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Inner Profit Circle-Real Web Properties Is It Legit?

Eric Holmlund launched a new program a couple of days ago, Inner Profit circle.

I have had the opportunity to watch the webinar, and I like this guy. He appears to be honest and straightforward with his viewers.

Eric’s program is two parts, Inner Profit Circle and Real Web Properties.

Let’s dive deeper into the Inner Profit circle to see if it may be a program for you.

Today I will be covering;

  1. A Bit About Eric
  2. What Information Is In The Webinar
  3. What Does Inner Profit Circle Offer
  4. The Cost Of Inner Profit Circle
  5. My Recommendations for Inner Profit Circle-Real Web Properties 
  6. Concerns
  7. My #1 Recommendation

Inner Profit Circle-Real Web Properties

Program name: Inner Profit Circle

Founder: Eric Holmlund and Ryan Greene

Price: as high as $997 a year with the option of a monthly plan. No upsells

Recommended: Yes    Scam: No

A Bit About Eric

Eric Holmlund, wife and 6 kids photo

Eric is a devout Christian who is active in his church and missionaries. He is a husband and a father of six children. He has supported his family with his work for the past six years.

The Laura Method

It appears Eric wears many hats and is a very successful entrepreneur. He is an artist and has made millions in affiliate marketing selling information products.

Eric states he is a purpose-driven man and an expert in his field of information products.

As I read his profile, I picked up on his very positive and bright attitude about the world and his environment.

What Information Is In The Webinar

eric's partner ryan greene cradentials

In the webinar, Eric gives us an extensive history of how he has made his money over the past ten years. He is honest about how he has not always made the right decisions, but it has taught him how to do this business correctly.

He takes a moment to introduce us to his partner Ryan Greene.

Then Eric talks to us about his product, Inner Profit Circle. It is a 2 part program that he offers as a package.

Part one is The Real Web Property Website. Part two is Inner  Profits Circle.

Eric states he found that it is essential to identify a problem and what pain it is causing to his followers.

He then asks, “Why are you not making money or the money you desire to make?” Eric launches into 5 reasons this may be true.

1. You do not have the right products. You need to develop products to sell. He is referring to webinars and ebooks as examples.

2. What leads to a profitable product? It has to be in demand. You can not create demand; you have to find the demand and research products that are in demand. Then create a product based on the demand.

Do not clone other products but instead make one unique. Then price it right. It is easier to make money off of a high-priced item than many smaller-priced ones. What you create needs to be a $300-$2000 item.

3. You need the traffic to sell your product. He warns you against listening to too many views on this. He says to choose one method at a time to generate traffic and then move to the next. Choose a targeted group of traffic and cater to them.

4. You are distracted. Distraction is a huge problem in our world today. There are too many shiny object programs out there that promote get-rich-quick programs. We are losing the ability to focus. You have to set limits and stop the distractions such as texting, TV, FB, etc

5. Don’t have the right coach or mentor. You need a mentor who will design a plan step-by-step to help you avoid mistakes. You need a coach who holds you accountable.

Eric says it is hard to find trustworthy people to mentor you. He warns against using free forums as support because there are too many takers and no givers. You are not an island, and we all need help from others

What Does Inner Profit Circle-Real Web Properties Offer

Inner Profits Circle offers you a way to start an affiliate marketing business with some of the work done for you.

Real website properties list of offers

With the purchase of this course, you will get a website with a domain. It is already handpicked and waiting for you.

Eric states that he researched profitable online niches and then acquired premium domain names for each niche. He then built an authority website on each domain.

Each site has starter content a lead magnet page and a squeeze page.

You get access to a private Facebook page where you can interact with other like-minded people who are members of Inner Profit circle.

You have access to a full library of courses teaching you how to maintain your website and market your niche.

Eric does say that if you can not manage after you take the courses he will do it for you.

inner profit circle offers list

It looks like you are getting a full done for you affiliate marketing business. But this is not what I saw in the webinar.

I believe Eric was straightforward with you. He said you would have to write content and keep things running. You will have products to promote, but this is a full website and not a one-page affiliate program.

As an affiliate marketer, I am familiar with PLRs (Private Label Rights). PLRs are produced for all levels of affiliate marketing from content creation to email autoresponders.

I believe Eric is going to provide you with PLRs to generate content and traffic.

PLRs are controversial. Many believe it is wrong to use them. I think they have a place in internet marketing if used properly.

It will be vital for you to research PLRs, so you do not generate duplicate content and destroy your website.

The Cost of Inner Profit Circle

a screenshot with the pricing for inner profit circle

At the time I reviewed the webinar, Eric said the two programs together, The Real Web Property Website and Inner Profit Circle are worth $13,250, but he is offering a VIP rate. See the photo above.

I am not sure if this price will increase. Sometimes they do after a new launch promotional rate.

You have two options for payment — a one-time fee of $997 or a monthly fee. The monthly fee is $297 for the first month and $97 a month for the next 11 months.

With the monthly option, you will get ownership of your website and domain after one year of membership.

With the one-time fee, you will get the website and the domain transferred to your name within the first two weeks.

My Recommendations

Thumbs Up

I give Inner Profit Circle a thumbs up. But with that evaluation, I do see some concerns, not red flags but concerns.


  1. When Eric says that if someone can not accomplish a task, they will do it for them, it concerns me. I wonder how many staff they have to address these issues and how many people will not try. I wonder if they have something in the system that targets those who don’t watch the courses and want the company to do everything for them.
  2. I hope there is extensive training on the proper use of PLRs, so a newbie does not think they can use the content exactly as written. And a warning that spinner content is not always good enough to change the words to prevent duplicate content
  3. I hope the facebook group is large enough with some experience to assist the new affiliate marketer.

