  1. Who is Philip Johansen?
  2. What is Instant Sales Berzerker?
  3. Instant Sales Berzerker Review-Warning Danger Ahead
  4. Upsells
  5. Instant Sales Berzerker Review Concerns
  6. My recommendations regarding Instant Sales Berzerker
  7. 4-Step Blueprint
Instant sales berzerka mockup

Instant Sales Berzerker

Program name: Instant Sales Berzerker

Founder: Philip Johansen

Price:  $12.95 with upsells

Who is Philip Johansen?

What a great question you ask, who is Philip Johansen. He is this fella in the picture. Would you say he has a trustworthy face?

Philip is the creator of Instant Sales Berzerker and a marketer on Warrior+.

Philip johanson Instant Sales Berzerker Review-Warning Danger Ahead

What is Instant Sales Berzerker?

Instant Sales Berzerker is a done for you copy and paste system to use their exact funnel to make instant sales. No, where does it say what you will copy and paste?

The Laura Method

Instant Sales Berzerker Review-Warning Danger Ahead

Instant Sales Berzerker Review-Warning Danger Ahead

The sales page begins by stating that this is a bulletproof system and follows it up with this disclaimer Fair warning: this isn’t promising to make $1000s fall from the sky while you sleep, because we all know that’s BS.”

While they won’t promise money from the sky, they say this is a predictable way for you to repeat the copy and paste steps and make money.

a statement from the sales page

As you see, you can make a few hundred dollars a day for only 30 minutes of work.

It is the most repeatable money-making system on the market.

We do get a glimpse of what you won’t need to make money from your very own cash machine:

  • No social media
  • No knowledge about traffic
  • No making videos
  • No experience
  • No products
  • No email list

You make your purchase, step inside the platform, do what you are told, and you will make money the very first day.

Instant Sales Berzerker Review-Warning Danger Ahead list of what you will get

Proven Funnel

It is a proven system tested by the creator Philip Johansen, and since he said it works then, it must work. Right? Or not? You can use their winning campaigns and use their secret traffic source. Now I wonder who is making money here, you or Philip, because you pay him and then can’t figure out what to do next.

The ultimate lazy system

Live the lazy lifestyle working just a few minutes a day, making hundreds of dollars. And all the while, the money machine is making you an income. This system can generate $600…$800 or more every day.

Secret Traffic Source

You absolutely have to have traffic, but Instant Sales Berzerker has your back on this one. They have a secret traffic source they have never shared with anyone. They aren’t even going to share it with you! But they say it will make your results soar even though you won’t know how this happens.

Winning Campaigns

You have to take their word on this one because these are the campaigns that worked for them. We never do find out what campaigns these are.


Basic Plan

$12.95 Instant Sales Berzerker FE– you will have training on how to copy and paste and how to earn instant money.

Upgrade 1  

$37 Berzerker Weapons –  25 Day campaign proven to make Dan sales consistently.

Upgrade 2

$47 Berzerker’s Rage – More campaigns but this time, you get the high ticket ones. Dan’s personal stash that earns him $856-$1,712 in a SINGLE day!

Upgrade 3

$197 Steal Our Army – Here is the free traffic. Not so free for $197. You can put your pixels on the Instant Sales Berzerker page and use their traffic.

Upgrade 4

$197 Meet The Berzerkers- Oh, NICE! You get to have a one on one coaching session with the Berzerkers.

Upgrade 5

$147 Berzerker’s Inferno- Get license rights to Superstar cash rain, kingdom builder,  Dark knight commission, high ticket hero, forsaken traffic, Grand Champion, and Instant Sales Berzerker! So when you pay $147, you can promote all of the other programs they created. If they are anything like these, then are you sure you want to promote them?

Instant Sales Berzerker Review Concerns

  • It is not clear upfront what you will get other than a copy and paste system.
  • Inconsistent promises of income, $100 day, $500 a day, $856 a day, and $1,712 a day. OK, so which is it?
  • With the basic plan, all you get is teaching how to do it. You have to upgrade to get the campaigns.
  • Only 30 minutes of work a day
  • It is a proven system, but the proof is hidden in the creator.
  • Follow the system, do what you are told, and make money that easy. I highly doubt that.

My Recommendations Regarding Instant Sales Berzerker

I am going to give my Instant Sales Berzerker review a THUMBS DOWN!

He never tells us what we will sell or what the campaigns. The upsells are very expensive, and you are required to upgrade to make money.

I don’t know if this is a scam because I don’t have enough information to decide. But I highly doubt that you will make money from a system that is done for you and only takes 30 minutes of work a day.

The Laura Method

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