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Instant Conversion Mastery Review – Updated Instructions Or A Scam?

Are you an affiliate marketer, or are you attempting to sell products online? Maybe you are a newbie and lost in the world of affiliate marketing and the internet. Mohamed Boubaker has just released a new training series called Instant Conversion Mastery. Today I will give you my honest assessment in this Instant Conversion Mastery review.

We will explore each element of what Instant Conversion Mastery has planned for their training.

Will Instant Conversion Mastery benefit you, and has Mohamed Boubaker developed a training module that will help with conversions?

Let’s take a closer look at Instant Conversion Mastery . We will cover:

  1. Who is Mohamed Boubaker
  2. What is Instant Conversion Mastery
  3. Instant Conversion Mastery Review
  4. Is Instant Conversion Mastery A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding Instant Conversion Mastery
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint

Instant Conversion Mastery

Program Name: Instant Conversion Mastery

Founder: Mohamed Boubaker

Price:  $47

Who is Mohamed Boubaker

I did not find much information on Mohamed Boubaker. He appears to be fairly new to the JVZoo launch field. He has 5 new product launches in June of 2121. I do not see any others. All appear to be similar to Instant Conversion Mastery, where he is training on different topics.

package of program2

What Is Instant Conversion Mastery?

Instant Conversion Mastery is a training program to teach you how to lock in on conversions. It states that you can convert every visitor into a buyer.


Instant Conversion Mastery Review

The sales page tells us almost nothing about what you will get with your$47 purchase. So to write a well-informed Instant Conversion Mastery Review, I purchased the product for $47.

The Laura Method

When I downloaded my purchase, I noticed that every module was last updated on Sept 4, 2013. There is no new information in this purchase. All information is 8 years old. As an experienced affiliate marketer, I know the information is updated all the time. Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year. They actually released a major update this past week.

instant conversion mastery Q and A

Remember as we go through these videos that he says all information is for newbies.

Instant conversion mastery all for newbies


Video #1-An over view of what the course will talk about.

Video #2-He talks about headlines, images, and bullets and uses an 8-year-old example done by Evan Pegan.

Video #3- Call to action, become an authority, proof, and social proof. He does a poor job of explaining what these are. He uses Mark Thompson as an example.


Video #4-email split testing, and email is copywriting. He never talks about how to write an email but tells you that it is copywriting. He was supposed to cover that in the first 3 videos but did a poor job. He uses AWeber as an example but never says how to set up a broadcast or a campaign.

Video #5- He actually gives you some good info in this video on what to put in an email, how long, and use action. But he says you have to write narrow columns. Today most everything is mobile responsive, so this is wayyyyy outdated.

Squeeze Pages

Video #6-What you need on a landing page and a squeeze page. Now, if you are a newbie, do you even know that these are? He does not explain that to you. He uses a sales page as an example of a landing page.

Video #7-Squeeze page and how to drive traffic to a product. It gives 8-year-old examples to set up your squeeze page. He throws in a bit of information on privacy policies and disclosures, all into a 3-minute video.


Video #8-he says to always upsell so they buy something.

From here, I am not going to list each video. I can already see it is a waste of my time. Each video is around 3 minutes long, and by the time I finished watching the series, I realized he is teaching you how to set up and sell a scam product with information that is 8 years old.

Since I have been reviewing scams and products as an affiliate marketer, the tactic to sell and upsell a product changes every few months. Scams can’t keep the same old copy for years, or everyone would be onto it and not buy their products.


  • I wracked my brain to come up with one pro, and here it is-Mohamed Boubaker is a nice-looking fella. That’s it!
  • Oh, one more-there are no upsells unless you put in your consent to receive emails from him.


  • The information has not been updated for 8 years
  • Only 14-3 minute videos (42 minutes) of training
  • Training is poor and lacks important key points
  • He uses outdated information from others as his examples
  • His sales page has very little information
  • He tells us blatant lies on his sales page about the information inside.

Is Instant Conversion Mastery A Scam?


I am going to have to say YES, this is a scam. The information is misleading. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and Instant Conversion Mastery has all the signs of a fraudulent offer.

My Recommendations Regarding Instant Conversion Mastery?

Instant Conversion Mastery may be a legit offer with information inside. Still, it is misleading, and the developer Mohamed Boubake actually lies about the updates and who this program is for.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone purchase Instant Conversion Mastery. This course is not complete, a poor instructor conducts it, and there are open lies on the sales page.

I am appalled by the attempt of Mohamed Boubake to try to sell you information that in no way will help you complete anything, much less make money online or lead to conversions.

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