Inner Profit Circle is not a scam, and yes, after my review, I would recommend it. I am always leary of “done for you” products, but Eric makes it clear you will need to work on your site.

You are paying high dollars to have a website all set up and ready to go. You will have to maintain it and take the time to learn how to do this.

You do get to choose your niche, and hopefully, it will be one that is a passion or of great interest to you as it is easier to work with something you love.

If you don’t want to do the work upfront and you have the finances to join this program, it may be beneficial for you.

I did not sign up for the program, and I do not know what is on the inside. I am basing this review on my experience and knowledge as an affiliate marketer.

I do want to offer one warning. That is to warn you against the shiny object syndrome. We all have to work to gain success, and the grass is not always greener on the other side of our white picket fence.

The Laura Method

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16 thoughts on “Inner Profit Circle-Real Web Properties Is It Legit?”

  1. It looks like a good program with real substance but I think it’s not for me. I’m not comfortable with spending more than $50 on a monthly basis regardless if you’re making money or not. Such program, $97 a month, is good if you’re generating income more than what you’re spending, but what if suddenly income has stopped? Not good at all.

    Your recommended opportunity seems like a better option. I’m okay with $49 a month, not a big spend even income suddenly stops.

    • Yes, the $49 a month is a better price. I wanted to offer both to allow you to have a choice. Some would wish to the higher-priced program because of the done for you type of application. 

      I prefer to do it myself self, but not everyone does. 

  2. I like how in the beginning of the article he asked some good questions that probably will get the brain going, especially, if those are your problems. His price is a bit higher than I would pay, but he does have an extensive background in affiliate marketing which would make a person more susceptible to pay that much money to gain knowledge from him.

    The fact that he’s honest makes you more open to his advice. Could you explain what spinner content is? I am curious about what that is and it pertains to.    

    • I am happy to explain content spinning. It is a software that changes the wording of an article. It is supposed to change things enough that it will not appear as duplicate content on Google. 

      I do wonder that if enough people are spinning the same material, will it come back around to the original wording. If you use this method, it is essential to use a plagiarism checker also.

  3. This is a good review of the Inner Profit Circle/Real Web Properties. I guess it would be nice to have the website all ready and I just get in there and whip out content. I could not afford it though. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliates because I could “try”it for a while. I have always looked for such a company that you did not have to put money in to start. I was burned before. I love WA though. So, I do agree this is pretty straight forward, but I will stick with WA.

    Thank you


  4. Nevermind the high membership fee, paying $97 per month is ridiculously expensive for the type of service you are getting. I would personally avoid any program that uses or generate PLRs. Just goes to show they aren’t serious about creating a sustainable online business and are just merely looking for short cuts. If you really want to use PLR, there are legit sites (no kidding) that you can purchase in bundles for whatever niche you are in. It would costs a lot cheaper than subscribing to any of these hyped membership. 

    • Cathy, Thank you for your opinion. I do not believe that Inner Profit Circle is a hyped-up program. But it does cost more than WA. I do think that to use PLRs has a good place in affiliate marketing content, but one does have to be very careful not to harm their site with duplicate content. 

      The low price of PLR bundles compared to the high cost of IPC is the one thing that I did not agree with. I do believe either program is a personal choice. 

  5. Great review! Eric Holmlund sounds like a really trustworthy guy. And with a price like that, it’s a good thing! I agree with you that it’s a little worrisome that they will do things for someone who can’t. That would be great for me, of course, because my brain sometimes just freezes up and understands nothing. On the other hand, it would be something that a lazy person could take advantage of. Thanks for reviewing this company! Like you, I shall stick with Wealthy Affiliate, but I want to keep IPC in mind. 😀

    • Cathy, I, too, will stay with my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. I do believe it is good to offer other options for anyone to compare if they like. Eric does sound like a good guy to me also. 

  6. Thank you for this detailed review.  I had not heard of Inner Profit Circle or Real Web Properties before now.

    Although I do agree with a lot of points, I’m not sure this program is right for me.  I share your concerns, especially the do it for you.

    I’m not big on not owning my content/site either.

    Thanks again,


    • Inner Profit Circle is new, just recently released. If you pay the full one year price, you will get ownership of your site and your domain. It is expensive but more than likely a good deal. I will stick with Wealthy Affiliate as I find WA platform to provide all I need to know to operate my affiliate marketing business well. 

  7. Dear Laura,

    Thanks a lot for your great article on the Inner Profit Circle and Real Web Properties. 

    I had not heard of these products before and so I fully depended on your review to make a decision. I like the way you have given us your honest opinion so that one would make an informed choice.

    Like you’ve said, one cannot fail to be a bit skeptical when a deal gets too good. I was repelled by the idea that if things do not work out, they’ll pick it up and do it for me. That’s a red flag. How many people would then just buy, show shabby commitment, only to cry out “Help!” at the end? What measures have they taken to curb that?

    I personally will stick to your #1 recommendation!

    Boniface- from AndroidBix.

    • That was a concern for me also. I am not sure it is a red flag, but it can definitely cause problems for the program. They may have some filter in place but I am not sure what that is. Thank you for stopping by. 

  8. Although the Inner Profit Circle program sounds great, I prefer your choice at the bottom with Wealthy Affiliate. I feel like, at this time, I want to invest in a risk-free program, and after looking into WA a bit more, I found the program offers ten free training sessions as well as a free site. I will be signing up for that. 

    • Eric, as you know, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. And it is no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required. You can’t go wrong with WA. 


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